4 Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

In real estate, where every house has a story to tell and every deal is full of new possibilities, video marketing is the best way to attract and win customers. 

Making real estate videos allows you, as a realtor, to use videos to showcase amazing homes, tell exceptional stories, and connect with clients in a whole new way. 

"Real estate agents record and edit nearly ten videos, on average, each week!" 

This means they love publishing videos. 

But the bitter truth is… 

Without a reliable and easy-to-use video app that allows recording, editing, and rolling out videos from under one roof, you'll face a hard time producing engaging real estate videos. 

Plus, we don’t want you to juggle between multiple video platforms—like one for recording a video, one for editing it or adding your logo, and one for publishing it across your social media platforms. 

That’s the reason we’ve put together this blog post—where we’ll be shedding light on four top video apps for real estate. 

Let’s dive in.

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4 Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents
Table of Contents:

    The Top 4 Real Estate Video Editing Apps You Should Know About in 2024

    Following are the four reliable video apps for real estate agents:





    Let's dive into these video applications one by one.

    BIGVU: Best all-in-one video platform with powerful AI Tools

    Okay—yes, we have BIGVU at the top of our list. 

    You may wonder, "These guys are so biased." 

    We obviously seem biased by adding BIGVU to the top of our list. But there's a reason for adding BIGVU to our "Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents" list. 

    We've designed our application so real estate agents won't need any other video app. 

    With BIGVU, you can use the integrated AI to:

    Script: use the AI writer to write and edit your scripts

    Shoot: Record videos smoothly using a teleprompter and beauty filters

    Style: Add captions in your preferred language (we support over 70!) to increase the reach and engagement of your videos. Add music, replace background, add your logo and more.

    Share: After completing your video, you can share it on all your social media accounts with one tap using the integrated social media scheduler.

    So, instead of juggling ten marketing apps, you only need one. 

    Combine that with the power of AI and now you know why over 100,000 realtors have chosen BIGVU as their preferred video creation platform. 

    Did you also know that you can send personalized video emails to your target customers, informing them about any new listings or recording a neighborhood video? 

    Interestingly, over 67% of overall video editing processes on BIGVU included real estate agents adding their personal logos to the videos. 

    Real Estate Agents love us! Hear it directly from them:

    VEED.IO is another of our favorite video applications for real estate video editing. It's jam-packed with numerous features, including:

    • Record: Live stream and screen record.
    • Edit: Templates, resize, subtitles, stock video/music library, etc.
    • Save: Cloud storage workspace.
    • Collab: Add your team + add comments to the video for editing feedback.
    • Share: Share via URL, embed, email, or download.

    VEED.IO is easy to use and allows its users to edit videos easily. At the same time, we've heard nothing but praises about their customer service. Its simple UI is one of the plus points that has been helping it gain traction and position the platform as one of the leading video applications in the market.

    Working with a team? VEED.IO enables team members to collaborate easily with each other by collecting feedback for edits. 

    However, there's a learning curve in Veed, which most beginners may find time-consuming to learn while editing real estate videos.


    With Magisto's powerful intelligent video editor, realtors can create real estate videos for social media in minutes. From creating engaging videos to listing and publishing them online with one click, hundreds of real estate agents love Magisto. 

    And that's not all. 

    Magisto allows you to track engagement analytics from within the platform to gain insights into your audience's behavior. 

    The big plus point of using Magisto as a real estate video editor is that it uses artificial intelligence to track motion, analyze uploaded videos for objects, faces, and speech, and categorize different types of audio for enhancement. 

    Magisto makes it extremely easy to convey your story as you can choose text, select different footage elements, and select soundtracks. And if you are a beginner-level real estate agent, Magisto is one of the video applications you should tap into.

    However, a significant drawback of Magisto is that it does not offer a teleprompter for recording videos. This means you'll have to switch to another platform to record videos, and if you're a beginner, the absence of a teleprompter may cause you to fumble while speaking.


    We can describe Promo as "Canva for Videos." Thousands of real estate agents regularly use Promo to record and edit their videos. Some of its most exciting tools include:

    • Online Video Maker
    • Online Video Editor
    • Video to GIF Maker
    • Photos to Video Maker
    • And more!

    Promo allows you to customize its pre-made templates, which you can use to create powerful real estate videos. All you need to do is choose videos and photos from your gallery, edit text, add a logo, resize, and you're done.

    Promo comprises numerous templates that you can use to edit videos. At the same time, you'll have unlimited access to media from iStock and Getty Images.

    Want to create a real estate video ad? You can go ahead and try out Promo. Listing videos? Try Promo.

    If you are a beginner with zero video-making or editing knowledge, you can use templates to create and edit videos. While the video mentioned above applications can also be used by beginners, the best thing about Promo is the templates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top video apps recommended for real estate agents?

    The top 4 video apps recommended for realtors are BIGVU, Veed, Magisto, and Promo.

    How can you use video apps to grow your business as a real estate agent?

    Real estate agents can use video apps to create virtual property tours, showcase listings, conduct video conferences with clients, and personalize communication through video messages.

    Are these realtor video apps user-friendly for beginners?

    Yes, these video apps are user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features suitable for beginners in the real estate industry.

    Can real estate agents customize their videos using these apps?

    Yes, you can customize your videos by adding branding elements, text overlays, music, and other personalized touches using the features available in these video apps. In fact, with BIGVU, you can add your company logo and other branding elements to your videos.

    ‍Create Engaging Real Estate Videos!

    The market is saturated with numerous real estate video applications, yet not all are worth investing in. The ones mentioned in our post simplify the process for you and enable the creation of exceptionally high-quality and engaging real estate videos in minutes. 

    At BIGVU, we are laser-focused on simplifying the end-to-end video production and editing process for realtors and would love for you to try our platform.