How to Record Yourself Using a Webcam Recorder

Md. Asif Rahman
Md. Asif Rahman
Certified Writer, Content Creator and Tech Expert

Calling all aspiring content creators! Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to make videos? If you have a laptop, you can record yourself using a webcam recorder.  Whether you want to create tutorials, training content for work or you have a project for school, using a webcam recorder can be a convenient solution.

On the other hand, making videos is an excellent career choice. Studies show there are over 244 million video viewers in the United States alone. So, if you make the right content, you could gain a massive following.

To get this right, all you need is a webcam, the right programs, and the drive to make compelling video content. In this guide, I’ve provided tips on how you can get started. Keep reading to find out how to make the video creation process a breeze.

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    The Importance of Using a Webcam Recorder and Teleprompter for Recording Videos

    Not everyone has the budget for high-end recording equipment. You can create a wide variety of high-quality videos simply by using your built-in webcam on your laptop. The webcam recorder simplifies the video-making process, and it has other uses like allowing you to have remote video conferences.

    If you want your recorded videos to stand out, you may want to use a teleprompter to enable you to read a script without looking away from the camera. A teleprompter also allows you to speak confidently and naturally so you don’t lose your train of thought.

    There are free and easy-to-use teleprompter options like the BIGVU Online Teleprompter where you can resize your scripts and adjust your script scroller for better reading flow. This platform is ideal for online or mobile journalists.

    Choose Your Free Webcam Recorder

    Now that you know the importance of using a webcam recorder, you’ll need to know how to choose an online program that allows you to use your camera effectively. In this section, I’ve provided some extra information on the benefits of webcam recorders and key features to look for when choosing one.

    Benefits of Using a Free Webcam Recorder

    Using a free online webcam recorder can offer you many benefits if you want to make high-end content for your agency, personal social media platforms, or websites. Here is what you can expect from using a free webcam video platform:

    • They often come with user-friendly interfaces.
    • Free online webcam programs offer a range of recording options.
    • With the right program, you can record directly from your webcam without the need for additional equipment.
    • They are compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS.
    • With the right recording program, you’ll have access to a plethora of editing and sharing tools.

    Key Features to Look For

    It’s safe to say that not all online webcam recorders are the same. Some platforms will have limited features while others may offer you a library of tools and functions to make your videos stand out. Here are a few key features you should consider when choosing a video recorder:

    Recording settings: Check that the program allows you to adjust frame rate, audio quality, and video resolution.

    Editing tools: The online video recorder should have basic editing tools like cropping or trimming. You may also want to add transitions, filters, music, or sound effects to your videos so look for a program that has these features.

    Security: Make sure that the platform you choose has extensive privacy and security features to protect your information. Your videos should never be accessible to unauthorized third parties.

    Quality: You want the option to save your videos in higher resolutions. Make sure the video recorder allows you to save videos in 1080p or higher and any format such as MP4, AVI, or MPEG.

    Sharing options: Look for a webcam online recorder that allows you to directly upload your videos to various platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

    Cloud storage: If you have limited space on your computer then choose an online video recorder that offers cloud storage. You can then save your videos on a cloud server, and you’ll have the ability to access your videos easily using an internet connection.

    Popular Free Webcam Video Recorders

    There are hundreds of free webcam video recorders to choose from whether you’re making coaching videos or marketing material. So, to narrow down your options, I’ve found three online recorders with the best features. Here is a breakdown of each one of these options.

    OBS Studio

    What We Think

    OBS Studio is a free open-source software that’s compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems. You can use this software for streaming games or creating online tutorials. What’s more, you have access to a control panel that allows you to choose recording options and your settings.

    There’s also an audio mixer to cut out background noise, perfect your voice recordings and enhance sounds. The feature that I liked the most is setting up hotkeys to easily access prompts.

    How to Set It Up
    • Visit the OBS Studio Website.
    • Choose which operating system you use and click on the option.
    • The download will start automatically.
    • Once downloaded you can choose to optimize for streaming and recording.
    • Set up your FPS and your base resolution.
    • Choose a service you want to upload to such as Twitch or YouTube.
    • When you’re happy with your settings you can go to the control panel and click on “Start Recording” to begin

    -         Free


    OBS Studio downloads quite quickly onto your device. The user interface is easy to navigate, and it provides all the tools you need to create high-quality videos.

