How to Use Green Screen on CapCut- A Step-by-Step Guide

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

How are film scenes with breathtaking landscapes or daring adventures created?

For example, that moment in the movie Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio holds Kate Winslet on the edge of the ship.

Do you think they were actually in the middle of the ocean?

This well-known Hollywood secret lies in a remarkable technique called the green screen. It’s an innovative method that lets you film against a bright green background and later replace it with a digital background of your choice.

It’s like painting a canvas but using digital magic instead of a brush!

Whether you want your audience to explore majestic landscapes, highlight products in captivating environments, or tell exciting stories with adventurous backgrounds, the green screen makes it possible.

How is this relevant to you and your content creation?

The great news is that Green Screen technology is no longer available just to large film studios. Thanks to the latest technology, it has become a valuable tool for brands and content creators like you to shoot professional-looking videos (like in movies), even on a low budget. All you need is a green background and a mobile phone to make your video look like it was shot at an iconic location.

In this blog, we’ll go through a step-by-step process on how to use the greenscreen on CapCut.

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Table of Contents:

    What is CapCut?

    CapCut is a video editor available for Android, iOS, and PC that offers various editing techniques such as splitting, speed adjustment, cropping, adding stickers, filters, text, overlay, chroma key, and more. The platform is owned by the company Bytedance, which also owns TikTok. This platform works well if your goal is to create short videos like on TikTok.

    First of all, you need to sign up or log in to the platform. You can edit your videos online or download the software to your PC.

    CapCut welcomes you to its interface by asking you a few questions to provide you with a personalized experience. Trust us; it’s worth answering these questions because they lead to a more personalized and enjoyable editing experience.

    How to Use Green Screen on CapCut?

    There are two methods for removing the green screen on CapCut. Let’s have a look at both of them. 

    Method 1- How to Do Green Screen Using CapCut Chroma Key

    Before we start, remember that to remove the green screen using the Chroma key in CapCut, you’ll need to download the software on your PC or mobile since it’s not available on the online editor.

    Now, let’s dive into the fun stuff!

    Imagine you’re a realtor and want to wow your audience by showing a cinematic shot of a property location, sparking their curiosity. With CapCut’s Chroma key feature, you can do just that - and it’s easier than you might think!

    Follow the steps below-

    Step 1- Upload Your Video to CapCut

    To start, import your video into CapCut and place it on the timeline at the bottom. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process.

    Step 2- Add Your Green Screen Video As An Overlay

    Next, add or import your green screen image to CapCut and drag it to the bottom of the timeline. Make sure it’s as an overlay, which means it should be above your video in the timeline.

    Step 3- Use The Chroma Key Feature to Remove the Green Screen

    Here comes the exciting part! Select the green screen image on the timeline and click the ‘cutout’ button at the top right-hand side. Then, tickmark the ‘chroma key’ option and choose the green color using the ‘color picker.’

    Step 4- Adjust The Strength and Shadows of the Video

    Once you’ve selected the green color, adjust the strength and shadows of the green screen to seamlessly remove it and give your video that cinematic shot you desire.

    Step 5- Export Your Video

    You’re almost there! Once satisfied, export the video in mp4 format with your preferred resolution. And voilà! Your professional-looking video is ready to be published and admired by your audience. Check out the complete steps below-

    Method 2- How To Remove Background in CapCut Using ‘Auto Cutout’ Feature 

    This method is for you if you shoot videos with yourself as the center of attraction. 

    Why is it so?

    So, picture this scenario- you’re shooting a video, but the background isn’t quite up to your expectations. Or perhaps you’re using a green screen and itching to swap it with a more exciting scene. 

    That’s where CapCut’s background remover tool comes into play, giving you the power to replace the background in your videos effortlessly.

    Step 1- Add Your Background Clip to CapCut

    Start by importing the background clip you want your viewers to see in your final video. Drop it onto the timeline; in our case, we’ve chosen a house behind a lush grassy scene.

    Step 2- Add The Original Video You Want to Modify

    Next, add the original filmed video, keeping you as the centerpiece. Ensure it’s above the previous video in the timeline. 

    For our testing, we selected a woman speaking in front of a green backdrop. We’ll remove the green background in this footage and replace it with the video of the house.

    Step 3- Use CapCut’s Auto Cutout Feature to Remove The Background

    This is where the magic happens! Select the top video on the timeline and hit the ‘cutout’ button on the top right-hand side. Then, check the box for ‘auto cutout.’ Give it a few minutes, and the software will work its magic, automatically removing the background around you.

