Empower journalists with distributed workflows

BIGVU is a fully end-to-end news-authoring collaboration platform. Multiple journalists can simultaneously access the same stories through a shared, cloud-based virtual desk. Scripts are assigned to a specific reporter and automatically uploaded to their app. The anchor can capture several takes for the same story presentation in the BIGVU app and select the best version to be uploaded to the cloud for distribution.

Rercord with the BIGVU Teleprompter for iPhone and Android

Instant Journalism
Access Media Anywhere

“Office, home or in the field; this is the fastest news clip creator on the market. All you need is your smartphone.” BIGVU lets journalists use their smartphones to anchor news reports and produce high-quality video news reports from anywhere.
No need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. Journalists read the script with ease using BIGVU's in-app teleprompter. Text scrolls on the smartphone screen and automatically adjusts to the presenter’s reading speed. High-quality video clips are simultaneously recorded or streamed live.

Mobile Journalism with the BIGVU Teleprompter

A pocket-TV prompter  for mobile reporters

Shooting video with your phone has become increasingly popular, particularly among journalists who are looking to do stories at a low cost. Whether you’re doing journalism and need to get a shot from an unassuming vantage point or whether you want to record spontaneous family moments and upload them as soon as possible, you can do it all with your mobile phone.
BIGVU is a pocket-sized TV teleprompter app for mobile reporters and an easy-to-use video maker that allows storytellers without any previous video editing skills to quickly compose social including titling overlays, eye-catching virtual studios and turn photos, video shots and tweets into stunning video sequences.

Everyone is a video maker

With BIGVU, anyone with no previous experience in video can be a “professional” video maker. Each new story is presented as a storyboard with scene cards. For each card, the storyteller drops in a visual – such as a tweet with a testimonial – or a photo or video shot. BIGVU create a stunning crisp video in record time by creating elegant  by drag and dropping each visuals into a storyboard
Mobilize, pick the best suited video format, vertical, horizontal or square to maximize your reach on mobile,  on Facebook and twitter newsfeed. BIGVU simplifies and accelerates video production by rendering videos simultaneously in vertical, square and portrait videos according to pre-defined templates.

A TV Studio All-in-one Video Editing App

BIGVU provides an affordable and easy alternative to systems that can cost between $10,000 and $30,000, with traditional cameras and video editing suites.All you need is a smartphone, a tripod and a microphone, and if you want a more advanced setup it’s better to add professional lighting and a green cloth.
Teleprompter App - Record seamless presentations. Just talk, no need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. Keep your eyes on the camera – read your script with ease as it scrolls up the screen.
Background Change - Replace a green screen background using our streamlined virtual studio. The advanced background subtraction algorithm makes any recording location look like a professional studio.

Streamlined Workflow

BIGVU streamlines the production and delivery of video clips by maximizing resources while ensuring editorial quality control.Get your script written by a fellow colleague – automatically right in the app itself. Manage collaboration and approval cycles with remote users, occasional contributors and your staff.Fast-track everything — from asset creation and management to video publishing.Shared knowledge base across a user organization with layers of configurable security rights. 

Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Channels. Users focus on the story, stylings in being taken care automatically. All your videos follow coherent templates defined by the manager of your video channel.
A centralized multimedia content catalogue - BIGVU brand asset management systems facilitates the content re-use such as product imagery, logos, marketing collateral or fonts.
Corporate-defined templates for custom fonts types, colors & backgroundsTitling overlays and captions - positioning & transitions.
Custom brand logo  - Automatic placement of an intro or outro video.