    Logitech Capture

    What We Think

    You’d think that Logitech Capture would only be available for Logitech devices. Fortunately, it’s available for anyone who has a Windows or macOS operating system. You can use the platform to record from multiple sources such as a webcam or desktop application.  

    What I enjoyed the most about Logitech Capture is that you can create vertical videos for mobile viewing. You can also add the platform as a default camera source for YouTube or Facebook to stream videos online.

    How to Set It Up
    • Visit the Logitech Capture website.
    • Choose whether to download the platform for Windows or macOS.
    • Follow the prompts from the setup wizard.
    • Launch the Logitech Capture.  
    • It will give you a short introduction to what the platform can do. Use the arrow buttons to go through the slides.
    • You’ll then need to sign in and create an account.
    • Choose a camera source by clicking on the menu on the left of your screen.
    • Adjust your settings.
    • If you don’t have a Logitech camera, connect it to your laptop camera under settings.
    • Click on the record button to begin making videos.

    -         Free


    The Logitech Capture platform is a highly useful tool for content creators and streamers. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to record, stream, and customize videos with ease. 


    What We Think

    ManyCam is a software application that allows users to enhance their video calls, live streams, and video recordings. It offers a wide range of features and effects that can be applied in real-time, making video communication more engaging and interactive.


    How to Set It Up
    • Visit the ManyCam website.  
    • Click on the Download for Free button.
    • Choose whether to download for macOS or Windows then click on the button.
    • Once the download is complete, locate the installation file and double-click on it to start the installation process.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to install ManyCam.
    • Launch ManyCam by double-clicking on the desktop icon or searching for it in the Start menu.
    • You will see a main interface with various options and settings.
    • Create an account by entering your details.
    • Click on the dropdown menu on the left to access your settings.
    • Change your frame rate or layer settings by clicking on the sections in the window.
    • You can also change your audio sources.
    • To start recording, click on the record button at the bottom of your webcam window.

    -         Free version

    -         Standard – $49 a year

    -         Studio - $79 a year

    -         Premium - $99 a year



    What I enjoyed in addition to the video effects that ManyCam offers are the audio effects and tools. You can add voice changers, sound effects, or background music to your video streams or recordings. 


    Setting Up Your Online Camera

    Choose a Well-Lit Location

    The first step to making a professional video online is choosing a well-lit area in your home. If you don’t have a room with natural light, you can always use spotlights or a ring light.

    Record a Video in a Location with Minimal Background Distractions

    Sounds like dogs barking, cars riding up and down the street, or people talking in the background can be distracting in are corded video. Choose an area in your house that has minimal background noise. Or soundproof a room for the best sound quality.

    Position the Webcam at Eye Level

    You should always position your camera at eye level. If you’re using a laptop, simply adjust your screen until the camera is in the ideal position. You don’t want the camera to be looking up or down because it may look unnatural. Your camera should be angled straight ahead, and it should be at your eye level.  

    Use a Quality Microphone

    For the best sound, you’ll want to use a microphone that helps you produce quality audio. Using a quality microphone can cut out distracting background noise and enhance the clarity of your audio.  

    A Guide to Planning Your Content

    Write Your Script Using an AI Script Generator

    Not everyone has the time to type out long scripts for videos. You may also experience writer's block when you try and produce a story in the form of a script. If you want to save time and produce fast results, you’ll want to use a quality AI script generator like the one BIGVU offers.

    This AI script generator can produce quality scripts in as little as 5 seconds. Now you don’t have to waste valuable time thinking about what to say when making a video.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started generatoring scripts with BIGVU.

    1. Visit the BIGVU Website

    To begin using the BIGVU AI Script Generator, stay right here on our website.

    2. Click on the Teleprompter Tab

    To find the AI scriptwriter, click on the drop-down menu on the teleprompter tab. Then click on the tab that’s labeled AI Magic Writer for Scripting.

    3. Click on the Action Button

    On the next page, click on the button that’s labeled “Let Us Write Your Script.” You’ll then be asked to sign into your BIGVU account. If you’ve already created an account, it will automatically take you to your dashboard.

