Anyone can create videos.  

Learn how to do videos like a pro, without being a pro, from Chen Shahuda, an experienced content creator.

Do a Quick Research

Before you even start thinking about ideas and picking up your smartphone, you really should look at other videos and understand how you can use them as an inspiration for your own video content.  

Every type of video has numerous variations online, and you need to leverage them for your own videos. See how their content is presented, what is the presenter’s body language, how does he talk, what are the vibes ofthe video?

Try and find videos that you think would resonate with your audience. These are the videos you should research and use as a benchmark for future videos.

Video Content Requires Preparation

Before you start working on a new video, try and follow these 4 steps: 

1.     Understand who your audience is (Be as specific as you can).

2.     Which goal are you trying to achieve by doing your video?

3.     Prepare your content, write down your ideas and make a script.

4.     Adjust your content to your target audience.

You don’t need to be a video expert to set up your own video strategy. Following these steps will allow you to make videos which are specifically relevant to your audience.  

You will be able to track if your videos have achieved their goals and know if they were successful or not. It will enable you to adjust and improve overtime which is crucial.

4 Basic Filming Equipment That Will Be Useful

You can make perfectly good videos for your business without using any of this equipment, yet they can be very helpful If you are serious about creating videos for your business. You don’t need any video production training to produce decent looking videos. Here are some tools that can help you do that:


1. Led ring

Led rings are cheap relatively to other lighting equipment that can be costly. Lighting will allow you to adjust the mood of the video and make it more attractive to the human eye. There is a lot to learn about utilization of lightings in videos, but for starters, you can play around with it and see for yourself what works best for your videos.

2. Chroma Key – Green Screen

Green Screen

Chroma key may be the most expensive tool in this list, but if you have a budget for it, you can do videos and change the background dynamically to almost anything you can think of. You can change your background with BIGVU. Contrary to what most people think, it is easier to use. anyone can buy chroma key and use it instantly. 

3. Tripod Mobile Stand

If you are making videos consistently, a tripod stand is amust tool to have. Why hold your smartphone while doing a video when you can use a stand that costs 10-30 dollars? That way your smartphone will be stable,and you will be able to use creative angles for your shots.

4. Video Mic for Smartphone

You would be surprised how affordable microphones can be. They will make your videos sound dramatically better. There are mics for any type of smartphone, and it shouldn’t be a problem to find one for yours.


You Don’t Need to Be a Professional to Act Like One

Videos in the content creation industry are everything. The good news is that you don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t need much training. Repetitive action and practice will do the work. If you are doing videos, do them right.  

Take your video creation process seriously, and your video outcome’s quality will improve accordingly.