    Step 4- Export Your Video

    You’re almost there! Now, export the video in your preferred resolution, and boom - your professional-looking video is ready to dazzle your audience. Here's the visualization of the overall steps-

    Our Opinion

    There you have it - two effective ways to use CapCut’s green screen to remove your background.

    There’s no doubt that CapCut’s green screen feature is great for short videos. But as we saw above, both methods only work if you download the software to your PC or mobile. Unfortunately, you can’t use all the advanced greenscreen features with CapCut’s online editor.

    Also, you should keep in mind that CapCut’s features are mainly tailored for short videos, as the software is owned by the same parent company as TikTok. So if you’re a content creator or a brand that produces long and detailed videos for platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram, CapCut might not be right for you.

    In that case, you can look for a reliable CapCut alternative. One such software for you is BIGVU.

    We’ll explain how you can…

    Best CapCut PC Alternative- BIGVU

    BIGVU is an all-in-one video editing platform that lets you record, create and edit videos along with the green screen feature.

    Remember we said earlier that you can’t use the greenscreen feature in the CapCut online editor? You’ll have to download it to your PC or your phone. You may not be comfortable with downloading the software or taking up storage space.

    Well, with BIGVU, you can say goodbye to those worries! You can effortlessly replace your green screen background with any image or video, whether you use the online editor on your PC or your phone (yes, it also works on Android and iOS).

    How to Remove Green Screen in BIGVU?

    Step 1- Import Your Video with Green Screen on BIGVU

    Import the video to BIGVU, on which you’ve to remove the green screen. Once uploaded, click ‘change background’ to seamlessly replace it with something new. Easy peasy, right? 

    Step 2- Upload The Image or Video for The New Background

    Now it’s time to pick your new video background! You’ve got options here. You can upload an image or video from your PC or dive into BIGVU’s extensive library of professional videos and pictures. For this example, we’ve gone with a real estate property.

    Step 3- Replace The Green Screen with The New Image or Video

    Now click on the ‘add’ button to change the green screen background with a new image. In a few moments, BIGVU will professionally replace the green screen with the new background in your video as shown in the above image. Isn’t it super easy?

    Now, download and share the video easily on all your social media accounts. Take a peek at the complete steps and the final outcome below – the results speak for themselves.

    Beyond the Green Screen- Looking pro

    Now let’s talk about how to take your video game to the next level. A green screen is undeniably great for spicing up your videos and giving your viewers an immersive experience. But to make your videos look professional, you need more than just an eye-catching background, right?

    To create a professional video, you need to make eye contact with your audience and speak fluidly and confidently without stumbling over your words. And guess what? BIGVU supports you with its built-in teleprompter! It keeps you on track and makes sure you get your message across flawlessly.

    But that’s not all - BIGVU is packed with goodies to take your videos from great to outstanding. With pre-made video templates, video captioning and editing features, and hundreds of other features, you’ll have everything you need to create top-notch content at your fingertips.

    Plus, you're not just limited to sharing on TikTok. With BIGVU, you can automatically share your video to 20 social media accounts at once, create a video landing page, or embed it on your website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use the Chroma key in CapCut?

    Yes, you can use the Chroma key feature in CapCut to remove the green screen in your video.

    How do I remove a background in CapCut?

    To remove a background in CapCut, you must use the ‘Auto Cutout’ feature of CapCut. 

    How do you use a green screen in CapCut?

    There are two ways in which you can use a green screen in CapCut-

    1. You can shoot your video in front of a green screen and replace it with a different background with the ‘auto cutout’ feature.
    2. You can use a green screen template as an overlay to the original video. Then with the help of the ‘chroma key’ feature, remove the green screen. 
    Where to find green screen templates?

    You can find an array of free green screen templates on websites offering free stock videos or images. Check out places like Pixabay or Pexels for a treasure trove of options to spice up your videos.

    Wrap Up

    Let’s stay realistic for a moment - the big question remains: Is CapCut’s green screen feature worth it? Well, here’s the answer for you!

    If you’re into TikTok and love creating short, snappy videos that only last a few seconds, then heck yes! CapCut’s green screen features are perfect for you.

    On the other hand, if you’re creating videos to build your brand or presence on all social media platforms, you should try BIGVU - a complete video editing program. 

    Try BIGVU for FREE now.