How to Get a TikTok Stream Key- Go Live on TikTok from PC

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

For many, TikTok is famous for its viral dance, hilarious skits and entertaining content. 

But for you, it's also a stage, a platform to connect with your audiences in real-time through live streaming.

But the catch is…

Going live on TikTok is a breeze from your smartphone or tablet using the mobile app. 

But what if you want to kick it up and want to stream live on TikTok from your desktop browser? Yes, it has various advantages such as you can spice up your live stream with graphics, your brand logo and more.

To do so, you need a TikTok stream key.

This key allows you to stream from third-party software and gives you more control over your live stream on TikTok. You can create overlays, custom graphics, smooth transitions, and even switch between multiple cameras for a polished and engaging experience.

On the other hand, streaming from a mobile device doesn't require a stream key, but you won't have the same customization options. 

So, let's dive into how to find your TikTok stream key and start streaming seamlessly from your PC.

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Table of Contents:

    What is TikTok Live Stream Key and How to Get It?

    It’s a unique code of letters and numbers that connects your computer’s live stream to your TikTok account. It allows you to bring your live TikTok studio to your PC.

    TikTok stream key

    Important- It is important not to share your stream key with anyone you don't trust, as it is unique to you. If someone gets it and uses it, they can broadcast on your TikTok profile. For added security, your stream key changes every time you log out of TikTok for security reasons. 

    What Does It Do?

    • It lets you go live on TikTok using third-party streaming services, not just your regular mobile camera. As we talked about before, this means more control over your stream layout, graphics, and audio.
    • It helps you broadcast your stream to other platforms like Twitch or YouTube at the same time. As a result, you can get in front of more viewers at the same time through multiple platforms. 

    How to Find TikTok Stream Key on Your Desktop?

    1. Go to TikTok’s official website and log into your account. If you can see the Go Live button on the left hand side after logging in, it means you’re eligible for live streaming on TikTok.
    Login to your TikTok account

    2. The next window you’ll see is the Live Center. From here, you can customize your stream and change a few settings. 

    TikTok live center

    3. Now you can choose your cover image, select topic and give title to your stream. Click Save and Go Live.

    Choose your cover image, select topic and give title to your stream

    4. Once you click, TikTok will create your server URL and unique stream key which will last a maximum of 2 hours only. 

    Server URL and Stream Key

    5. You can now copy and paste this into your streaming software such as OBS or Restream Studio to go live on TikTok. 

    Why TikTok Stream Key is Super Helpful for Creators and Brands?

    You should keep in mind that TikTok stream key is not for everyone. You must have at least 1000 followers on TikTok to unlock the eligibility to go live. It doesn’t matter whether you live stream from your phone or computer. 

    However, stream key only allows you to broadcast your live stream on TikTok. If you don’t have it, you can still go live on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook using BIGVU.

    It’s useful for content creators and brands to take their live stream next level in the following ways-

    It Helps You Upgrade Your Production

    You may have gone live from your TikTok or Instagram account using your smartphone. It's still the easiest way to connect with your audience.

    But once you have the key, you can also go live from your desktop using a third-party streaming service. It allows you to add overlays, graphics, and live polls to create an engaging environment for your viewers. 

    Your live stream will be like a mini TV show. Amazing, right?

    Supercharges Your Engagement

    Your live stream won't be a monologue. Do you agree?

    It will be a conversation with your audience. The stream key allows features like real-time chat moderation, live Q&A sessions, and interactive games. 

    This helps you connect with your viewers in real time.  

    Expand Your Reach

    Once you have the stream key, you can go live on various platforms, including TikTok. 

    The result?

    You’ll reach a broader audience simultaneously from multiple accounts. 

    Build Communities of Fans

    TikTok is the no. 1 ranked platform in the entertainment category. So as a creator or brand, you should not miss this platform. 

    When you do live Q&A sessions with your viewers on TikTok or share any interesting thoughts, your audience will find it interesting.

    And this gives them a reason to know you better, relate with you and ultimately become a raving fan of yours.

    Use Teleprompter to Look More Professional While Live Streaming

    You can use BIGVU teleprompter to appear more professional while live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, or Linkedin. 

    It means you don't need to memorize or think about what to say before going live. With BIGVU, say goodbye to fumbling with your words and look confident in your live stream.

    The best part, you can use it from your desktop, iOS, or Android smartphone. 

    Just make sure to connect your BIGVU account to the social media accounts you plan to go live on. BIGVU allows you to connect up to 20 social media accounts.

    How BIGVU Teleprompter Helps You Boost Confidence in Live Stream?

    Know Your Script Beforehand

    It’s essential to know your script beforehand, as without a teleprompter, you may stumble over words and forget important points during live sessions.

    This can negatively affect your confidence. But with the BIGVU teleprompter, you can practice with your script and communicate with clarity.

    Even if you don't have a script ready, the BIGVU AI magic writer helps generate one in your brand voice.

    This improves the quality of your speech delivery and makes it more engaging for your audience to listen to you. 

    Encourage Smooth Flow of Content

    During your live sessions, one major challenge is to maintain a smooth flow of content. 

    To achieve this, using a teleprompter can be incredibly helpful. It allows you to read your script seamlessly and take natural pauses, resulting in a more natural-sounding delivery.

    You’ll avoid awkward pauses and interruptions in your speech.

    This not only improves the viewing experience for your audience but also adds a polished and professional touch to your stream.

    Improves Your Eye Contact with Your Viewers

    When you're live streaming, it's important to maintain eye contact with your viewers. Without eye contact, your audience won't feel connected to you. 

    To help with this, you can use a teleprompter. It ensures that you maintain consistent eye contact with your audience, which creates a stronger connection and authenticity. 

    When the speaker appears to be speaking directly to the viewers, they feel more engaged.

    Improves Your Professional Image and Brand Consistency

    Consistency is crucial for building a strong brand image.  

    The teleprompter helps you maintain a consistent tone, style, and messaging during all your live sessions.

    It makes easier for your followers to recognize and connect with your content.


    Today, every creator like you is doing live streaming. 

    What sets you apart is your ability to design your stream in a way that pleases your viewers. With TikTok's stream key, you can do just that.

    When you have it, it opens multiple opportunities on how you can make your stream customized for TikTok as per your brand. 

    So find the stream key in your TikTok account and use it to enhance your stream.