Best AI Caption Generator Showdown: The Comprehensive Guide and Comparison

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

You've created an incredible video- bravo! But what about the accompanying caption for social media? You want to it to be witty, engaging and perfectly hook your audience into watching your video.

But you have no idea what to write..

The magic behind post-engagement boils down to two essential elements: the quality of your content and the charm of your caption. Especially for video posts or Instagram reels, viewers will first read the caption, and if it relates to them, they will watch the entire video. 

Time is precious for all of us, right?

A good engaging caption improves user engagement by providing context to your posts through storytelling or encouraging interaction through likes, comments, and shares. 

But let's face it, not everyone is a seasoned copywriter or a social media strategist with the knack for crafting killer captions that can supercharge your online brand and bring in more leads. Furthermore, with the advent of Generative AI tools managing social media has become 10x easier and you should leverage the most out of it.

That's precisely why we've put together this blog. We're here to explore the best AI-powered caption generators designed specifically for Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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Table of Contents:

    Best AI Social Media Caption Generators- Our Top 5 Picks

    Pally- Free Instagram Caption Generator

    Pallyy is a social media management platform for brands and agencies that also comes with a free Instagram caption generator tool. 

    It uses AI in the backend to generate captions for Instagram. The best part? It's 100% free, and there's no need to log in to use it.

    How to Generate Automatic IG Captions from Pallyy?

    1. Enter the post description that you want to publish on Instagram. It can be a mouthwatering cooking recipe or a friendly neighborhood property listing for your real estate business, remember to keep it simple.
    2. Select the vibe of the post, i.e., decide the length and tone for your caption. 
    3. Choose the number of hashtags you want with your captions. Pallyy can generate up to 30 captions. 
    4. Click ‘Generate Instagram Caption.’
    Pally- Free Instagram Caption Generator

    Our Opinion

    No doubt, Pallyy is one of the best free caption generators but it’s limited to only Instagram. I believe you’ll also post your content to other platforms like TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter). 

    Second, there’s no option for generating captions for your video posts. Let’s say you’ve recorded a video and want captions immediately without getting into the hard work of writing descriptions for the tool to understand your video. 

    In this case, you’ve no other option than just to wait and think…

    However, stay tuned for our last recommendation. It lets you generate captions even for videos. 

    Coschedule- Free Instagram and TikTok Caption Generator Tool

    Like Pallyy, Coschedule is also an all-in-one social media marketing calendar tool that packs a punch with its free social media caption generator tool. 

    And the icing on the cake? It's also completely free and doesn't require any login hassles.

    How to Use Coschedule AI Caption Generator for Instagram and TikTok?

    It’s a simple 3-step process-

    1. Enter your topic or keywords around the topic. For example, if it is related to content marketing tools or SEO.
    2. Enter your target audience so that the captions this tool will generate will revolve around them. For instance, whether the post is related to small business owners or real estate clients.
    3. Mention the tone of voice for the caption. For example, it should be informative, professional, or casual.
    4. Click ‘Generate Captions’.

    Our Opinion

    When we tried the same description as that for Pallyy, the IG captions generated by Coschedule were not up to the mark. It simply gave a list of 7-8 one-line captions, as shown in the image below. It looks like they’re more like a headline than captions. 

    Therefore, if you’re looking for 1-liner captions, you can go with CoSchedule. But it is important to note that 1-line captions work for every 1 in 10 times as your audience always wants a context of what you’re posting. Long captions deliver more valuable information and can even start good conversations.

    In a nutshell, CoSchedule is your free and user-friendly AI caption generator for Instagram and TikTok. Just keep in mind, that if you're craving more context in your captions, you should explore other options in our list.

    Copy.AI- AI Powered Auto Caption Generator

    The free AI caption generator from is one of the most preferred tools to create a perfect caption for your image posts to help you get more likes, comments, and shares. However, it also comes with hundreds of other AI copywriting tools but in this review, we’ll focus on its Instagram caption generator tool. is free to use but in the free version, you can only generate 2000 words/month. Believe me, it gets finished within a snap of a few text generations. 

    The Pro plan starts at $36/month, billed annually. 

    How to Use to Generate Social Media Captions?

    1. Enter the details about your post. Provide as much detail as you can. 
    2. Choose the tone for your caption that best describes your brand voice. 
    3. Click ‘Create Copy’ and select the caption that you find the best. 
    Copy.AI- AI Powered Auto Caption Generator

    Our Opinion

    When we tried the same input as the above two, generated better output than the above two. The outputs we got are a mix of long and short captions, allowing you to decide which one you find better. 

    Also, the quality of output was better than Coschedule and Pallyy. So if you’re a well-established brand, you can go with the Pro plan, where you’ll get unlimited words. Based on the quality of output, we feel the price is justified. But there’s one catch- it still cannot generate captions for your video posts. 

