Consider sending them a video recording of yourself wishing them a productive new year and helping them kickstart 2022 successfully.

Is video the best format?

Let’s compare video greetings with other ways to connect with your business network...

Video vs. Written Messages: Receiving a video message is still uncommon. Showing your face will delight recipients when they expect to get one of those written “wish you a great new year” templates.

“Hey, I wanted to greet you and your family a happy new year! 2022 has been rough, but it’s now behind us. If you need anything, remember that I’m a message away. Happy 2021!”

To add, Science of People suggests that video emails allow you to share your body language, let your tone of voice be heard, and showcase your level of sincerity.

Why and how to personalize video greetings

The personalized video makes a recipient feel special and valued. 

One might imagine that recording personalized videos is challenging. But it’s your lucky day – BIGVU is here to make it easy.

As a video maker, BIGVU comes with useful features such as a teleprompter, automatic captioning, green screen, video landing pages, and more

To strengthen your message, it comes with holiday-themed templates.

Coming up with creative ideas for your greeting videos may seem challenging at first. You need to be concise, brief (15-50 seconds), friendly, and to-the-point.

We’ve compiled ideas below to give you a starting point...

#1: Greet and share thoughts on how to succeed in 2022

Start by wishing your valued contacts a happy new year. Show them how grateful you are for connecting with them again. Suggest them a few ways of dealing with their current challenges. Demonstrate your readiness and willingness to offer a helping hand whenever they’re in need.

Be careful about not crossing the red line here. Remember, you’re not trying to sell anything right now. This is a greeting video, not a sales pitch.

It’ll show your contacts that you value them and their business. And most importantly, it’ll remind them that you’re around to help. Here’s an example of such a video script:

“Hey, Antonio. It’s amazing to connect with you again since our last meeting in LA. I’d like to wish you success with your new product in 2021. I noticed how you’re taking social media marketing more seriously these days. It goes without saying that you can always reach out to me personally if you need help. Stay safe and see you soon again!”

 #2: Recount how you faced 2021 together

Stories are powerful. Mutual stories are connectors. They build trust, remind of old but gold moments, and create an emotional connection.

Emphasize the challenges you’ve overcome together with your business partner in 2021. Demonstrate your gratefulness to have them during hard times.

2021 was an exceptionally tough year for almost every business operating in any industry. Remind them of how you managed to survive together regardless of all the challenges. And show it as a strong reason to invest in this relationship even more in 2022.

Check out this video script example:

“Oh, Morgan, we did it! Maybe we had losses, but we survived 2021. And that is a thing to celebrate when we meet again. We’ve got a lot to talk and laugh about now, such as the “BigBucks” campaign. Oh, you remember the June activation, right? That was madness! You can’t imagine how lucky I was to have you, Morgan. I believe we’ll achieve even more this year. So excited to see you again. Happy new year!”

#3: A simple greeting that you can send to (almost) everyone

As it would be cumbersome to personalize dozens of videos, you could create a more generic version.

Feel free to avoid mentioning the recipients’ name so you can send the same video to dozens of acquaintances.

While it’s better to personalize your videos, you’d rather show up on camera without mentioning their name instead of not doing videos at all.

You’d also want to consider adding captions for greater impact.

Here’s an example script that’s short and safe to send to your wider network:

“Hey, I wanted to greet you and your family a happy new year! 2021 has been rough, but it’s now behind us. If you need anything, remember that I’m a message away. Happy 2022!”

How should you proceed?

Start by listing your contacts to whom you’d like to send new year greetings. Then, prioritize key relationships.

As it’s too much to produce custom videos for everyone in your contact list, do this for your most valuable connections.

For others, prepare a more generic message that needs little to no personalization.

Also, consider setting up a green screen so you can customize the background for all videos you’d produce.

Finally, it’s time to create personalized new year greeting videos. Log in to BIGVU to start creating greeting videos today. 


See you in the next video!

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