    4. Take the Course or Start Creating Scripts

    You’ll have the option to take the BIGVU crash course on how to use the AI scriptwriter. Or you can begin to create your content by clicking on the New Script Teleprompter tab to create your first script.

    5. Start Creating

    When you click on the New Script Teleprompter tab, you’ll then come to a screen where you can start working on your script. Click on "AI Rewrite" to create your first script using the AI writer.  

    Use a Teleprompter for Seamless Delivery

    Another helpful tool that will make the video recording process smoother is using a Teleprompter for seamless delivery when you talk to the camera. With the BIGVU teleprompter, you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to memorize lines.

    All you have to do is upload your script (like the one you just created with AI Script Writer!) to the teleprompter and choose your desired speed. You can then read lines confidently without stuttering or using filler words. With a teleprompter, you’ll be looking directly at the camera, so you’re always engaged with your audience.

    You can start using the Free Online Teleprompter on the BIGVU website, no registration required!

    Add Automatic Subtitles and Translate Subtitles

    You want to make sure that your videos are accessible to a wide range of people including those with hearing disabilities. Add automatic subtitles to your videos so people can read what you’re saying. This also allows people to watch your videos without sound. You can add subtitles using BIGVU’s automatic captions app.

    You should also give your audience the option to translate your captions into other languages so they can understand you. To learn more about how to do this, I’ve provided a guide for you to follow below.

    Click on the Import Video and Add Captions Tag

    If you’ve already created an account with BIGVU, you’ll automatically be transferred to your dashboard. Here, you can click on the “Import Video and Add Captions” Tag.

    Choose a Video to Upload

    A pop-up window will appear that allows you to choose a video from your laptop to upload onto the BIGVU website. Select your video and then click on “Next”. Select the language you want your captions to be in.

    You may have to wait several minutes for your video to be uploaded but this will also depend on how big the file is. While the video is uploading,captions will automatically be added to the video. You can then choose to edit your video by clicking on the “Edit” button.

    Choose How to Edit Your Scenes

    You can choose how you’d like your captions to appear in your video by clicking on the CC button on the video screen.

    Share and Distribute Your Recorded Video

    Send Videos Via Email

    Sending large video files via Dropbox and Google Drive isn’t ideal because it takes too long to upload, and these platforms limit the size of the files you can send. It’s also not as secure as everyone makes it out to be.

    The best way to get more engagements and boost your website traffic is to embed your videos into landing pages and send them via email. With BIGVU you can transform any video into a web page and set up an enticing headline and a call-to-action button.

    Tips for Optimizing Webcam Recorded Videos

    When posting your videos online, it’s important to use the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to reach a wider audience. You can:

    • Use keywords in your title and video description.
    • Include relevant hashtags if you’re using platforms like YouTube or Twitter.
    • Make an exciting thumbnail.
    • Include keywords in your alt texts.
    • Place your video under the right categories either on your website or YouTube channel.


    As you can see, there are many ways you can record professional and high-quality videos using your webcam recorder. All you need is the right platform, editing tools, and sharing capabilities like the ones BIGVU provides.

    With BIGVU, you can create professional videos by adding captions and transcripts to your footage. There are also other features on the BIGVU website you can use such as adding greenscreens or creating videos for online journalism.

    What makes the BIGVU platform a must-have solution for content creators is that it has an intuitive interface with a plethora of tutorials to assist you. It’s also completely online so you’ll save space on your device. If you want to use BIGVU to make videos online, then use the tips provided in this post. You’ll then be well on your way to becoming a powerhouse content creator in your industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I record videos online for free?

    You can use any free video recorder online or download a program onto your device. Make sure you choose a program that has all the features you need to make professional videos.

    Can a webcam screen record?

    Yes, a webcam can screen record. Some people use this feature on platforms like Skype or Zoom or when creating tutorials for their websites.

    Does Windows 10 have a webcam recorder?

    If you’re using a laptop that has a Windows 10 operating system, then you’ll have access to a webcam recorder. There will be an app that you can access where you can adjust your settings for the best video quality.  

    What is the best free online webcam recorder?

    Read the article below for our in-depth analysis of OBS Studio, Logitech Capture and ManyCam. Choose the one that suits your needs!

    Can webcams record audio?

    Yes, webcams can record audio provided your laptop has an integrated microphone. If you’re using an external camera you may need to connect an external microphone to record audio.