7 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Does video really help in selling houses?

Well, here's your answer!

85% of buyers and sellers prefer to do business with agents that use real estate video for marketing. It proves that videos are the most engaging and easily consumable form of content. 

With so many people searching for homes online, video marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important for real estate agents.

Using videos in real estate doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. You must regularly find creative real estate agent video ideas to stand out and attract potential clients that can drive your business. 

There are plenty of simple ways you can use video for your services and generate leads or sales.

In this article, we'll walk you through some of the video marketing ideas for real estate agents that will help you stand out from your competitors and attract potential clients, so they can remember you while planning to buy their next house.

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Table of Contents:

    Remarkable Real-Estate Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    1. Real Estate Agent Introduction Video

    People do business with people they vibe with. Making "About Me" videos will help potential prospects to know more, like, and trust you. 

    Talking about yourself also helps people understand whether you'll be a good fit or not for their real estate needs. 

    Later, you can link these videos to your YouTube page, pin them on your Facebook profile, or embed them on your website. You can also attach them while sending personalized emails to your potential leads.

    Topic Ideas That You Can Use in Making Introduction Videos

    The intro video is almost like your website's about us page. Speak about your background, achievements, certifications, qualifications as a real estate agent, and your previous sales.  

    Further, adding something about your hobbies and interests will let your clients connect easily with you and humanize your brand. 

    Not sure how to organize your script? BIGVU's free profile script generator can help you create a script to introduce yourself in seconds.

    If you have a hard time memorising your script or get stuck while recording the video, you can use BIGVU's teleprompter app. It will let you look confidently at the camera while reading your script on the screen.

    2. Make Local Neighborhood Videos To Guide Your Customers

    While planning the best real estate video for real estate agents, there's one video type that you must take advantage of. 

    Yes, it's creating neighborhood guide videos. People must see more than just the property; they must also know the locality. 

    So, as a real estate agent, it becomes essential for you to guide prospective customers about the area and help them understand the locality in which their new home is likely to be. 

    What to Speak About When Shooting Neighborhood Guide Videos?

    Through neighborhood guide videos, you can talk about specific vital landmarks in those areas and some good hotspots such as party clubs, gyms, or pools.

    You can also speak about nearby hospitals, schools, supermarket stores, etc.

    Later, you can use the same videos for different properties in the same area.

    3. Create Property Listing Videos and Walkthroughs

    Creating a listing video is the base of real estate video marketing ideas. 

    A study reveals that 63% of buyers in the US purchase the property after viewing walkthrough real estate videos with soothing music and good voiceovers.

    It's all about shooting gratifying videos from your mobile or professional camera in some aesthetic angles that help the viewer get the property's most comprehensive look without being present over there.

    Video listings act as the frontrunner in making the deal forward with your clients and work best on social media, your website, or your YouTube channel. 

    Pro Tip While Shooting Real Estate Property Listing Videos

    Shoot listing videos and walkthroughs in bright natural light using the gimbal to avoid shaky movements, with the camera set up at the highest resolution.  

    4. Tips about Choosing a Real Estate Agent

    An insightful real estate video, especially on topics like "How To Find The Best Real Estate Agent" or "Important Tips To Hire a Real Estate Agent," is an excellent way to boost your credibility while educating your audience. 

    It builds trust and shows your audience that you care about their buying and selling decisions.

    From your experience, mention a few critical points every customer should remember while hiring a real estate agent. Answer some common questions in the video you received from your past clients.

    How To Make Such Real Estate Agent Video Ideas Engaging?

    Keep your real estate videos engaging so your audience does not lose interest in watching them. And the easiest way is by adding captions or subtitles to your video, which will hold your audience till the end. 

    BIGVU has a feature that allows you to generate captions in any language with one button click. 

    5. Local Business Review

    Interviewing local businesses in your area is also one of the top-notch strategies for real estate video marketing ideas. It's where you inform people about local businesses in that area, like restaurants, barber shops, handmade gift stores, etc.

    Take out your phone or camera and ask about their business, like their specialty or if they can offer a special discount to viewers. 

