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Sarah Stanfield
Sarah Stanfield
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Who hasn't heard the words AI or Machine Learning, repeated over and over. But do you really understand how to use these technologies or what they mean?

If you have ever used Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant or created an AI script with BIGVU, you are already an experienced AI user. In today's world, you can control most home appliances using virtual assistants that understand our voice commands. These virtual assistants also help us search our desired content and products online using voice search commands. All these things have become possible due to AI and Machine Learning integration. 

These technologies are capable of listening and identifying voices. Moreover, Machine Learning has enabled modern-day devices to recognize characters spoken verbally and act accordingly to ensure accurate results. This technological advancement has also enabled us to leverage the power of Machine Learning to accomplish our professional tasks. For instance, multiple software tools help us convert our speech to text. These tools can help us accurately articulate lengthy pieces of content without touching the keyboard.

However, many people still need to learn of these efficient tools that can help them save time and effort and enhance their productivity. Nevertheless, with the ever-increasing burden and need for enhanced work output, these tools are nothing less than a blessing. You may have to use them sooner or later to meet ever-increasing work requirements. 

With these fast changes in the tech landscape, it's important that you have the  basic know-how about these tools. Get your hands on them before others to maintain higher productivity. 

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Table of Contents:

    Highly Efficient Speech to Text Converters

    Converting speech to text is no longer a challenge when you have highly efficient tools. However, knowing their benefits and compatibility is a must before you start using them to ensure they work best for you. 

    Windows Speech Recognition

    Windows Speech Recognition comes built-in with the latest iterations of Windows OS, i.e., 10 and 11. Hence, this dictation or speed to text software is compatible with all desktop and laptop devices running on the Windows above OS versions. This dictation software supports multiple languages in various applied accents worldwide. It is capable of audio + human-labeled transcript, plain text, structured text, phrase list, and pronunciation in various languages and accents. 

    It also allows users to use Microsoft-backed virtual assistant Cortana. However, this feature is available only in selected regions. The advantage of Windows Speech Recognition over other voice to text tools is its ability to allow users to dictate text on various browsers, programs, and web applications. 

    Setting up and using it on PCs running on Windows OS is also simple. You can easily find this app by typing Speech Recognition in the search box. It is usable for free with the latest Windows versions. 

    Apple Dictation

    Like Windows Speech Recognition, Apple Dictation is a speech to text converter that comes built-in with various Apple devices, including those running on iOS, MacOS, and iPadOS. This advanced voice to speech converter also includes Apple Watches because it uses Siri to recognize spoken words and characters. In addition to text dictation, it allows you to control speech to text conversion with the help of more than 70 specified voice commands. 

    A great thing about Apple Dictation is the different modes it offers to ensure ease of use for users. Users can use the default dictation mode for casual use, while the enhanced mode is for frequent use, even offline. The enhanced dictation mode allows users to import and create custom vocabulary and commands. This feature works great for professionals who need to include industry-specific jargon while converting voice to text. Apple dictation supports 31 languages in default and 20 languages in enhanced mode. 

    SmallSEOTools’ Speech to Text Converter

    The tools above are either compatible with specific operating systems or require installation. However, what if you want to avoid all these unnecessary hassles and use a super-efficient speech to text converter that is cross-platform compatible? The answer is such a tool is available for users. The best thing about this tool is its free availability. It doesn’t require users to fill out a login or subscription form for usage. 

    Simply put, this speech to text converter is readily usable. All you need to do is access it and start transcribing your voice. This tool can help you convert voice to text in multiple languages. The transcription accuracy offered by this tool is surprisingly exceptional, which makes it one of the stand-out tools in its relevant domain. It is also accessible from various devices regardless of the OS they are running on. 

    Dragon by Nuance

    Dragon Dictate was introduced decades earlier. We can call Dragon by Nuance its facelift and second iteration, which is much more advanced than the first iteration. It is also considered a pioneer in the speech to text domain. Dragon by Nuance handles the dictation needs of various users with multiple installable software packages and apps compatible with different operating systems, including ones used to run smartphones. 

    Dragon by Nuance also offers industry-specific dictation tools for legal, medical, and law enforcement domains. Hence, it can be used by professionals who fear that voice to text tools fail to understand industry jargon. In addition, to live transcription, Dragon enables users to transcribe an uploaded audio and convert it into accurately written text for sharing and documentation purposes. 

    Hence making the task of transcribing speech to text significantly easier for various users.

    BIGVU AI Scriptwriter

    Finally, we will discuss a highly advanced tool which shares its roots with the tools we discussed above but differs in output. Being a professional who often needs to create videos getting stuck at a particular point or running out of ideas is a common issue. We all have been through this situation. We can call it writer’s block, where writing simple scripts like business profiles, sales letters, or content consisting of tips can be tricky.

    So what’s the solution? Using AI and Machine learning is the simple solution. However, there is no need to turn your head towards tools like ChatGPT when you have BIGVU’s AI Scriptwriter to help you. You only need to pick a category of the script you are working on. Once you are done with it, talk to your BIGVU AI Scriptwriter through your mobile’s microphone and give it an audio prompt consisting of some necessary words you want in it. This tool will automatically generate multiple scripts for you quickly.

    In addition to this advanced tool, BIGVU offers multiple amazing tools to make the lives of content writers and creators easier. Here is a brief overview of these tools that can help content creators handle multiple issues related to scripts of videos easily.

    • BIGVU’s online teleprompter makes it easier for users to read difficult-to-memorize content by viewing the screen and reading it accordingly. They can also adjust the reading speed according to their preference. This tool also allows users to read and record their voice in its premium version. Moreover, it helps them livestream their voice easily for podcasts.
    • Most people watch videos with sound turned off. The Automatic Captions App by BIGVU helps you generate elegant captions for videos. Simply upload an audio file or record it through a teleprompter. Your video will be transcribed, and you will witness the automatic synchronization of subtitles with narration.

    In the End

    We know generating ideas and putting them on display while typing can sometimes become highly laborious. The process takes much more time and effort and affects productivity. Hence, you need something advanced to save time and effort and enhance productivity. Speech to text conversion could be the right technique for you to make it possible. 

    However, you need to use the right tools for this purpose. We have discussed a few highly efficient ones above to help you enhance productivity. Hopefully, you will leverage their power and accuracy to make your work life easier. We wish you luck with articulating meaningful and engaging content using these tools.

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