‍The No-Bulls&#! Entrepreneur Women’s Guide: Creating Professional-Quality Videos on YouTube

Sarah Stanfield
Sarah Stanfield
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Looking to create an elegant, trendy video that will attract your audience's attention? It's a lot simpler than you think. Achieving a presence on YouTube as a female entrepreneur is all about authenticity. Don't spend a fortune on expensive software and equipment—just read on.

BIGVU is a complete and automated TV studio.  It has all the tools you need to publish videos that translate into visibility and profit. Edit and record videos for YouTube using only your smartphone. No prior video editing experience is needed! 

We'll take you step-by-step through this youtube creator guidewill demonstrate how to create professional videos for YouTube that will go viral with the best video maker.

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Table of Contents:

    The Complete Creator Guide for Quality Youtube Videos 

    Creating a YouTube video is similar to making any other short or feature film because you must go through the same stages of production. Follow these eight points in this youtube creator guide to making your professional Youtube videos:

    Preparation Stage

    Don't just hit the record button. Make sure to prepare before creating your first YouTube video.

    1. Create A Strategy

    Decide who you are speaking to in your video. Female entrepreneurs? UGC Creators? Realtors? Make sure to address their interests to provide value. Research and get to know your audience. How old are they? Where do they live? Why are they coming to your channel? Know who you are speaking to. This will allow you to produce relevant YouTube videos, tailored to their interests. It's also important to be familiar with your competition. Review competitors' work and the audience feedback from comments. It's ok to also trust your gut instinct.

    2. Identify the Keywords that rank

    Use keywords related to your subject that have a high search volume. The YouTube Auto-Recommendation Engine will inform you of the most searched terms related to your topic. It will also let you know which videos show up when people search using those keywords. You can also use other platforms, like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for more keywords. 

    3. Shoot on your phone or laptop. It's enough!

    The audio and video equipment you'll need to create a YouTube video varies depending on the video you plan to make. Do you know all that fancy technology? It is time-consuming and hard to figure out. and takes a lot of time and training. Or you could hire a specialist, an editor- but that gets expensive. With the  BIGVU video maker platform, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop. As you become more experienced, experiment with different lighting and backgrounds.

    Production Stage

    After you've completed the preparation stage, it's time to start the next stage of the YouTube video creation process. Thanks to BIGVU video maker software, all the tools are right at your fingertips

    4. Define a Shooting Schedule And Write a Script

    Before taking the first shot of your next video, note down your objectives. If the video you're going to create has a lot of narration, use an ai script generator. This can be especially helpful because it can generate a quality script for you in seconds. Also, choose the schedule and location for each scene you wish to include in the video. You are also not required to film the entire video in one sitting. Making short video segments is an excellent technique to maintain your focus on the subject at hand. It also makes post-production editing of the video easier. With BIGVU video maker and editor, you can take as many shots and edit until you achieve the quality you seek

    5. Set The Scene 

    Carefully select your filming locations and hand-select each prop that will be seen in the shot. Avoid shooting in a messy room because any background items will distract the viewer. Own your space- you're a boss lady, remember?. Make certain that the shot has adequate lighting. Use tools that instantly adjust the lighting in the video shot.

    Remember to use the teleprompter tool for quality video narration. The BIGVU teleprompter lets you record while reading scripts and scrolling down the screen. With just one tap, you can add perfectly timed auto-captions and subtitles from BIGVU video captioning app to make your Youtube video grab attention. Captions are super important. They make your video accessible to everyone!

    6. Lights, Camera, Shoot!

    Practice makes perfect! Prepare and practice the presentation material. Also test your devices, BIGVU video maker and internet connection. This will make you more certain and help you keep your recording's technical difficulties to a minimum. 

    Dress professionally and suitably for your audience and situation. The way you look can greatly influence how other people view you. Use your body language to project engagement and confidence, and keep eye contact with your audience wuththe BIGVU teleprompter to create a mutual respect and understanding atmosphere.

    Talk clearly and get excited! Keep your audience on their toes and show your passion. Change tone and tempo to draw attention to important points and keep them interested. You can use the BIGVU AI script writing tool to help you express your ideas well. Be sincere and true to yourself, and let your individuality show. This will assist you in establishing rapport with your audience.

    Postproduction Stage

    Editing your video clips makes a real difference to the type of engagement you'll see after sharing the video. Since you'll be using the top video editor application for a long time to edit videos, this part will be painless!

    7. Edit The Video

    Using video editing softwares like BIGVU makes your video go from "meh" to "hell yeah!". Make thumbnails and screen-ending elements using the BIGVU video editor features. A thumbnail is typically a screenshot of a video frame that you took while editing the video or any other photograph that gives a general idea of the content of the video.

    Adding opening titles, lower thirds, or any other image overlay can help the audience get to know you, emphasize your pitch, and understand what the goal of the video is. Avoid hard cuts since they occasionally cause a video's flow to be disrupted. You can quickly fix this by including a transition between two segments, a feature provided by the BIGVU video editor.

    8. Add Captions

    This is also an important phase in the video editing process that greatly impacts the final video quality. It would be best to professionally add automatic subtitles using BIGVU because sometimes the smallest background noise might distract the viewer. BIGVU video editing software has royalty-free music tracks in many genres. 

    When you're done editing your video, export it to a folder on your computer or your YouTube channel automatically through the BIGVU editor app.

    Being a top-ranked YouTuber takes a lot of devotion and effort. You should be persistent and patient if you don't see results immediately. With BIGVU, anyone can produce scroll-stopping videos with zero editing experience. Sign up with BIGVU today for a free 7-day trial. 

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