What is a Teleprompter App, and Why Should You Use It?

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
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What is a teleprompter?

The meaning of a teleprompter is more straightforward than its name may imply. Also referred to as autocue, a teleprompter is a device that allows people, like presenters, to read a script showing them what they need to say, word for word. In other words, they read the script simultaneously as they speak, usually making it unlikely for the audience to notice.

You've probably been amazed at how newscasters or presenters confidently narrate the stories. What's their secret?

The reality is that most news anchors worldwide, presenters, or even politicians giving outstanding speeches are usually reading from a display screen, which tells them what to say, all thanks to teleprompters. Today, teleprompters have become an integral part of production teams - whether in videography or live speeches.

But what about the little guy without a huge production team and on a tight budget? How can you compete? For most business owners, purchasing an expensive teleprompter is out of the question.

What if you could read from a teleprompter from your phone- for free? Drum roll, please!

You can!

Now that you know that you too can use a teleprompter to speak with confidence, let's dive in to what a teleprompter is, how it can make a huge difference in your marketing strategy and help you too create professional videos for you business.

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    What is the Purpose of a Teleprompter? 

    A teleprompter is an old technology first conceived in 1948 by Hubert Schafly. The purpose of the teleprompter was to replace cue cards that were used in live acting. 

    The teleprompter gives the presenter visual access to the text that has what they need to say when they speak. In some circles, it's also called an Autocue. Using the teleprompter, you can keep visual contact with your audience and still sound impromptu. You don't have to worry about memorizing your lines or message with the teleprompter. It comes out naturally as the texts scroll on the screen while the cameras are rolling. 

    Apart from giving speakers visual access to what they need to say, teleprompters aim to give presenters support and enhance their professionalism with ample confidence. The main purpose of teleprompters is to aid someone in giving a clear, concise, and flowing speech while putting the existence of the script out of sight or unknown to the audience.

    So, yes, we may be talking of professionals, but teleprompters help speakers or presenters to look more professional and confident by aiding them in maintaining eye contact with their audience. And that probably explains why news anchors read the news flawlessly or why certain speakers give their speeches so perfectly.

    Now that you understand the meaning of a teleprompter, what it does, and its main purpose, let's shift focus and look at some of the reasons why you should employ a teleprompter in your business.

    The teleprompter serves a simple but critical function when making videos - whether you're bringing your YouTube video ideas to life or hosting an online sermon. The teleprompter allows the presenter to keep eye contact with the audience while reading the text they need to speak. Using a teleprompter also allows the reader to sound impromptu without the need to cram what they're going to say. 

    Why Should You Use a Teleprompter? 

    A teleprompter is a great tool that allows you to say the right thing at the right time. You don't have to worry about what you're going to say or when to say it. Using it can enhance the quality and engagement of your videos and make them more impactful. Some other reasons why you should use a teleprompter include: 

    • Keep eye contact with your audience – Whether it is a long sermon or a quick tutorial, a teleprompter allows you to read without appearing as though you're reading. It eliminates notes from the stand and reduces the time you spend looking down. 
    • You have complete control of what you want to say – With a teleprompter, you don't have to worry about saying anything you shouldn't say. You only need to read what is on the teleprompter. It saves you the trouble of making things up as you go. 
    • Musicality – Pace and intonation are critical components when creating videos. Sometimes, how you say something makes all the difference. With a teleprompter, you can control the pace at which the words appear, allowing the reader to create different rhythms and intonation for other parts of the speech. It makes it easier to create emphasis in your speech when necessary.
    • Better non-verbal cues – When you don't have to keep referring to your notes or worrying about what to say next, you can concentrate on your performance. The teleprompter also frees your hands, allowing you to use them as part of your communication. Your body language and movement are more natural with a teleprompter.  

    How Can a Teleprompter Help Your Business? 

    The benefits of a teleprompter aren't limited to making quality videos. A teleprompter can also boost your business and revenue in several ways. The potential of the teleprompter to help your business is only limited by how efficiently you can use the teleprompter, even if you're simply using the teleprompter to make YouTube videos for your business.

    • Spontaneity – A teleprompter allows you to appear natural and speak off the cuff for your audience. The audience is not distracted by you looking at prepared notecards and speeches. You will also make eye contact with your audience throughout, making your speeches and presentations more effective and impactful. If you're looking to get your audience to take action like purchasing something or signing up for email marketing, a teleprompter can dramatically improve the results by allowing you to remain more spontaneous and natural. 
    • Effective pacing – When making videos, you don't want to focus too much on your visual cues and forget you still need to be audible for your audience to understand what you're saying and take the necessary action. A teleprompter helps you pace yourself when giving a presentation, summon, or reading a script. Proper pacing allows the audience to keep up and enhance the quality of the presentation. Pacing also allows you to emphasize key selling points that can attract more viewers or increase the chances of the audience taking appropriate action. 
    • Precise communication – In any presentation, getting the words right is critical. You don't want to rely on your memory or note cards. With a teleprompter, you can say the right words at the right time – just as you intended to maximize the desired response from the audience. 

    What is a Teleprompter App? 

    We've come a long way in the evolution of technology. Today, teleprompters are being used worldwide for all sorts of videos. Think of how spontaneously YouTubers and the other video influencers deliver their messages - thanks to the integration of teleprompters to smartphones. These days smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. And to use smartphones seamlessly for video production, we now have teleprompter apps for iPad, teleprompter apps for Android, teleprompter apps for iPhone and so on.

    A teleprompter is an advanced piece of equipment that features a reflective mirror and a monitor. The teleprompter mirror is placed directly in front of the camera lens, where the words appear. Most small and medium businesses might not afford one. This is where a teleprompter app comes in. 

