Video marketing for your business is the best way to build trust with your clientele. Research indicates that 99% of marketers who have used video to market products and services will continue doing so in the future. Videos help you stand out from the competition and allow your customers to associate with your brand quickly and effectively.

Despite the benefits associated with video marketing, most people lack the technical capacity to create content that can educate, generate leads, and convert these leads into paying customers. This guide presents 12 steps business owners can use to create compelling marketing videos in 2023. We aim to help you develop informative videos that offer valuable content to customers.

Step 1: Make Text Videos - Script SEO oriented

Before diving into video production and editing, you must have a working script. This blueprint will determine how your video pans out and includes important aspects such as content sequences and voice-overs. 

Before creating a script, you need to get inspiration so that your content creates value for the customers. The best approach is to use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) video scripting tool to prompt new ideas. The most important thing at this stage is to utilize ideas that can attract views for conversion purposes.

Creating a script that leverages video search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is also vital. Ensure that the major keywords or phrases you want to push are placed strategically in the video. In the long run, your script will help you create videos that rank higher on Google and social networks than blog posts.

Step 2: Think About Relevant Subjects
to Show Your Audience What You Know

The next step is to select an area of expertise. Ensure that you plan for subjects that will resonate with your audience, such as the issues they are most concerned with. The point is to make it look like you are an expert in specific subject matters. You are the expert; hence, you must have the answers ready.
Ensure that you cover all these issues in the script to make the next steps much more effortless.

Step 3: Leverage the Power of The First-Person Perspective

Now that you have your script and ideas ready, it's time to make the actual video.
Ensure that you maintain eye-to-eye contact by getting in front of the camera. Eye-to-eye contact helps the clients resonate with your content on a personal level. In addition, you can augment your chances of success here by recording camera-facing videos using the BIGVU Teleprompter App.

Step 4: Leverage the Power of Testimonials

Embedding testimonials in your video is one of the best ways to build credibility and trust with your clients. You do not have to include video testimonials—you can simply insert tweets in the video as overlays. However, it will be an added advantage if you have video evidence, such as recorded interviews. Here, the aim is to tap into the viewer's psychological bias to generate trust.

Step 5: Repurpose

Creating quality content is a challenging process, which makes content repurposing important. Content repurposing is the process of re-using existing content by altering the format or information to increase the lifespan. Content repurposing also helps marketers reach new audiences.

With the BIGVU App, it's easy to create multiple stories by repurposing the same content. Therefore, once you begin video marketing, it is essential that you use the app to repurpose your content all the time. In addition, ensure that you post multiple versions of the recycled content on various channels, such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Step 6: Produce Professional Quality Video Easily, Fast, and Cheap 

Another thing is to aim for quality videos by using the BIGVU App. The software also makes the process less challenging for you due to the friendly user interface and helps you save time and resources in the process.

Step 7: Ready for More? Get A Green Screen

If you want to take your video marketing campaign further, it is crucial that you acquire a green screen. A green screen is a large green backdrop that allows you to later integrate digital effects into your videos.
If you cannot afford one just yet, you can check out local listings for green screen rental services.

Step 8: Brand Your Video

When it comes to video branding, there is no need to do it all the time again from scratch. First, it is essential to know that the process enables your viewers to recognize your videos every time they appear on the newsfeed. Hence, a unique brand will differentiate your content from competitors.
You can do this by defining your channel branding, which allows you to use the brand consistently across all your content and sales channels.

Step 9: Use Intro and Outro Videos as Business Cards

Similarly to how you can give out your business card at the beginning and the end of a meeting, you should add an intro and outro video on all your marketing clips.
You can do this directly with the BIGVU App, where your logo and title overlay with contact details will be included.

Step 10: Don't Just Tell, Show

Again, if you want your clients to connect with your content, it is vital that you do more than just talk. Ensure that you add visuals and titles to make your content more engaging.

Step 11: Optimize for Mobile

Videos that have been optimized for mobile can set you apart from the competition. This is because mobile friendliness is an essential factor when it comes to video SEO.
Optimize your content by integrating closed captions, titling overlays, and a square format for Instagram Feed.

Step 12: Amplify

Finally, we have a hack to help you amplify your video content. 
As a marketer, it is advisable that you invest in Google, Facebook, and YouTube Ads to boost your audience. While Google Ads are an excellent place to start since they have a wider reach, Facebook Ads will typically offer better tracking insights. In addition, with YouTube Ads embedded into videos you post on the platform, you can benefit from both generic and non-generic business leads.

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