The Ultimate Comparison of CapCut and BIGVU- What’s Your Pick?

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
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The Ultimate Comparison of CapCut and BIGVU- What’s Your Pick?
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    Looking for a hassle-free way to produce engaging videos for your business or social networks? 

    Look no further – we've got you covered! 

    In this blog post, we'll look at two of the best video editor apps that can help you make marvelous videos – BIGVU and CapCut App. 

    We're going to focus on core capabilities such as automatic captions and teleprompter so that you can make sure you're crafting awe-inspiring videos every time.

    We'll compare each app, discussing everything from user-friendliness and cost to output quality. 

    So fasten your seatbelt, and join us on our journey towards discovering which video editor reigns supreme – it's CapCut vs. BIGVU!

    Key Factors for Video Creators- How Teleprompter and Video Captioning Can Make Your Videos Shine?

    Before we delve into the comparison, why not take a moment to explore why we are so focused on video captions and teleprompters? 

    From Stumbling to Soaring- How Teleprompters Improve Your Video Performance?

    Have you ever stumbled while recording a video and had to remember what you were going to say? If you recorded this way, it can undermine the impact of your video.

    With the help of a teleprompter, you can seamlessly record videos like a pro without stumbling over your words. What's better than having a script in front of you while recording that lets you speak confidently to the camera with good eye contact?

    With a teleprompter, you can make sure your message comes across clearly without awkward pauses.

    Captions and Subtitles: The Essential Ingredients for Making Your Footages Stand Out

    Videos with subtitles stand out on social media - and no wonder! 

    With billions of videos streaming daily, Facebook reports that automatic subtitles increase viewership by 12 percent. This makes sense since viewers often watch videos with no sound in places such as workplaces or crowded areas. If you want the world to keep watching your videos, captions are the way to go!

    With subtitles in your videos, you can appeal to a wider audience - whether they're hearing impaired, don't speak your language, or struggle with background noise or accents - and allow them to understand the content more easily. 

    For brands, this means more engagement and a longer attention span from viewers.

    Now let’s head towards the comparison between both video editing apps!

    CapCut vs. BIGVU: A Comprehensive Video Editing Comparison

    BIGVU- Powerful Teleprompter, Captioning Tool, Video Editor

    BIGVU is an unmatched video editing tool that can change the way you create and share your video content for your marketing purposes.

    It lets you can easily add subtitles in more than 70 languages with up to 99% accuracy, stylize subtitles in the storyboard to make them visually impressive, and even utilize pre-made video templates to enrich your videos.

    Add subtitles with elegant themes

    ​BIGVU's teleprompter makes it effortless to create professional-looking videos from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. You can modify the font size and scrolling speed to tailor your recording experience! 

    It requires no additional software or hardware - all you need to do is hit the record button and watch your script appear on the platform in front of you. Plus, the teleprompter won't start rolling until you're ready to begin so that you can get a perfect shot every time. 

    You can move the teleprompter anywhere on your screen- whether on mobile or web devices - so it doesn’t cover the frame!

    Showcasing BIGVU's teleprompter

    Start capturing stunning footage quickly and easily -- it's as simple as that!

    Speaking of video scripts: BIGVU’s AI Script Writer lets you create compelling scripts or significantly rewrite existing scripts to give them a unique flair, that you can further record with a teleprompter.

    With its Pro plan, you can record videos up to 59 minutes (nearly 11,000 words!). Plus, customize the finer details - word speed, font size, color, and even exposure - so your recordings look exactly how you like. 

    And don't worry about resolution and clarity being compromised: recordings are uploaded at stunning 4K resolution.

    Record up to 59 minutes and upload in 4K resolution

    With BIGVU, the possibilities are endless!

    CapCut- All-in-One, Feature-Rich Mobile Video Editing App

    CapCut Video Editing Tool

    CapCut Video Editor app is an excellent choice for those looking to kickstart their video content creation journey or those already well-versed in TikTok. Developed by the makers of the popular short-form platform, CapCut focuses more on providing tools tailored explicitly to creating content for TikTok. 

    While it offers a variety of functionalities to edit and enhance videos, it falls short regarding video captioning and teleprompter features.

    For instance, while BIGVU offers more than 70 languages for video captions, CapCut only offers 20. It also lacks styling and editing options to make your subtitles more appealing.

    As for the teleprompter, CapCut offers basic customization options like font size, font color, and exposure. You can only record videos up to 33 minutes long (about 5000 words), much shorter than BIGVU's 59-minute recording time. 

    Unfortunately, unlike BIGVU, there are no pre-made themes or AI script features, which means you have to prepare your script on your own.

    If you plan to make videos exclusively for TikTok, then CapCut might be a good option.

    Is CapCut, BIGVU’s Alternative?

    Based on the above comparison, do you wonder if CapCut is a good BIGVU alternative? 

    We’re here to help!

    Let's find out together if CapCut has what it takes to be a real alternative to BIGVU.

    TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, created CapCut to give video editors the tools for creating short video content. 

    For brands and individuals looking to make longer videos with greater informational depth and visual impacts - such as those used on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram– BIGVU is a better choice. 

    You must be wondering, why?

    BIGVU is a comprehensive video editing platform designed to help business owners, as well as novice and experienced video content creators, maximize their potential. With the ability to personalize videos with logos, business cards, and stunning landing pages, it allows you to easily attract new customers - potentially increasing engagement and conversion rates by up to 105%

    CapCut is a video editing platform that only works on mobile devices. Sadly, it doesn’t offer all the advanced editing features needed to make longer videos. So if you’re looking for a complete video editing solution, CapCut may not be the best option.

    With BIGVU, you can record, style, and share your videos on all the popular social media channels all in one place. Gain an edge over the competition by producing exceptional videos that help grow your brand and captivate your loyal followers.

    If you ever think CapCut is not working for you, BIGVU is a superb alternative to try on.

    Have a look at a below comparison table for a quick overview.

    Comparison Table for CapCut and BIGVU

    To Sum Up

    In summary, to generate eye-catching and entertaining videos, you need the right video editing platform. CapCut is an excellent choice for creating quick-cut content, while BIGVU is ideally suited for longer videos with more depth and visual punch.

    BIGVU equips you with an array of remarkable tools that will set your videos and captions apart from the rest. With an accessible teleprompter, over 70+ languages for captioning, and AI script-writing capabilities, you'll be able to cultivate captivating content that will draw in your viewers and amplify your brand's reach. 

    So choose wisely and get ready to let your videos take flight.

    Excited to try BIGVU, try it now! here!