Turn Your Video Viewers into Clients with BIGVU's Teleprompter Effects

Geri Mileva
Geri Mileva

Filters—or lenses and overlays—allow you to customize your visual content to increase its aesthetic appeal. These special effects can alter your face, the background, and the lighting of your surroundings in real time, making your images and videos more interesting, fun, or interactive.

As Instagrammers, TikTokers, and Snapchatters would attest, filters can make you feel better about your looks and ready to put yourself out there. Thus, such beauty filters have become part and parcel of video-making platforms to increase market reach and engagement through higher impressions and shares. How?

Camera filters can enhance your physical appearance, allowing you to deliver your spiel or presentation with confidence. Filters can also create a positive tone for your video with the help of lighting and background settings, producing an atmosphere that matches your brand.

With high-quality videos, you can motivate audiences to finish watching until your recording or live stream ends, establishing greater brand awareness and a memorable customer experience. Later, viewers can take your desired action—such as signing up for your service or buying your product—which earns revenue for your company. Because 68% of consumers follow brands on their favorite platforms, your videos pack an extra punch when you upload them on social channels, which are quickly replacing Google and Bing as search engines.

But face filters or camera effects aren't only for eCommerce. You can also use filters when recording lectures, speeches, webinars, company performance reports, content for onboarding new hires, and more.

As you'll discover in this article, not all video-making apps are created equal. BIGVU helps bring out your outer and inner "glow" through the combined power of its teleprompter and filter features. Read on to find out why.

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Turn Your Video Viewers into Clients with BIGVU's Teleprompter Effects

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    BIGVU Teleprompter + Face Filters: A Winning Combination

    BIGVU is one of the most popular video makers with a teleprompter available on desktop and mobile. A teleprompter app displays your speaking notes as an overlay on your computer monitor or mobile screen, facilitating good eye contact, focus, intonation, and natural gestures. But the beauty of BIGVU’s teleprompter lies in its built-in face filters, among the most subtle and realistic ones in the market. Unlike other apps that can distort your features and make you unrecognizable, the facial retouching effect looks natural, not fake.

    You can use BIGVU's Teleprompter Effects to enhance your appearance on camera in the following ways:

    ·       Skin

    The skin filter can blur wrinkles or blemishes and brighten your skin tone.

    ·       Teeth

    Acquire "pearly whites" instantly with BIGVU's teeth filter.

    ·       Face

    The app's face filter can narrow your facial width without drastically modifying your face shape.

    ·       Nose

    Like the face filter, the nose filter can soften the contour of your nose and make it look slimmer.

    ·       Soft light

    This filter can adjust the video's face lighting to accentuate your best angles.

    Activating BIGVU's Face Filters

    Because BIGVU is available on mobile, you can carry your video "studio" in your pocket. Let's run through the steps for adjusting the app's filters:

    1.     Launch the BIGVU app and click the blue button with a white cross at the bottom center of your screen.

    2.     Four options will appear on your screen, including "Record New Script" or "New Script" for recording your video with the help of a teleprompter. You can use the AI Magic Writer to compose your script or write your own. The app's iOS version allows you to upload an existing script.

    3.     When your script is ready, tap the camera icon on the bottom of the screen to open the screen for recording mode. You'll find the "Effects" icon is the left-most option.

    4.     Tap "Effects" (3) to open the five filter options: skin, teeth, soft light, face, and nose (5)

    ·       Smooth Skin

    Click the skin filter icon and move the slider to the right until the blurring

    and lighting effects achieve the skin "texture" and "tone" you desire.

    ·       Whiten Teeth

    Tap the teeth filter button, then grin or make an open-mouth smile. Move the slider to the right until your teeth "whiteness" suits your liking.

    ·       Soft light

    Click the soft light filter and move the slider to the right or left to produce your desired brightness and contrast.

    ·       Reshape Face

    Choose the face filter and narrow your facial width by swiping the slider to the right.

    ·       Nose

    Tap the nose filter and adjust your nose's contour by moving the slider.

