The Business of Video and Beyond

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Are you looking to create and execute a successful video marketing strategy? BIGVU recently hosted a webinar titled “The Business of Video and Beyond,” whith three industry experts, Eric Farber, Jim Fuhs, and Kim Himmler, discussed video marketing strategies and the use of video to reach your targeted audiences on social media platforms. 

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Table of Contents:

    Every business creates videos!
    how do you stand out with so much competition? 

    Video has become an essential part of the marketing strategy of every digital business. Video content is everywhere and will rule social media platforms for the foreseeable future. With so much competition, you might doubt whether your content will work. It is natural to guess your idea second when you see tons of people competing for the same around you, but we are here to help you. Today's experts will share insights and key findings to help you find and build your online community. 

    You need to have three things in your video content:

    1 - Your content should reflect your personality

    2 - Storytelling

    3 - Make it personal

    4 - Add humor 

    Once you have figured this out, you need to take help from tools. Video creation demands time, and some people are doing this on the side. Tools will help you save time and work efficiently. 

    This helps creators save time and create engaging content that differentiates them from others—struggling with script writing? Use BIGVU to get your scripts written. Record and edit videos in minutes. 

    Your Content Builds Your Brand Identity 

    During the discussion, the experts emphasized the importance of creating video content that aligns with a company's brand and values. They also discussed the benefits of creating videos that showcase the company's culture and personality rather than solely promoting products or services. By doing so, businesses can build trust and connections with their audience, increasing brand loyalty and sales.

    You build your brand and identity with your content. The experts discussed the importance of creating video content that aligns with your company’s identity and values. It is equally important to produce video content that promotes your brand and company culture and doesn’t promote products and services solely. This way, businesses can build an engaged community that trusts them. 

    Eric Farber, founder, and CEO of Creators Legal, pointed out the need to focus on where your audience is and create a targeted message for them. Don't try to be everywhere at once. Pick one platform and master it. LinkedIn, for instance, is a great platform to start out. The number of people active on LinkedIn is tens of millions, but the number of people who post on it is very low, and the number of people who post videos is a fraction. LinkedIn is pushing video content at the platform so anyone starting out can use it. 

    Consistency and authenticity are key, and it's important to have a strategy in place. Jim, president of Fuhsion Marketing, shared how he loves LinkedIn and Twitter, and he’s working on Youtube but having a strategy and plan in place is what you need when you’re starting out. 

    People Buy From People

    Jim shared how influencer skills are part of our daily lives when we meet and interact with people, leads, and clients in various settings. For instance, Eric's legal involvement and work impact people who trust him and need his services. Building trust is important for influencers, and people want to work with individuals they know, like, and trust. 

    Jim, who cohosts Dealcasters Live on Amazon, helps solve people's problems through his show, and he’s built himself an activity community by just doing something he believes in - helping others using his platform and reach.

    Eric discussed the change that has happened over the past few years. People are more interested and invested in personal brands. People trust people more than brands. The personal channels of CEOs or thought leaders are far more engaged than the company's social media accounts. This proves how people trust the word of a CEO more than a company page because putting a face to a CEO is easy than a company.

    If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you must work hard to create a social presence on social media and interact with your community as much as possible.

    Analytics plays an important role in measuring whether the content is working. Social media managers and businesses can change their content strategies and make data-driven decisions for future projects by analyzing engagement rates, view counts, and click-through rates. 

    How is AI Going to Impact Video Marketing?

    AI is a hot topic right now. How AI will impact video and content creation is up for debate. Eric stressed the benefits of using AI tools such as One Click Contracts for Creators which helps streamline contract processes for businesses creating video content in collaboration with influencers and content creators. Influencer marketing can get much easier if businesses use AI-powered tools to streamline their processes and focus more on producing content than solving systematic issues. 

    Jim highlighted the need for businesses to budget for video marketing and invest in high-quality video content. He explained that businesses should create entertaining, informative, or educational videos to capture their audience's attention. 

    Jim emphasized having a dedicated budget for video marketing and investing in high-quality video content production. Investing in equipment will help you create better-quality content. Make content that you will like to watch. Make informational, entertaining, thought-provoking, and humorous content. Always share your highs and lows. People find people relatable when they share their lows and how they overcome those. 

    He shared how emerging technologies like augmented reality will greatly impact video creation and delivery. The gaming industry, in particular, can benefit from using these technologies to channel their creativity.

    Ken Himmler is a personal and business growth planner with 30 years of experience in retirement planning, financial planning, asset protection, estate planning, tax planning, document preparation, and ongoing portfolio management.

    He shared his insights on the financial aspects of video marketing, such as budgeting and cost management. He explained that businesses should clearly outline their goals and target audience when creating their video marketing strategy. Ken also discussed the importance of protecting intellectual property and assets when creating video content. By obtaining the necessary licenses and permissions, businesses can avoid legal issues and protect their brand reputation.

    He shared some tips about the financial side of video marketing, such as budgeting and cost management. Businesses should have clear objectives and target audiences when designing their video marketing strategy. They should also figure out the mechanisms to protect their intellectual property and assets while starting with video content. They should obtain necessary licenses and permissions beforehand to save themselves from legal issues later. 

    Quality over Quantity

    The guests throughout the webinar reiterated the importance of investing in creating quality video content. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Spend time with your ideas. Refine them. Create. Edit. 

    Video creation is a process of trial and error. The more you try, the better. Invest in audio and video equipment to ensure the quality of your video. People will automatically find your message better if they can hear it properly. Improve speaking skills. Practice. Take guidance from vocal coaches if needed. 

    The initial investment might seem huge, but it will show up in your increased video engagement and audience retention. 

    There is a general agreement that quality matters more than quantity. You can create tons of content, but if it lacks the fundamentals of quality video making, it doesn’t help you leave a mark. Investing time and effort in getting the strategy right, using the right tools, and leveraging on trends is the only way to success in video marketing. 
    The audience asked interesting questions during the webinar, and the guests answered several. They discussed the best platforms for content distribution, the importance of authenticity in video marketing, and how businesses should measure the ROI of campaigns and make new strategies based on data.


    Video is here to stay. If you’re a startup or business, invest in video creation. Hire people who are experts in video creation and social media platforms. Spend time creating strategies and researching your target audience. Make content that solves their problems. Personalize your message. Use LinkedIn advocacy to support your content and increase reach. People invest and buy from people.

    Be authentic. Be present and accountable. Focus on user-generated content. Always adapt to cater to your audience.

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