Are You a Female Entrepreneur? Use These Marketing Strategies to Stand Out on Instagram

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Growing a business on the hyper-competitive Instagram platform as a female entrepreneur is challenging and downright frustrating. Worse still, women with businesses on Instagram juggle many other responsibilities, leaving little to no time to market on the platform.

As a female entrepreneur, using various social media marketing strategies can simplify your marketing process and help you get ahead of competitors on the platform. In this article, you'll learn how to make your Instagram business account stand out using nine proven Instagram marketing strategies.

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Are You a Female Entrepreneur? Use These Marketing Strategies to Stand Out on Instagram
Table of Contents:

    Winning Instagram marketing strategies for your business

    Instagram has evolved from a platform for only posting pictures to a forum that many women with businesses can use to market their products and services. As such, the competition for consumer attention on the platform has also increased. Use the following marketing strategies to stand out as a female entrepreneur on Instagram:

    Use High-Quality Photos

    Instagram is an image-centric platform. Therefore, posting images with high-quality graphics can attract and capture the attention of your target audience. What's more, high-quality photos reflect a brand's overall professionalism. 

    To get high-quality Instagram images for your Instagram business account, source from inclusive free stock photography sites. You can also get high-quality graphic templates from designers or apps like Adobe Express.

    Optimize Your Profile

    A well-optimized Instagram business profile can help direct traffic to your account. More importantly, it can help convert the traffic coming to your business account. When optimizing your Instagram profile, the main characteristics to prioritize include:

    • An intriguing bio that clearly states what your business does
    • High-quality headshot or profile logo
    • A short but effective call to action
    • Well-designed covers for story highlights

    Use Videos

    Most Instagram users today engage more with video content than other content on the platform. As a smart female entrepreneur, you should promote much of your business through videos to increases your chances of capturing a wider audience's attention 

    You should also combine recorded sessions with live Instagram videos to engage with your audience better. With a teleprompter, women with businesses on Instagram can easily create professional-looking videos from the smartphone. 

    What's more, the BIGVU teleprompter video maker can create scripts to read from your screen while recording your videos. Lastly, our best teleprompter has a video editor that female entrepreneurs on Instagram can use to make your videos more attractive and professional.

    Write Effective Captions

    While great visuals are essential for attracting traffic to your Instagram account, strong captions sell your product or service. 

    You can create the best Instagram captions by ensuring they're contextually accurate to your, educational, and inspiring to your audience. Compelling captions are also short and have right hashtags since hashtags can be helpful keywords potential customers search for in your niche. 

    Our teleprompter video creator has a video caption maker that women with Instagram businesses can use to create compelling captions for their posts.  For each post, our automatic captions app creates automatic subtitles for your posts with the right keywords in place. 

    The BIGVU editor also has every video editing tool you need to do the best video editing for your captions and an auto transcription tool that does video transcription of all Instagram videos.

    Use Reels

    Reels are short Instagram videos that you can use to entertain, educate, or inspire your audience to take action. According to research, reels effectively boost overall engagement on an Instagram account. 

    Our video editor website can provide you with the video editing tools you need to create short, engaging reels. Apart from that, our reliable video maker also has a video caption creator for creating and editing compelling captions for your reels.

    Create Useful Stories

    Using Instagram stories is an effective way for female business owners to market on the platform. With millions of daily users viewing stories daily, stories can be helpful in appealing to new customers and existing clients. 

    Plus, even after an Instagram story expires, it becomes part of the story highlights on your profile, so it can still be helpful to future potential clients. To create the best stories, make sure they're short, have excellent cover designs, and feature the best content. 

    Our teleprompter tool can help you create exciting and informative video stories with:

    • Short, clear subtitles
    • Brand-oriented cover designs
    • The best content featured

    In addition, our video creator editor can help you create and edit captions on your story videos to send better messages or include the relevant keywords

    Automate Scriptwriting

    Posting Instagram videos, stories, and reels daily or weekly is the secret to gaining a loyal following. However, if you don't have the time or team to post frequently due to womanly obligations, you can automate parts of your video creation process, such as screenplay writing.

    Our AI script writer can help women entrepreneurs with the video script writing process. You don't have to waste time thinking of what to write on a script for the video. Instead, describe your topic, and our AI script writer will create an artificial intelligence script to use as the screenplay for a video.

    Measure Analytics

    Once you've implemented your Instagram marketing strategies, measure the progress of your campaign. Continuously assessing your strategies helps you understand whether you're making an ROI and the tweaks to make to ensure strategies work.

    BIGVU allows you to track your Instagram progress through engagement and reach figures. Using BIGVU, you can know the number of users who engage with your posts and the number of new and lost followers. This way, you can apply better strategies to increase your engagement and audience.


    Although you should never follow just any Instagram marketing strategy, you should try as many reliable strategies as possible. After all, every audience is different, and tastes and preferences change all the time. 

    In the end, evaluate the performance of different strategies using the metrics or analytics of your Instagram marketing campaign. This way, you can keep methods that deliver the best results and drop the ones that are not working.

    How to Make Your Channel Stand Out on Instagram

    BIGVU can help female entrepreneurs on Instagram implement marketing strategies to stand out on Instagram. Our automatic app also has a teleprompter women with business on Instagram can use to write a script for video while shooting the video and create automatic captions and subtitles. Female entrepreneurs can also use our transcription app to transcribe video content. Sign up for a free 7 day trial of BIGVU AI Pro today.