More and more meetings and events are online; having a strong video presence is essential to connect with your audience and convey your message effectively. In this blog post, we'll explore some key tips and insights from Regina Huber's talk on mastering your video presence.

Focus on Building a Personal Brand

Did you know that executive presence is one of the top characteristics people look for in leaders today? Whether you're an executive at a large corporation, a leader in your field, or someone who wants to make a powerful impact, having a strong video presence can help you succeed.

BIGVU held a webinar to discuss how essential video presence/thought leadership is for entrepreneurs and businesses for success. Regina Huber, a transformational leadership coach, stresses the importance of creating a personal brand for yourself. It builds authority and trust; it’s similar to a portfolio but visual that you can use to get your message across. It isn’t limited to business owners but to anyone and serves different goals for everyone. It can be used to land yourself a job interview. A new client. A collaboration. Anything. 

Executive presence is difficult to define, but regardless of your role or title, having an online presence and showing up for yourself and your business on your social media platform is important. It will help you build connections and exchange ideas with future customers and clients.

Malala Yousafzai: An Example of Executive Presence

A great example of someone who demonstrates an incredible amount of executive presence at a young age is Malala Yousafzai. Malala is the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize, and she's known for her work as an activist for girls' education.

Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban when she was a teenager, but she went on to deliver a powerful speech to the United Nations, calling for education for all children. Her message resonated with people worldwide, and she's become a symbol of hope and courage for many.

What Malala demonstrates is the definition of executive presence - the ability to communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction and to inspire others to take action. It is a reminder that age and experience doesn’t determine the impact of your message.

The Key Points

Regina Talked about the following key factors to successfully master the art of video content creation for your personal brand and business.

  • Do your homework: Prepare your script before starting a video presentation or recording. Check your video and audio equipment. This will give confidence and save time. 
  • Dress up: Remember we were told to wear our favorite dresses on special days as kids? Treat your video creation day as a special day. Dress up. It will boost your confidence. 
  • Use gestures to feel connected: Body language is important in getting attention. Maintain eye contact. Use gestures, words, and sentences familiar. Be yourself. Talk with friends. 
  • Clarity of thoughts: Speak clearly. Use simple words. Don’t use complex words to sound fancy. Talk in an understandable way. Your audience will appreciate a clear and straightforward way of talking.
  • Bring your authentic self: Everyone keeps stressing the importance of being your true self. Let your true self shine. Don’t hold yourself back. Be vulnerable. Share opinions. People relate to that.

The importance of a simple, clear, and structured message can’t be stressed enough. It keeps your audience engaged and hooked to your talk. Share life events. Share stories. 

People enjoy it when they find someone relatable. Tailor your message to the needs of your audience. Talk about things that matter to them. 

Some of the interesting questions asked by our audiences during the session.

Q: How do you avoid overthinking before a video recording or live video?

A: We all are humans. We get anxious seeing ourselves on camera. It’s very normal to feel that way. To avoid overthinking, focus on your preparation. What do you want to con it? Why is it important? Remind yourself of these questions, and it will help with the overthinking. Try to focus on the present when you feel anxious.

Q: How do you keep your audience hooked to your message during a long conversation?

A: Perfect your hook. Be your natural self. Communicate with clarity. Use visuals and illustrations to draw attention. Share life stories in connection with your talk. Use simple words. Add your personality to it. Engage your audiences by including them in the discussion.

Overcoming Language Barriers

The world no longer has connectivity issues, but the language barrier is still an obstacle. People find it hard to communicate with others because of not knowing a specific language. Not everyone speaks English. Many people in the US struggle with English. Regina suggested strategies for people who struggle with the Language barrier and how to overcome it.

Everyone is fluent in their mother tongue. It’s the learned language they usually struggle with. If English is your second language, practice before you go on stage. Practice it before recording a video. Practice will help reduce the chances of you stumbling over words. It helps in getting the pronunciation right. Remember, the message is more critical and not perfect English or accent. You should always try to get it right but don’t hold yourself back because of it.

Use simple words. Use small sentences. Have an outline and structure of what you will say with you. This will give you the clarity to communicate your message quickly.

Use visuals and body language for assistance. Perfecting body language helps with confidence. You can convey half your message using visuals and illustrations. 

Lastly, never shy away from your background. Bring your unique perspective and culture to the table. Share your culture and stories. People find different perspectives and cultures interesting. The more you embrace who you are, the more confident you are. 

You can also take help from the BIGVU teleprompter tool. Take as many retakes as possible. Record and rehearse. Perfect your body language and message. 

No one practice helps everyone. With so many valuable tools, it’s easier to practice than ever before


A personal brand to communicate your message is essential for personal and business success. Video is the future, and mastering the art of video creation will help you grow your personal brand and business. It takes time and effort, but it is worth all the effort. You will impact not only your life but thousand others. Never shy away from sharing what you have got. You never know who it can help.

Happy filming!

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