    Why Should You Use a Teleprompter App?

    With 96% of consumers watching videos to learn more about a product or service, 91% of businesses ensure their marketing campaigns include a sufficient amount of this content type, from explainer videos to ads and reviews.

    But netizens have grown to have discriminating tastes, with 36% valuing video production quality as "somewhat important" while 28% consider it "essential." Thus, marketers use techniques and the latest technologies to appear as convincing as possible. After all, 89% of consumers reportedly get swayed to purchase after watching videos.

    Using teleprompter apps like BIGVU can help reduce production hours and expenses while boosting your sales potential. Here's how BIGVU's Teleprompter can benefit you:

    ·       It promotes spontaneity and confidence.

    Ensuring that you know the sequence of your speaking lines can be stressful. Using a teleprompter can make you appear more relaxed as you don't have to worry about forgetting or skipping lines. With fewer things on your mind, you can rehearse ahead for facial expressions and gestures. These preparations allow you to exude more confidence on screen, especially if you’re new to recording business videos.

    ·       It saves time.

    By not relying on memorization, you can record your video with fewer takes and less frustration and finish your shoot more quickly. Recording faster will enable you to start editing earlier and, hence, activate your video marketing campaign sooner.

    ·       It attracts more views.

    Delivering your lines precisely and smoothly—especially for videos explaining complex and technical processes—increases your or the speaker's credibility, which reflects well on your brand. Such qualities can build curiosity and trust, ultimately broadening your viewership.

    ·       It hastens social proof creation.

    BIGVU's mobile app allows you to share recordings straight to your email, favorite social networks, or messaging platforms, reducing the effort required for campaign activation.

    Why Should You Pick BIGVU for Your Teleprompter-Aided Videos?

    BIGVU helps even non-speakers overcome their nerves for video production thanks to the following tools:

    ·       Adjustable Teleprompter Speed and Font Size

    BIGVU's Teleprompter allows you to resize the text window based on your camera screen's size. By positioning this text box near the camera lens and making it as narrow as possible, viewers won't know you're reading the script as your eyes look straight at the screen. You can also adjust your script's font size and scrolling speed.

    If you get tongue-tied or distracted, the start point button lets you choose the part of the script to start scrolling when recording a new take. You can later merge and sequence the best cuts for the final video.

    ·       Automatic Captions and Transcription

    BIGVU generates subtitles and captions, which appear on a storyboard together with a transcription of your video. The editable subtitles will display in sync with your presentation. You can choose from BIGVU's themes and templates to add color and overlays for your text.

    ·       AI Magic Writer for Scriptwriting

    Whether you need to make a sales pitch, update your clients about your new offers, or share tips related to your brand or industry, BIGVU's Magic Writer can generate the content you need—just supply keywords or critical descriptions and other info, and the app's AI will do the rest.

    Take Your Video Studio Anywhere with BIGVU Mobile App

    Teleprompter apps like BIGVU offer the flexibility to produce videos at home, your office, or an outdoor location without setting up complicated equipment. Moreover, its uses are as versatile as your brand's needs, from product and corporate presentations to street interviews and event coverage. So next time you produce your business video, speak with authority while warming up to your audience with a polished look using BIGVU's Teleprompter Effects.


    ·       Can I use BIGVU’s face filters for live streaming?

    Face filters are currently accessible for recording via the mobile app version (iOS and Android). BIGVU is updating its live streaming feature for the web, including the filter function for live streams.

    ·       Are the face filters available on BIGVU’s free version?

    BIGVU's free version allows users to record videos with filters for up to nine minutes. Sign up for a premium subscription to enjoy video recording with enhanced effects for up to 59 minutes.

    ·       What other effects can BIGVU add to my video?

    BIGVU can create split screens, which display captions with a covered overlay on one side and a camera view of your face on the other. The app also gives you access to Pixabay, where you can draw copyright-free graphics to add to your videos. Meanwhile, paid users can customize backgrounds.