Ginger Bell: How I use BIGVU for my Educational Marketing Strategy

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Ginger Bell is the award-winning CEO and Founder of Edumarketing. Edumarketing's team generates scripts and video content for leading companies in the mortgage and real estate industry. They literally wrote the book on how to showcase your expertise with video and gain more leads.

Videos are an excellent medium to educate people on comprehensive topics. Ginger Bell and her team specialize in taking complicated topics and making them simple through educational videos. While many of their clients are extremely knowledgeable, they don't always have the confidence to get on camera. Learn Edumarketing's strategy to successfully solve the content creation problem for their clients. Hint: it has to do with a certain platform that gave the confidence to create educational video content

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    What is Educational Marketing?

    Education marketing is a type of marketing that uses methods, strategies, and content to analyze the market and help its targeted clients promote their value proposition. The educational market is one of the most powerful ways to market your services. It gives you an edge over others in solving a problem for your customers and helps you sell your services better.

    Video marketing makes it 10x better and more powerful. Educational marketing can be done with written posts, e-books, case studies, reports, white papers, and other marketing material.

    While this works, video marketing works better on social media platforms. Video is the new medium to get your message across faster. Video is more engaging and accessible - hence the hype.

    Why should your company invest in video content?

    • Convenient: If you can speak well, you can get your message across
    • Less time consuming than long form written articles
    • Convenient: All you need is your phone
    • Online tools to edit your video in minutes
    • AI tools such as BIGVU Magic AI Writer to help you with scriptwriting
    • Performs better on social media channels than static images

    While it is relatively easy, it still demands some time from your busy day to plan your content creation. Most entrepreneurs and founders are so busy with their businesses that they can't really take the time to build their own brands (thought leadership).

    A Personal Brand on LinkedIn is Vital for Founders

    Personal brands on LinkedIn and Youtube are a hot topic. Building a personal brand can bring massive results for companies and founders. More recognition as an expert easily translates into new leads and larger deals.

    While the term gets used all the time, many still don't understand what a personal brand means and how it helps you with your business.

    A personal brand isn't something you create out of nowhere but an extension of your personality. It helps you share your opinions, thoughts, experiences, and ideas with your online community. It humanizes your business and gives it more visibility hence all the hype around having a personal brand on your LinkedIn.

    People who consistently create content on LinkedIn get more business than people who don't. There's huge potential there because not many on LinkedIn are creating content.

    This entails taking the time to plan your content and then create that content - this is where most business owners struggle. They find themselves in a tough spot to take the time out to think and plan content for their own accounts.

    Ginger Bell's strategy and services

    Ginger specializes in creating scripts for comprehensive topics in the mortgage space that help her clients gain visibility online.

    Her team is constantly on the lookout for tools to push out tons of video content. Tools that can help them and their clients create content in less time are how they came across us.

    We got the opportunity to talk to Ginger Bell about her experience with BIGVU.

    How does BIGVU fit into your customer's marketing strategy?

    We found BIGVU as a solution for our clients who wanted to use a teleprompter on their desktops. We work in the mortgage and real estate industries, and we help our clients with educational scripts to educate and inform their target audience about industry trends and how they operate.

    The industry in which we work is complex. Mortgages, real estate, buying, and selling are concepts not everyone is well aware of. People need consultation and information about these topics before they make a final decision. The content we give to our clients is comprehensive and very detailed; hence, it is a little difficult to shoot and edit.

    People are generally camera-shy. They get self-conscious in front of a camera and tend to forget their scripts. It's normal to get self-conscious and do takes, but we found BIGVU's teleprompter extremely helpful for our clients.

    Our clients loved how it solved their problems in no time. This is how we found BIGVU, and I love how easy it makes everything.

    While recording a video with your phone is convenient and accessible, our content is comprehensive, and the videos are long. Some of our clients needed a bigger place to record their videos with a teleprompter, and BIGVU's desktop version has been a game changer for us with this problem. It solved the biggest problem for us and our clients. They can record long videos with so much ease now, and we can help them make content that promotes their business and services.

    Since video is the talk of the town these days and everyone wants to make videos, many hesitate to push the record button. Video isn't just getting in front of a camera and saying a few words; it's a process.

    While many hesitate because they do not have a script to follow during the video, and we have solved this problem for so many, the teleprompter solved the other problem. Now, they have the script and the teleprompter to speak to their target audience in a way that resonates.