    A teleprompter app is a simplified version that allows you to run the same features of a fully-fledged teleprompter on your smartphone, so you can make great videos anywhere at any time. Additionally, some apps can enable you to use teleprompter for laptop.

    How to Write a Teleprompter Script? 

    The first step to successfully delivering a keynote address to your audience is writing the perfect script for your teleprompter. Note that writing for the eye is practically different from writing for the ear. However, like in any other form of writing, you can produce the best scripts for the teleprompter with practice. And of course, by doing a follow-up, let's say, watching the recording, you can spot where the speaker had difficulties in reading the script and improve accordingly. Here are three best practices for writing a good teleprompter script:

    • Keep it short: When writing a script for a teleprompter, write short sentences and paragraphs that make it easier for the speaker to track lines when reading from the screen. Again, people have short attention spans, so always keep it short and precise.
    • Keep it simple: Avoid jargon and too formal language to simplify the message while also sounding more natural and relatable to the audience.
    • Write in ALL CAPS: Teleprompter scripts should always be written in CAPS to make them more visible and easier to read. You may also add a call to action at the end, especially if it's a promotional video.

    You can only benefit from the true teleprompter meaning if you use it effectively. That means writing good and impactful teleprompter scripts. 

    • Write how the speaker speaks – The teleprompter script needs to sound natural. This is only possible if you write the way the speaker speaks. Use contractions unless you're creating emphasis, and write on the first-person perspective where possible. 
    • Avoid jargon and formal language – To connect with your audience, you should use everyday words as much as possible. It sounds more natural and makes the message more relatable to the audience. 
    • Consider all caps – Teleprompter scripts are often displayed in all caps. It is easier to read on small screens. But the reader should be aware of this to avoid confusion. 
    • Spell out everything – Write out everything, including the numbers and abbreviations. It's easier for the speaker to read at a glance. 

    AI Script Generator for Teleprompter

    Creating engaging video content has never been easier, thanks to BIGVU's AI Script Generator, which is specifically designed for teleprompter use. Unlike other AI generators who create scripts filled with commentary and directions, BIGVU produces clean, concise scripts ready for immediate use in the built in teleprompter.

    What sets it apart is the AI Brand Tone feature, learning your natural speaking and writing style to create scripts that genuinely sound like you, ensuring your delivery appears both spontaneous and authentic. Whether you're delivering a keynote, educational content, or a marketing message, BIGVU ensures your script resonates with your audience, capturing the essence of your brand's voice. You're not just reading a script; you're sharing your message with confidence, engaging your audience with content that feels both professional and personal.

    How can a teleprompter help your business?

    If you want your business presentations to look highly professional and have greater impacts, then you shouldn't think twice about using a teleprompter. Using a teleprompter will by far improve your presentations and make them look the best. This is especially necessary if your business offers speeches or video presentations more regularly. That being said, here are three benefits you can accrue from using a teleprompter in your business presentations:

    • Spontaneity: If you use a teleprompter for your presentations, you will be able to appear much more professional and self-assured. This is especially true as you will be looking directly at your audience throughout most of the parts of the presentation. Again, if you are speaking to a live audience, you can have a teleprompter on both your left and right, making you alternate by looking at one and then the other. This can make you appear that you are not reading and are actually keeping eye contact with the audience while sounding off the cuff.
    • Accuracy: A teleprompter with text that scrolls, as you speak, is highly useful for business presentations. You want to deliver your intended message as precisely and accurately as possible without over-relying on your memory or glancing at the prepared note cards. Remember, when you seem to be speaking naturally, your message will have a stronger impact on the audience. And another reason to use a teleprompter is to help maintain the audience's concentration without distracting them by reading/glancing at the prepared note cards.
    • Pace control: You shouldn't underestimate the power of effective pacing when it comes to speech delivery or any other formal presentations. On most occasions, people tend to speak too fast when giving a presentation, especially when reading from a script. A teleprompter comes in handy to help control the speed at which you read the script. With a teleprompter, you can increase or decrease the pace you deliver the speech, depending on the available time and how you speak.

    Produce great videos!

    A teleprompter can definitely improve your production value and make your videos more impactful. And since you now have a better understanding of what a teleprompter is, what it is used for, and how it may benefit your business, it's all up to you to employ a teleprompter in your business video presentations for better outcomes. To get started, sign up for our free teleprompter now!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How does a teleprompter work?

    A teleprompter is equipped with a mirror-like surface positioned in front of the video camera lens, in addition to a monitor that is directly affixed beneath the screen and presents the script. The screen is composed of reflective glass or an optical beam splitter and has a reflective surface on one side while remaining wholly see-through on the other.

    Does Windows have a teleprompter?

    The Virtual Teleprompter app is an elegant teleprompter that runs on your laptop. The Virtual Teleprompter app is an ideal companion for online meetings, interviews, presentations, live streaming, content creators or making pre-recorded content.

    Do most YouTubers use teleprompter?

    The use of teleprompters on YouTube varies depending on the content and style of the creator. Some YouTubers prefer scripted content and may use teleprompters to help with delivery, while others prefer unscripted or more spontaneous formats, so they don't use them.

    Does teleprompter reduce image quality?

    No, it doesn't affect video quality at all. You can use the same settings you normally use for your regular recordings (especially when using automatic settings for ISO, white balance, etc.). The image will look as if you were recording without using the teleprompter.

    Can the audience see a teleprompter?

    Made of high-quality glass or a reflective surface, this screen is positioned in front of the speaker, but it remains virtually invisible to the audience. The speaker's script is displayed on this screen, and it reflects the text in such a way that it appears to float in front of them.

    Can you use a teleprompter on laptops?

    Older systems may terrify you because of their size and cost, but teleprompter applications are now more affordable due to modern laptop applications. There are several software or apps that enable you to transform your laptop into a teleprompter, making it easy to take it anywhere you need.