How to Fix Your Captions FAST with AI?

Keisha Washington
Keisha Washington
Video Creator and Marketing Coach

Welcome to the digital world, where video is the king of content. Whether you want to establish your brand or boost your social media influence, nothing can engage your audience better than videos.

There are two essential elements that can boost engagement of your video content – its quality and the captions. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound muted. Adding captions to your video means broadening your audience reach and getting your message across in the right way.

But, do you really want to type out captions? Even if you use an automatic transcription tool, what about  unique jargon or accents that just won't be transcribed correctly?

Spending too much time on post-production can leave you feeling frustrated and disheartened.

With the growing popularity of high-quality video content, advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged a game-changer.

The cutting-edge technology enables video creators to generate captivating content, fix captions fast, and gain a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving market.

But I am not here to talk about just how to create videos using AI. I'm going to give you a sneak peak to how you can create 100% accurate captions using BIGVU's AI tool- in a matter of minutes. So, without much ado, let’s dive into the details.

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Table of Contents:

    Start with a video script

    Bravo!! You’ve decided to create a video for your business. have no idea what to say.

    Let’s get it straight: not everyone is a pro social media influencer or a seasoned copywriter with expertise in creating killer captions. That’s precisely why you need tools like the BIGVU AI Magic Writer. Using this tool, you can automatically generate a catchy script in less than 5 seconds. Choose from the variety of suggested video templates, feed the AI some factual information and the AI Video Script Generator will create an engaging script for you to read on camera instantly.

    Record with a Teleprompter

    To make your videos look more professional and natural, you can shoot the script to BIGVU online teleprompter – so you do not need to memorize the script. Just look into the camera while making the video and you always know what to say next!! No fumbling between lines, no tedious editing tasks.

    Automatically transcribe your speech

    Next, BIGVU will automatically transcribe your speech into captions. The Automatic Captioning & Transcription AI-powered tool can drive 37% of your viewers to turn the sound on, driving improved engagement for your video

    Here is an additional tip: Using BIGVU, you can generate captions in more than 70 different languages. Also, you It enables you to easily translate your captions to other languages. So, if you are trying to reach a global audience base with your videos, this is the right tool for you. You can thank me later!! 😉   

    Auto-Fix Captions with AI

    BIGVU Auto Fix is the only subtitle tool that uses AI to automatically check the spelling of your video’s transcription against the original script and suggest the correct spelling.

    This innovative solution is particularly effective for individuals with heavy accents, unique vocabularies or pronunciations. No word is too unique for BIGVU AI's subtitle generator! From "Hutzpah!" to "Y'all", our technology is designed to flawlessly spell even the most distinct words. With our help, you can ensure that your subtitles accurately reflect your unique voice and style. Say goodbye to spelling errors and hello to perfect subtitles every time.

    By significantly reducing the time spent on manual corrections, BIGVU empowers content creators to enhance the accessibility and professionalism of their videos.

    What does Auto-Fix do?

    • Automatic Spelling Check: Effortlessly compare auto-transcribed captions with the teleprompter script to catch and fix spelling errors in a breeze.
    • Suggestion Engine: Get smart correction suggestions that make your life easier. Accept or modify recommendations effortlessly and keep the flow going.
    • Boosted Time Efficiency: Slash the time spent on caption corrections and put more focus on creating amazing content. Say goodbye to tedious editing tasks!

    Benefits of fixing captions with AI:

    • Professional Excellence: Take your videos to new heights by adding precise and polished captions that elevate the overall quality.
    • Time and Cost Efficiency: Slash manual caption correction time and supercharge productivity like never before.
    • Global Impact: Engage a worldwide audience with accurate captions tailored to diverse linguistic nuances.
      Seize this opportunity now and make your videos stand out!

    How to Spell-Check Your Captions

    Once you have easily generated your video's transcription, the following pop-up will appear:

    Get ready to start fixing your captions in record time! In the top box, colored red is the text we suggest replacing. In the bottom box, colored green is the text that we suggested fix for the text in red

    1. If the suggested fix is correct, then you can click on Approve
    2. If incorrect and you want to proceed with the Automatic Transcription, select Decline
    3. If neither of the suggested subtitles is correct, you can manually Edit it
    4. You can play the preview of the selected segment by clicking the Play button

    Once you edit the subtitles, the video will open automatically in Video Maker and you can edit it further. 

    How to Split or Merge Captions

    BIGVU uses AI to detect the scenes of your video and divide it into a storyboard. This allows you to edit your captions simple and hassle-free.

    If your video segment is too long, all the subtitles in that scene may appear at once on the screen. This will make your video look stuffed and unprofessional. You may face another challenge wherein the subtitles may get cut off right in the middle of a sentence. 

    What’s the solution? 

    Split your captions!! BIGVU automatically segments the subtitles into scenes rather than creating long timelines. This makes your captions look perfect throughout the video. 

    • To split subtitles, navigate to the point where you want the split to occur.
    • Click on the subtitle you wish to divide and select "Split" in the editing options.
    • Drag the blue bar on the relevant side to alter the length of the segment and set up the right subtitles in each scene. Play the displayed segment of the video to ensure the subtitles are accurate. 
    • If you find one segment to be too long, click the option “Add Segment.” This will split the segment in two and you can create a new segment of subtitles with the second scene. 
    • Click “Save” to apply your changes. 

    Review: Enhancing Videos for Small Businesses

    BIGVU simplifies video creation, especially for small businesses aiming to bolster their online presence.


    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform's intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and create professional videos swiftly.
    • Subtitle Customization: Adding, editing, and synchronizing subtitles is seamless, ensuring accessibility and engagement.
    • AI Caption Auto Fix Feature: Ensures accuracy in captions and subtitles, maintaining credibility in video content.


    Limited Advanced Editing: While great for beginners, professionals might find the advanced editing features somewhat restricted.


    In conclusion, BIGVU is a valuable tool for small businesses seeking to amplify their online presence through engaging, subtitled videos. Its user-friendly interface and subtitle customization options make it an asset for content creation. Fix captions fast with AI and in a matter of minutes. BIGVU does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on curating high-quality video content, style it, and share it faster with your audiences. 

    Create captivating captions with accuracy and absolutely in sync with your videos – and style them easily to share across all social media platforms.