    For newbie content creators or small to mid-sized brands, the free plan is worth it. But as said above, it only generates 2000 words per month, which we think, will be consumed in just a few days only. 

    StoryLab- Social Media Caption Generator

    StoryLab is another marketing platform that provides various AI tools to simplify your content marketing journey and improve social media engagement. Amongst them, one such tool is their AI-powered social media caption generator.

    StoryLab can generate captions for all social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok. 

    You can try the platform with 3 AI queries per month in the free plan. If you upgrade to the Pro plan at $144 per year, you get 100 AI queries per month. For unlimited AI queries, there's the Unlimited plan at $183 per year.

    How to Use StoryLab to Generate Captions?

    The process is similar to the above three.

    1. Select the platform you want the caption for. Whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or others.
    2. Describe the topic or mention the details of your post. 
    3. Choose the writing style. 
    4. Click ‘Inspire Me.’
    StoryLab- Social Media Caption Generator

    Our Opinion

    When we ran the same prompt for Instagram, StoryLab generated 3 outputs of decent lengths. The output quality is similar to the It also suggested 3-4 hashtags along with the captions, relatable to your content. 

    In our opinion, seeing the output quality and the pricing plans, StoryLab is a must-try option. However, it can generate captions for all social media platforms but still, you need to post on different social media platforms one by one, which can be time-consuming. It also doesn’t let you schedule your posts in advance.

    Like all the above AI caption generators, StoryLab also cannot generate captions for your video posts. You need to describe what your video is about. Based on that, it will generate IG captions, which again is time-consuming. 

    BIGVU- Best AI Caption Generator for Videos

    BIGVU is an overall video editing suite that also comes with a mind-blowing feature to generate captions for your all social media posts, especially videos. 

    If you have a video script, the BIGVU AI Caption Generator will create quick, mind-blowing captions for your video posts which you can post on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (formerly known as X), TikTok, and LinkedIn. It even includes hashtags and emojis to make your caption pop out well!

    How to Use Free Social Media Caption Generator from BIGVU?

    1. Record your video and make it visually striking (with elegant captions, music, and video themes.)
    2. Select the video that you want to generate captions for.
    3. Now, things get cool! If you have a video script, BIGVU AI will generate captions for your posts on every platform, complete with #hashtags and emojis. And if you don't have a script, no worries! You can let our AI scriptwriter do the magic for you.
    4. Lastly, you can either schedule your posts or publish them immediately to all your social media accounts with a single click. 

    Watch the video below to learn how to schedule your social media posts on BIGVU on iOS.

    Our Opinion

    Where BIGVU stands out is the overall package it brings with it. The caption of your video is an important part of the success of your post. However, the quality of your content and how visually appealing your video is, remains primary. 

    If the quality is down and you’re not able to make a personal connection with your viewers, no matter how good your caption is, your post will lack engagement. 

    BIGVU teleprompter cuts out the time of memorizing your scripts and always ensures you maintain direct eye contact with your audience while recording your videos. Once you’ve recorded it, you can crop it and spice it up by adding visuals, themes, and music in our online video editor

    Then generate captions by following the above steps. 

    After this, connect all your social media accounts with BIGVU to publish your posts at once. For your convenience, we allow you to connect up to 20 accounts. No need to waste time logging in one by one on every platform.

    With BIGVU, you can publish your posts to all accounts at once or schedule it in advance when you’re audience is online. 

    You can record your video with the teleprompter, connect your social media accounts, and post your video with one click on the free plan. To use the AI Caption Generator, you can upgrade to the Starter plan for as little as $8/month, billed annually.

    So if you’re someone who publishes videos more than image or text posts on social media, then BIGVU is a no-brainer option for you to generate captions. 

    Because let’s be honest, today the average person spends 16 hours a week watching videos. And you don’t wanna miss out on this exciting opportunity. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a free tool for Instagram captions?

    Yes, all the AI caption generators we discussed above, offer a free plan. 

    What is the best AI tool for Instagram captions?

    If you’re posting a video on Instagram, BIGVU is the perfect tool to generate free AI captions for Instagram. And if you’re uploading an image post, is the better option. 

    Can AI write Instagram or TikTok captions?

    Yes, with the above 5 AI caption generators, you can easily write Instagram or TikTok captions. 

    Conclusion- What’s Your Choice?

    The decision to select the best AI caption generator should depend on your unique needs and goals. Whether it's simplicity, context, output quality, or video-focused content, the right AI caption generator is out there to elevate your social media game.

    As more AI technology develops, these caption generators will continue to advance — providing even better results with minimal effort.

    So explore the different tools available and take advantage of the power of AI to make your posts stand out!

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