Creating Killer Content- Content Marketing Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

“I want to be my own boss” is one of the traditional motivations for starting a business. 

But for a female entrepreneur, that sounds like a male point of view.

Isn’t it?

According to Forbes, the biggest driver for 33% of female entrepreneurs was to achieve a better work-life balance. And today, more than 1800 new businesses are started by women every day in the US.

But there's a fine line between starting a business and running it systematically. And that requires a solid and fail-proof content marketing strategy.

Initially, you might be new to this whole concept of content marketing, like what steps you need to take to make it lucrative for your business. 

So whether you’ve started a new business or been at it for a while, you’re at the right place. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with an unfailing content marketing guide for females that will walk you through the necessary steps to make your content marketing effective and profitable. 

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Table of Contents:

    The Advanced Content Marketing Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

    If you want to create a successful content marketing plan for your business, we can guide you through it in - The 5 P's of Content Marketing.

    Content Marketing Guideline #1- Purpose

    The purpose here means you’ve to be crystal-clear with the brand objectives you’ve set up. When your goals are clear, they're easy to align with your content marketing plan.

    The purpose can be anything, whether your content is going to position you as an authority and help you in building your brand, to increase your audience and create a community, or your goal right now is to monetize your audience. 

    Do you see? There are so many different objectives for entrepreneurs that you can have for your brand.

    We also urge you to focus on one to three core goals. More than that will create a massive distraction. Don’t add any new purpose to your list until you’ve achieved the previous one and made sure it doesn’t require any improvement. 

    Let’s say your three core goals are-

    • Build my email list
    • Drive more traffic
    • Convert more customers

    You must realize that the goals we listed are very general, which is what most entrepreneurs do. They make the common mistake of setting more general goals instead of being specific and to the point.

    So, here’s the improved version of what your goals should be. Remember, the key is to be specific:

    • Build my email list to my first 1200 subscribers by quarter three.
    • Drive more traffic to the website to at least 1000 unique visitors.
    • Convert 15 more customers directly from social media.

    If you have it clearly defined, it shows that you're focused on growing your brand.

    Content Marketing Guideline #2- People

    People, here, refers to your target audience. In simple words, your target audience is a specific group of consumers who most likely want your product or service. 

    You can decide your ideal customer avatar based on age, gender, location, income, or interests. 

    If done wrong, you’ll waste your budget targeting the wrong people, and eventually, all your content marketing will fail. A study by Marketing Evolution shows a whopping $37 billion is wasted every year on ad campaigns that fail to recognize their target audience. 

    Understanding The Roles of Your Target Audience

    When determining your target audience, you should be more concerned with the psychographics than the demographics of your ideal customer. Divide your audience into two parts-

    • The Decision Maker- The decision maker is the person who makes the purchase decision. Most of your content marketing strategies should be geared toward them, i.e., the decision maker.
    • The Supporter- The role of a supporter may not be as influential as a decision-maker, but they have a major role in determining if your product or service is bought. For example, a child cannot decide, but if he wants something on Christmas, he’ll influence that decision.

    Here are a few ways by which you can determine your ideal customer avatar-

    1. Examine your customer base or conduct client interviews
    2. Create buyer personas
    3. Be specific about excluding who your target audience isn’t

    Content Marketing Guideline #3- Publishing

    This section is about considering what and when you post on your social media or website.

    For example, you plan your major content types to publish are- videos, blogs, and newsletters.

    Depending on the nature of your business, this could be anything from creating podcasts to live videos, creating lead magnets or organizing online webinars.

    There are more than 15 brand content ideas that you should try in your content marketing-

    1. Educational Style Content- How-to guides, lists, tips and insights, case studies, tutorials, analytical content 
    2. Inspirational Content- Brand ideas, brand perspective, brand stories, theories, and experiments
    3. Community Content- Content about events, behind-the-scenes content, testimonials, interviews
    4. Content about Trends- News, recent updates, reviews
    5. Promotional Content- Sponsored Content

    If you try this approach, you’ll create content with a clear purpose. 

    Now that you've decided what to publish, you need to determine the frequency. Let's say you set the frequency of your content releases as follows:-

    • 1 video X per week
    • 1 blog X per week
    • 2 newsletters X per week

    Let’s say you have the video topic ready with you. Now with BIGVU’s AI Script Writer, you can generate to-the-point and captivating video scripts prepared within a few seconds. It saves you time in writing lengthy video scripts.

    BIGVU AI Script Writer

    The next thing you can do to save time is to plan your content in advance.

    Planning your content 3-4 weeks in advance makes your task simpler. Plus, according to HubSpot, 34% of social media content creators plan their content creation strategy 1-2 months before. 

    Statistics of content creators who plan their content in advance

    However, while publishing brand videos to any social media platform, remember one thing…

    Adding automatic subtitles to your videos can increase viewing time by up to 38%.

    Once you’ve published your content, you’ve to measure their performance, like whether these specific content types fit rightly into your content marketing goals.

    Content Marketing Guideline #4- Performance

    After you've planned and published your content, you need to measure its performance against KPIs.

    Let's say you've published an educational video on YouTube. Then your first KPI should be that the video gets at least 500 views in the first month. This can then change later.

    According to Semrush, 42% of women entrepreneurs have found that updating their existing content has increased the value of their content marketing.

    Let’s say your second content type is a blog post. So how to measure that? 

    To measure whether your blogs are successful, you need to keep track of your website traffic. For example, you can set 2000 clicks on your blog as your KPI for the first month.

    And same goes for the newsletter too. You can measure its open and click-through rates to determine whether your emails perform well.

    Content Marketing Guideline #5- Promotion

    Promoting your content is the nuts and bolts of your content marketing.  Suppose you’re marketing to females and want to reach a new audience on a different platform. 

    Then you’ve to promote your content to achieve this. 

    Creating and publishing content isn't the end of the game. You need to keep reaching out to your target audience so that your brand stays in their eyes forever.

    A few ways to promote your content are-

    • Pitch podcasts interviews for exposure
    • Pitch guest blogging opportunities to reach a new audience
    • Go live on Facebook regularly and speak with your viewers
    • Repurpose your content on SlideShare

    Guidelines for Emerging Women Entrepreneurs to Keep in Mind

    You should remember a few guidelines as an emerging businesswoman to take your brand to its peak. Let's discuss one at a time. Let's discuss one at a time.

    Embrace Your Unique Brand Voice

    Your brand will only exist if you can bring a unique perspective set of skills to the table. So don’t hesitate to let your personality shine in your content marketing efforts. Keep sharing your story, your experiences, and insights with your audience. 

    Be Honest with Your Brand

    Your brand is your unique identity in the market; you must stay true to it. Ensure your content marketing reflects your brand values, mission, and tone to build trust and credibility.

    Build Your Network

    Making valuable and genuine connections with supportive people is preeminent, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. They encourage you, challenge you, and help you grow. This network can include friends, family, mentors, and other like-minded entrepreneurs who understand your challenges.

    Manage Your Time

    Let’s be honest here. For a woman starting her business, work-life balance does not exist. It brings them to a pang of massive guilt- especially those who’ve had to raise the family. 

    It takes away their significant valuable time from investing in their business. In this case, asking for help from close friends and family is okay. 

    Final Words

    This brings you to the end of our comprehensive content marketing guide.

    Well, congratulations!!!

    Remember, with the proper knowledge and strategies; you can leverage your content to be in front of your target audience. It’s okay to analyze your content and determine what works best for your business. 

    But remember that authenticity is key no matter how creative or clever you get with your content. 

    Once you’ve created content that rings true, you’ll be well on your way to gaining more visibility and earning the loyalty of new customers.

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