    I remember we had a client who had all the equipment for video shooting, but they still couldn't record even one video because they struggled with scriptwriting. When we provided them with the scripts and BIGVU's teleprompter, they ended up getting a lead from their YouTube video. Video content creation helped them get business, but they were reluctant to start because they didn't have a script and a teleprompter.

    BIGVU has been with us in solving such marketing problems for our clients. Our clients love the application as much as we do. Educational marketing is comprehensive, and therefore, people need help with it.

    What type of content should people in the real estate industry make?

    Having a script to know what to say in a video is very important, especially when it's a mortgage and real estate video. These videos are comprehensive, statistical, and packed with information, so you really need to have your talking points and script all ready.

    Real estate content should educate your target audience more than anything else. People have questions they are looking for answers in the real estate and mortgage industry. If you solve a problem for your target audience, they will be happy to get your services for their search.

    Thought leadership works exceptionally well for the real estate and mortgage industry as it helps our clients establish themselves as industry experts. If people find our clients trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable, then they will be happy to onboard them for their search.

    First, you should be educating your audience. Try to answer their queries. Solve a problem for them. Videos around loan programs and questions about buying, selling, where to invest, and mortgage laws perform well.

    Information to cover in your educational videos:

    • Loan programs
    • How to buy a home, and how much do you qualify for?
    • How much can you save?
    • What steps do you need to take if you want to buy a home?
    • Mortgage policies
    • Housing trends

    For all these topics, you need to have a script in place. Whether you write that script with BIGVU AI Magic Writer or get services from us, the script is very important for you to start on the right note. If you don't have a script, you will never feel confident enough to start a video. We have clients who struggle with starting a video if they don't have a script. It's difficult to think of what to say and what not to say.

    The script helps you collect your thoughts and talking points in one place. It gives you a direction to start.

    You can then start recording, and if you don't get something right, you can rewind and edit it in the BIGVU application. BIGVU is very convenient with retakes and editing if you don't get something right or want to improve a sentence or how you said it.

    Video content increases visibility:

    Videos are important for every business in today's world. It gives you and your business the visibility to stand out from the competition and market yourself as an expert. Your content is your way of reaching out to your target audience and communicating with them.

    As much as content creation is important, content distribution is equally important. It helps you get visibility and reach out to your target audience.

    As Ginger was talking about how one of her clients secured a lead from a YouTube channel. You should research what social media platforms will work best for your business niche. For example, for B2B companies, LinkedIn works the best. For B2C, Instagram and LinkedIn are both good options.

    For real estate agents, YouTube works better as it's purely video content. You can use YouTube shorts to maximize your reach and easily cut short your videos with BIGVU mobile and desktop applications.

    We have solved your content distribution needs in the application, so you don't have to use multiple applications to complete your content process. You can link your social media accounts to BIGVU and share your content. You can even schedule content ahead of time, which will be posted on the decided day and time. There's no need to sit around and wait to upload your next video when you can schedule it using the BIGVU.

    Want to schedule content for different social media platforms all at once? Try BIGVU and post anytime and from anywhere.

    Always repurpose content

    Why is repurposing content so important on social media?

    It is important to post consistently when you're starting out on social media. Make content that can be repurposed into different streams of content. When you're a busy entrepreneur, small business owner, or startup, producing tons of content every day is impossible.

    Repurposing content helps you stay on top of the algorithm while saving you time. When starting out, you need to decide on marketing and content strategies and the type of content that will give you an edge in repurposing. For example. a single podcast episode can be repurposed into a Twitter thread, a LinkedIn post, and multiple short video clips to be posted on different days.

    Podcasts are a natural combination of educational marketing and it has to be informative. You can easily repurpose content for your different platforms once you have recorded it.

    You can easily trim and edit content with BIGVU.

    You can even schedule the repurposed content for different platforms from the BIGVU application and post it at its time. Get your hands on tools like BIGVU, and content creation will never be a difficult and time-consuming task again.

    Content creation has been made simpler and easier by tools like BIGVU. AI tools have really revolutionized how content creators used to create content before. It has opened content creation doors for people who previously struggled with finding the time to create content and learn the complete skillset.

    These tools have done half the work for you - script writing, editing, and posting on different social media platforms are taken care of. You need to take the first step, find some time, and start out. It is okay if your videos don't perform or look exceptionally great at the start; it will come in time.