    The Advantage of Making Local Businesses Review Videos

    It increases curiosity amongst your clients, encourages them to learn more about the location, and keeps them engaged with your video.

    When you post a real estate video on your social media or your website, tag that business owner or their business, as it helps cross-pollinate your audience with their customers and draws a few people in towards your business, too.

    6. Share a Real Estate Market Update Video

    The general audience may need to be updated with the latest trends in the real estate market. So it becomes crucial to make them aware and updated through market update videos concisely and quickly.

    Such videos will help them to make an informed buying decision and present you as the real estate industry leader in the eyes of your customers. 

    You can discuss real estate trends and opportunities, interest rates, construction laws, policy changes, etc. Finally, upload this video on your YouTube channel as a series or embed it on your website.  

    Feel free to explain all the market updates in detail, as it will help your clients gain in-depth knowledge of recent developments. Later, you can trim unnecessary parts with BIGVU's video trimming feature.

    7. Shoot Client Video Testimonials To Build Authority

    Having testimonials is the best way to get social proof for your real estate business and gather trust from your clients. And if you can present video testimonials to your new potential clients, it will act as an added punch to boost your credibility.

    2 out of 3 people will likely purchase after watching a video testimonial. 

    The Psyche Behind Video Testimonials

    The psychology behind this is people trust people. When they learn about your previous client's experience through your real estate video, they'll become more inclined to do business with you.

    You don't need any high-camera equipment to shoot a video testimonial. Invite your customers anywhere and shoot a video on your mobile device using BIGVU's green screen recording feature. Then, replace the background with any image or video to enhance quality.

    Real Estate Videography for Luxury Agents

    When targeting the prestige market, the caliber of the video content must correspond to the upscale properties you endorse. Real estate videographer services and professional equipment investments can make a substantial difference. By utilizing sophisticated editing software, high-definition cameras, drones for aerial shots, and virtual tours, prospective buyers can have a completely immersive view of the property.

    Individualization is a crucial factor in the luxury market, so adapting your real estate videography to suit your audience's unique tastes and preferences is essential. Emphasize the impressive features that appeal to discerning buyers, like top-of-the-line kitchens, private bathrooms, spacious outdoor areas, or distinctive architectural elements. Moreover, it would be beneficial to create specialized content that caters to particular groups of buyers, like those who are passionate about golf, appreciate fine wines, or have young children.

    Lastly, use storytelling to enhance the appeal of your videos. Every luxury property has its unique story, whether it's the impressive architecture, the rich history, or the breathtaking views. Adding these elements to your videos creates an emotional connection, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space.

    Wrapping Up

    Video marketing strategies for real estate help nurture relationships with your potential clients and also let you generate leads.

    Try these fantastic video marketing ideas for real estate agents with a powerful call to action and turn your viewers into buyers with an improved conversion rate.

    If you still need to start, now is the time.

    Good luck.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are the basic rules for real estate video production?

    Make sure to capture a wide range of shots whenever you can. Close-up shots of decor and furniture are not particularly useful since they are not included with the property. Viewers should have a clear view of the entire room, allowing them to envision their items filling the space. Focus on the space's ambiance rather than the specific items already present.

    When considering the property, capturing some brief glimpses of the surrounding neighborhood and nearby amenities such as stores or restaurants is beneficial. However, staying caught up in everything beyond the property is essential. Your objective is to market and sell the property showcased in the video successfully. Stay focused on that.

    Is real estate video marketing helpful?

    Indeed. Real estate video marketing will increase engagement and reach, which, in turn, will help real estate agents become more successful. In addition, video marketing enhances brand awareness, reputation, and personalized connection with potential clients.

    What is the best length for a real estate video?

    People can't pay attention to videos longer than 10 minutes. With that in mind, the video needs to be at least three minutes long so that you have enough time to cover all the relevant material. However, a real estate video marketing film should be between 3 and 7 minutes long and at most 10 minutes.

    What is the best time of day for real estate videography?

    The best time to take a real estate video is the Golden Hour. The golden hour is the time of day just after sunrise or before sunset when the light is warm and soft. It's usually around 5-6 in the morning and around 6 to 7 in the afternoon. This time of day offers the perfect lighting for exterior real estate photography.

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