4 Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents

4 Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents

Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer
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Recently, we published our “Realtor Video Strategy: Data Insights for 2023” guide, where we shared a few interesting stats related to the use of video in real estate. Allow us to put in front of you the most interesting one:

“Real estate agents record + edit nearly ten videos, on average, each week!"

This means – real estate agents love publishing videos.

But the bitter truth is – without a reliable, highly functional, and easy-to-use video app that allows you to record, edit and roll out videos from under one roof, you’ll face a hard time producing engaging videos.

The last thing we want you to do is juggle between multiple video platforms – like using one video application to add your logo and another to make your horizontal video vertical.

That’s the reason we’ve put together this blog post – where we’ll be shedding light on four top video apps for real estate.

Let’s dive in.

The Top 4 Real Estate Video Apps You Should Know About in 2023

Following are the four reliable video apps for real estate agents:

  • Magisto
  • Promo
  • InVideo

Let’s dive into these video applications one by one.


Okay – yes, we have BIGVU at the top of our list. 

You may be wondering, “These guys are so biased.”

By adding BIGVU at the top of our list, we obviously seem biased. But there’s a reason behind us adding BIGVU to the top of our “Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents” list.

We’ve designed our application such that – real estate agents won’t need any other video app.

From writing down and practicing your script to recording and editing video to rolling it out on the platform of your choosing, you won’t need any other video application.

You can perform all of these activities from within BIGVU itself.

And that’s what realtors love the most about our application.

Allow us to share a few of our features that’ll leave you stunned:

Imagine being able to add your brand’s logo to your videos from within a video platform – we allow our users to do that. 

Interesting fact – over 67% of overall video editing processes on BIGVU included real estate agents adding their personal logo to the videos.

We’d highly recommend reading our “Realtor Video Strategy: Data Insights for 2023” guide for more insights.

Real Estate Agents love us! Hear it directly from them:


VEED.IO is another one of our favorite video applications for real estate. It’s jam-packed with numerous features, including:

  • Record: Live stream and screen record.
  • Edit: Templates, resize, subtitles, stock video/music library, etc.
  • Save: Cloud storage workspace. 
  • Collab: Add your team + add comments to the video for editing feedback. 
  • Share: Share via URL, embed, email, download.

VEED.IO is easy-to-use and allows its users to edit videos with ease. At the same time, we’ve heard all praises about their customer service. Its simple and easy UI is one of the plus points that has been helping them gain traction and position the platform as one of the leading video applications in the market.

Working with a team? VEED.IO empowers team members to easily collaborate with each other by gathering feedback for edits. If you’re a real estate agent who’s looking for a video application for creating beginner-level real estate videos, VEED.IO is one of the platforms you should try.


With Magisto’s powerful smart video editor, realtors can create social videos in minutes. From creating engaging videos to listing/publishing them online with one click, Magisto is loved by hundreds of real estate agents. 

And that’s not all.

Magisto allows its users to track engagement analytics from within the platform to gain insights into their audience’s behavior. 

The big plus point of using Magisto’s video editor is that it uses artificial intelligence for tracking motion, analyzing uploaded videos to detect objects, faces, and speech, and categorizing different types of audio for more. 

Magisto makes it extremely easier for its users to convey their story as they’re able to choose text, different elements of their footage, and select soundtracks. And if you are a beginner-level real estate agent, Magisto is one of the video applications that you should tap into.  


We can describe Promo as “Canva for Videos.” Thousands of real estate agents use Promo for recording and editing their videos on a regular basis. Some of its most interesting tools include:

  • Online Video Maker
  • Online Video Editor
  • Video to GIF Maker
  • Photos to Video Maker
  • And more!

Promo allows you to customize its pre-made templates – that you can use to create powerful real estate videos. All you need to do is choose videos and photos from your gallery, edit text, add a logo, resize, and you’re done.

Promo comprises numerous templates that you can use to edit videos. At the same time, you’ll have unlimited access to media from iStock and Getty images.

Want to create a real estate video ad? You can go ahead and try out Promo. Maybe listing videos? Try Promo.

If you are a beginner with zero knowledge about video making or editing, you can use templates to create and edit videos. While the above-mentioned video applications

can be used by beginners as well, the best thing about Promo is the templates.

Create Engaging Real Estate Videos!

The market is flooded with dozens of real estate video applications. But not every single one of them is worth investing in. The ones we’ve mentioned in our post – they will not only simplify the process for you but also create exceptionally high-quality and engaging real estate videos in minutes.

At BIGVU, we’re laser-focused on simplifying the end-to-end video production and editing process for realtors. And we’d love to have you try our platform.

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