Did you know that 25% of top landing pages use video content? Adding videos to your landing pages can increase conversions by over 86%.

As stated in HubSpot Digital Consumer Trends Report, “Video is the most in-demand form of content among consumers. And they genuinely want to see more videos from their favorite businesses.”

Maybe you’re a fitness coach who has recently launched a new HIIT course and is looking forward to getting more and more people to buy it.

Or maybe you’re a realtor wanting to get more and more real estate buyers or sellers to schedule a call with you.

Whatever your end goal is, creating a compelling video landing page can help you hit your KPIs effectively.

Why do video landing pages work as well as they do?

To help you better understand how powerful video landing pages are, we’ve put together this blog post, where we’ll be covering:

  • 3 Insane Benefits of Video Landing Pages
  • How to Create a Killer Landing Page with BIGVU

Let’s dive in.

3 Insane Benefits of Video Landing Pages

Wondering what the benefits of having a video landing page are? Allow us to put them in front of you:

  • Helps Convey Your Message Clearly
  • Helps Increase Your Engagement
  • Helps Generate Leads & Increase Conversions

Helps Convey Your Message Clearly

The #1 rule of marketing – make sure that your target audience can understand your message clearly. You’ll have an extremely low conversion rate if they don't. 

Imagine the $$ you’d be wasting monthly if you redirect traffic to your hard-to-understand landing page via paid ads. 

We understand.

You want your audience to purchase your product or book a call with you. Or maybe you want to convert them into leads. But if the information on your landing page is too hard to process, you’ll have a low conversion rate. 

You need to convey your message clearly.

And there’s no better way to do it than with the help of videos. 

Text-based landing pages are often flooded with large chunks of too-hard-to-understand text. And you don’t really want to overwhelm your audience. 

A video landing page can help you:

  • Convey more information 
  • Explain everything much more clearly
  • Engage your audience
  • Help them gain deeper insights into your product or service.

Helps Increase Your Engagement

According to Wistia’s 2022 State of Video Report, video is now a critical element of most business’s marketing strategies. When compared with text-based landing pages, not only can videos help you convey information much more clearly but can also keep your audience engaged.

But if you are doing it, you need to do it right. Poorly-produced and edited videos won’t do you any good. At the same time, it’s important to focus on various other elements like confidence, content, background, lighting, and more. 

To help you create engaging videos, we’ve rolled out several blog posts that you should definitely check out:

Talking about engagement, it depends on the length of videos as well. As per Wistia’s report, the engagement rate of videos varies depending on the length. Here are the results:


Videos increase engagement. But to achieve the best possible results, it’s important to build high-quality videos that genuinely engage your audience.

Helps Generate Leads & Increase Conversions

Want your audience to sign up and purchase your course? 

Or book a consultation call with you?

Whatever your conversion goal is, if you want to hit it – we’d advise you to convey your message clearly and in an enticing manner. And as we covered in the last two points, a video can help you convey your message clearly and increase engagement. 

That being said, what if we told you that you can build highly engaging and customizable video landing pages with BIGVU in no time?


Allow us to show you how to make killer landing pages with BIGVU.

How to Create Killer Landing Pages with BIGVU

Following are the steps we’d advise you to follow to create killer landing pages on BIGVU:

Step I – Edit Template

The first thing we’ll do is edit the template for our Video Landing Page. Head over to the “Pages” section in the left-hand navigation bar.

Next, click on “Edit Templates,” as you can see in the video. You’ll see numerous templates - CTA, Video Profile, Headline/No Text, and Vlog.

You can select one and edit it depending on your requirements. 

You can also set your own Palette colors or stick to the default. Alongside this, you can add your company’s logo to the BIGVU Video Landing Page, select text and fonts as well as add CTAs and a custom footer. 

Step II - Build the Video Landing Page

Next, we’d advise you to record and edit a video using BIGVU Teleprompter. Head over to the “Projects” section, click on the three-vertical-dotted line beneath the project you’d like to build a video project around, and choose “Video Page.”

Now, select the template you edited and add a headline + text beneath it - depending on your goals. 

Upon clicking on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar, you can change the template of the video landing page. You can also add meta-titles and descriptions for your SEO efforts.

Once you’re done editing and building the video landing page, you can hit “Preview.” Upon previewing it, make sure that it matches your expectations and is capable of helping you hit your KPIs. And once you’re done building it, go ahead and publish it. 

Along with building video landing pages, BIGVU allows its users to monitor metrics like:

  • Page Views
  • Button Clicks
  • Video Views

Depending on your requirements, you can edit the URL as well. 

Want to learn more about BIGVU landing pages?

Head over to our FAQ section.


By building BIGVU video landing pages, you can increase engagement and skyrocket your conversion rates. Hundreds of businesses are using BIGVU to scale their video marketing efforts. 

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