Top 9 Video Background and Green Screen Remover Tools to Try in 2024

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Imagine you’ve just finished recording a fantastic video, but during playback realized that your unwashed coffee cups and a stray sock made into the frame.

Ugh. Talk about unprofessional.

You should be the star of your video, but having a professional background enhance visual appeal and add creativity and style to content. Moreover, adding your branding such as your logo or brand colors to your background make your video instantly recognizable.

So, how can you create impactful videos without spending tons of time finding the perfect background or money creating a professional video set?

Thankfully, there are some amazing AI video background remover and green screen replacement tools that can help you swap out your background with just a click.

75% of video marketers say they’ve used AI tools to help them create or edit marketing videos. So why should you be behind and not leverage this wonderful opportunity to make your videos polished and impactful?

No more endless hours of editing just to add or remove a background from your videos.

In this post, we will explore both paid and free video background remover and green screen remover tools that can make your videos look top-notch without any hassle.

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    What Are the Best Background Removers for Videos?

    No matter whether you’re a professional video creator aiming to produce top-notch videos or a beginner creating regular content, a professional background in your videos builds your credibility and shows that you take your work seriously.

    So here are the best online video background remover-

    #1 BIGVU- AI Video Background Remover

    BIGVU- AI Video Background Remover

    BIGVU is an all-in-one video creation tool. It helps you remove, replace, and generate new professional backgrounds for your videos with just a click. 

    Even if you’re a beginner and don’t have a green screen, you can still remove or replace your video’s background in just a click of a button. Just make sure your lighting is even and your clothing contrasts with the background color to achieve a mind-blowing result.

    And if you’re using a green screen, you can use BIGVU’s advanced chroma key feature to replace your solid-colored background (usually green) with another image or video. 

    You can then select a royalty-free video or image from BIGVU’s library or upload your own to create a new, cool-looking studio-like video background. What sets BIGVU apart is its ability to generate any new background you have in mind using AI.

    For example, if you’re a real estate agent sharing home buying and selling tips, you can ask BIGVU to create a cool shot of a real estate property. You can then use this shot as your new background.

    To make things easier, you can use BIGVU teleprompter to record your video straight from your browser. It’s also available for Android and iOS. Record in front of a green screen or any background and edit it using BIGVU’s background remover tool. No need to pay for any third-party tool. Edit your video using BIGVU’s video editor and then export it in your preferred format.

    For example, we replaced the background of this video with a professional studio. The output looks stunning and polished. You can enhance it further by adding captions to your videos. You can also choose to blur your background or leave it as it is.

    BIGVU removed background result

    #2 Unscreen- Free Background Remover for Videos

    Unscreen- Remove Video Background

    Unscreen is the second video background remover on our list that you can try. You try it for free but with quite a lot of limitations.

    It doesn’t require you to shoot a video in front of a green screen, making it ideal for beginners.

    Upload your video file and wait for a few seconds. Unscreen will automatically remove the background from your video.

    Unscreen will provide you with a few video, color, or image options from their library to choose a new background for your video. You can also search their library of GIF files or upload your own background.

    Here’s the result when we tried it:

    Unscreen result

    Now you can download your video file. But here’s the twist: in the free version, you can only download your file as an image or a 5-second GIF file without audio. So if you’re a video creator, we think the free version is of no use to you.

    However, in the paid plan, which starts from $9/month and goes up to $389/month, you can download your video in full HD 1080p resolution, without a watermark, and with audio support.

    Just remember, in the $9/month plan, you’re only allowed to download 3 minutes of video files per month with a changed background. This means you’ll be spending $3 for each minute. In our opinion, the ‘creator plan’ is more useful for creators. It costs $89/month and allows you to download up to 45 minutes of video per month.

    #3 CapCut- Remove Video Background for Free

    CapCut- Remove Video Background for Free

    If you create TikTok videos, you might have heard about CapCut too. It’s the most famous video editing tool among TikTok creators.

    So if you’re someone who mostly creates social media videos for TikTok or short videos, CapCut is the best video background removal tool for you.

    Even if you’re just starting out, CapCut is a great option because it’s completely free to use.

    In CapCut, you can either auto-remove backgrounds or use a chroma key feature to remove your green screen. To start, upload your file in which you’ve to remove/add the background to CapCut and select the ‘remove background’ option. 

    Then choose between these two options:

    • Auto Removal: Remove backgrounds automatically
    • Chroma Key: Pick a color to remove it from the image

    Whichever option you pick, CapCut tries its best to remove the background from your video, and the results look professional. Then, if you want, you can add a color or an image from CapCut’s library as a new background.

    Here’s what we got:

    CapCut Result

    In summary, CapCut is an excellent video background removal tool, especially for TikTok creators. It’s easy to use, produces professional-looking results, and best of all, it’s free!

    #4 SocialBook Video Background Remover

    Socialbook video background remover

    SocialBook is another great tool that helps you remove your video’s background without a green screen. It uses AI to transform your videos by making them transparent, altering the background, or efficiently removing specific color backdrops.

    However, keep in mind that it works well only with human subjects. One thing that annoyed us is that after removing the background from the video, it asks you to verify yourself using captcha to view the preview.

    In the free version, you can remove the background of videos under 300MB.

