Future Trends: The Landscape of Video Content Creation in 2023

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Several diverse trends are shaping the future of video marketing. Marketers are using tailor-made visual content to offer their audiences personalized experiences. Internet users are seeing trends such as interactive and immersive technologies. These include VR, AR, 3D tech, and 2D ads. They are trends influencing the current and near future of marketing. Artificial intelligence is playing a critical role in powering tools for editing and creating videos.

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    Short videos are taking over social video platforms. They are helping drive large traffic to brands’ websites. These trends are headed to a landscape of greater influence as technology evolves. They are set to disrupt marketing strategies through high-performance apps and tools. About 90% of online audiences say visual content influences their buying decisions. 

    Digital Marketing Trends

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    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence will continue to impact the marketing landscape significantly. It is making the development of video content easier. After creation, AI is used to increase distribution speed. Without quality visual content, brands cannot attract new audiences. Without speedy distribution, competitors will overtake brands and capture the market. In addition, marketing teams are eying the international market as AI is making it easier to translate visual content into multiple languages. As an example, here at BIGVU we use AI to translate captions in minutes!

    After each campaign, it is easier to measure results. Brands use predefined metrics and analytics to measure performance.  You can edit your campaign videos on your laptop or phone. When you edit them on your phone, you might experience a slowdown due to limited space. You can use one of these apps to avoid the problem and optimize the working of your device. You will create more videos to improve your marketing campaigns. Two areas are critically important in AI-powered visual marketing.

    AI-powered video editing tools

    AI-powered video editing tools, such as BIGVU use AI algorithms to generate high-quality videos in minutes. The tools feature drag-and-drop UI to transform visual content to meet customer needs. Marketers can record audio, video and add images to create the most fascinating clips. 

    The tools are programmed to crop, trim, and stabilize the content. It can sync videos and audio, and generate transitions, captions, animations, and music. This makes video content captivating, dynamic, and engaging for maximized outcomes. The tools can automate the creation process to save a considerable amount of time. They can also generate ideas to help marketers optimize video quality and engagement. 

    AI-driven content generation

    AI-driven content generation frees more time for marketers to help them focus on marketing. Artificial intelligence gathers data and analyzes it to give brand ideas. They understand what their target market needs and the channels to find them. When creating videos for marketing, AI can help with writing scripts. It may suggest content that will impact your audience with videos and bring lasting results. Some tools even generate the final video which saves marketers a lot of time. The teams improve efficiency and distribute more content in less time. 

    Social media video platforms

    Social media video platforms are a key trend that brands need to watch. They allow users to create videos, share, and view them. They have a significant impact on marketing results. They expand the reach of marketers and keep traffic on social platforms engaged. They are key in targeted marketing and advertising. 

    Brands use them to increase awareness among targeted users. They cost less to implement and have great potential to increase revenue. Social media videos increase ranking on search engines and raise the volume of traffic. When using social media marketing, engagement is the main metric used to measure impact. 

    UGC content

    User-generated content allows brands to leverage the power of storytelling to sell more. It is a trend that allows customers to create and share brand-specific content. They add text to videos, testimonials, and sometimes audio. The content enhances confidence in brands and proves authenticity. It incredibly influences buyers and increases the conversion rate. 

    When audiences see users for example wearing brand products, they feel they can relate more with them. They read the opinions, feedback, and experiences of other users. This increases trust and relevance and trust in the brand. Brands should encourage UGC by crediting back when reposting. It is important to content using the relevant tools. 


    Short-form video content

    Short videos are easy to view and share across multiple platforms. They are ideal for generating viral engagement in marketing. Users prefer to share short videos which they find entertaining or interesting. When marketers create short video content, they increase the power of sharing. They are useful when brands are building awareness. They provide a platform for brands to expand their reach. 

    VR and AR

    VR and AR are one of the latest emerging trends in video marketing. The technology is allowing customers to test products before adding them to a cart. It is an immersive technology that is influencing the marketing scene fast. In 2023, VR and AR mobile trends began to grow in popularity. Markers use AR and VR apps combined with 3D audio tech to increase engagement. 

    Immersive storytelling through VR and AR

    AR and VR enhance immersive learning techniques which is important in marketing. The technology leverages the stimulation of real work scenarios in an online environment. It is useful when training potential customers to convert them from leads to customers. It enhances positive perception, entertainment, and social interaction. They open opportunities for immersive storytelling which improves communication with brands. AR and VR create a sense of social presence and community. It improves sharing, feedback, and opinions.  

    Figure 3-source-mdpi

    The Intersection of gaming and video content

    AR and VR immerse game players into a thrilling personalized environment. Technology makes gaming activities informative and entertaining. They promote gamification in marketing which is an emerging trend. The trend is helping brands build greater awareness and conversion rates. Brands create high-quality content that enhances interaction, storytelling, and loyalty. 


    Artificial intelligence, short video content, and immersive content are some of the trends dominating the marketing landscape. Brands seek to create content that is engaging and increases awareness and conversion. Social media video platforms will continue to be a top tool for influencer online audiences. Through AI-powered tools, marketers create high-quality content that attracts traffic. These trends will continue to influence the marketing landscape now and in the future.  

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