    Here’s the output that we got:

    Socialbook result

    Similar to Unscreen, you can add a new background from their library or upload your own image or video.

    You can download the video as a GIF file. To download in MP4 format, you need to sign up on their platform. However, remember that in the free version, you get only 5 credits. They treat 1 second of your video as 1 credit. 

    This means, in our case, we can only download the first 5 seconds of our video in MP4 format. To download the full 38-second video, we would need to purchase an additional 33 seconds.

    To avoid this, you can opt for their subscription plan. They provide two options:

    • Either you can select any plan which starts from $9 per month and goes up to $369 per month.
    • Or you can pay for one video at a time based on your video’s length.
    Socialbooko pricing plans

    #5 Cutout Pro

    Cutout one-click video background removal

    Cutout Pro is an amazing 100% automatic one-click video background removal tool. It allows you to upload files up to 2GB and export at a maximum 4K resolution (360p in the free version).

    When we tried it, the results were faster and more professional than Unscreen and SocialBook. You can have a look below:

    Cutout pro Result

    One thing we didn’t like is that it has very few options in their library to add a new background to your video. However, if you have an image or video, you can upload it and set it as your new video background. It’s still one of the best options if you want to change the background color of your video.

    Keep in mind, in the free version, you can only download the first 5 seconds of the removed background video file. You need to purchase their video background remover credits to download the complete file. It comes with a ‘pay as you go’ plan, which starts from $19 for a 1-minute video and goes up to $1299 for a 330-minute video.

    Here’s a breakdown of it:

    Cutout Pro pricing plan

    #6 Vid BG Remover

    Vid BG Remover- background remover for video

    Vid BG Remover is a below-average tool that helps you automatically remove video backgrounds online with AI. It’s not exactly a green screen background remover, but you can still use it to replace your green screen.

    We didn’t like it because it doesn’t even let you upload a file that is over 30 seconds and 50MB. To use it, purchase their subscription plan or choose the ‘pay as you go’ option.

    So, unfortunately, we could not test this tool.

    Its monthly plan ranges between $6 and $108 per month.

    #7 Veed.IO

    Veed- Remove and replace your video’s background in one click

    Veed is among the most popular video background removers for both video creators and marketers. It allows you to easily edit out your video’s original background and replace it with an image or color of your choice.

    Veed gives you the option to use its webcam recorder to film your green screen video straight from your browser, with no need to use third-party apps. Once done, you can edit your video using Veed’s video editor and export it in your preferred format.

    However, Veed does not offer a free trial for this feature. You’ve to purchase their subscription plan, which ranges from $18/month to $59/month.

    In the Basic plan, which costs $18/month, you’re still limited to exporting videos in 1080p format that cannot be longer than 25 minutes. In contrast, with BIGVU at $14/month, you can export videos up to 59 minutes long in a maximum 4K format.

    #8 Remove Background from Video- Mobile (Only Android)

    Remove Background from Video- Mobile (Only Android)

    If you’re a beginner and want to remove the background using only your Android mobile, then this app is perfect for you.

    Plus, it’s absolutely free to use!

    Simply download the mobile app and use it to remove or add backgrounds to your videos. When you upload any video, it will take a few minutes to complete the entire process. In our case, it took almost 4 minutes for a 38-second video.

    However, since it’s free to use, the output quality we get is fair. You can easily notice some halo effects around the edges of the human figure, which do not look polished.

    So, if you’re a professional creator who doesn’t want to compromise on your video quality, we won’t recommend this app to you. 

    #9 Vmake AI Background Remover for Video

    Vmake AI- online video background remover

    Vmake AI is the last background or green screen remover tool on our list.

    Like most of the tools on our list, it lets you remove your video’s background with the click of a button. However, it allows you to download only the first 5 seconds for free. To download the complete video with the background removed in full HD resolution, you must purchase their subscription plan.

    You have two options here: either opt for a monthly subscription plan, which starts from $3.99/month (you get 20 credits) to $219.99/month (you get 2000 credits). Or opt for a ‘pay as you go’ plan where you can purchase 5 credits for $2.99.

    In our testing, we received 5 credits for free and were asked to purchase 2 credits to download a 38-second video. Here’s the output: 

    Vmake AI result

    One thing we found unusual in Vmake is there’s no option to upload or add a new background to your video. So it’s best if you only want to remove your video’s background.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do video background remover tools work?

    These tools use AI to detect the subject and remove the background from the video, allowing you to replace it with a new background or create a green screen effect.

    Are video background remover tools easy to use for beginners?

    Yes, most video background remover tools, like BIGVU and Veed, offer user-friendly interfaces and simple controls, making them suitable for beginners to use with ease.

    Can I customize the removed background with these tools?

    Yes, most of these tools allow users to customize the removed background by adding new backgrounds. They let you select a new background from their library or upload your own.

    Are there any free video background remover tools available?

    Some tools, such as Unscreen and SocialBook, offer free versions with limited features. However, these free versions are not useful because you cannot export the complete video. Instead, we recommend trying BIGVU. It costs less than other tools and provides numerous video editing features to make your video look professional and polished.


    Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, these video background remover tools save you time in manually removing the background from your videos.

    They save you time on editing and let you focus more on creating engaging content. Remember, a polished background not only captures viewers’ attention but also establishes your credibility.

    So, try out these background remover tools and take your videos to the next level.