Laura Valdes - Burghardt is a psychologist and a yoga therapist

"I work in psychology and also function as a yoga therapist, but I am also a patient myself. I have a diagnosis of OCD, which is an extreme anxiety disorder, which is actually a personality disorder. I like to help others and I really love working with different athletes through the body-mind connection that could help them grow as athletes."

What Type of Videos Do You Create?

"I really do love making videos, and it's something you can do to reach different and all kinds of people. it's super fun. I'm about 50 years old, and, learning video progressed really efficiently for me. Growing up I didn't even have a cell phone so getting into content creation in today's web sphere was quite the challenge, but i was ready for it. It just opens up a whole new world, being able to not only create but help and educate, you know, and you can make an income from doing this! it's amazing".

"I just made a video today for YouTube on detoxing and keeping your immune system strong, how it's your job to do these things for yourself and for others around you. I do 'Mindful Monday' on social media where i post content about mindfulness. i create content on nutrition, movement, healing, fasting, I'm very huge on that.  I want to do content which is helpful and useful, I want to do something with great value, because to me, to be successful, to be truly successful, you really have to give back and there's no getting around that."

What Was Your Experience Doing Videos the Few First Time?

"I was scared and intimidated at first, however BIGVU's  service has made it so much easier. Just having an anxiety disorder, you know, you sometimes forget things when you go on camera or  In my videos where I have certain key points i need to go though, if i don't use a script which is teleprompted in front of me, i won't be able to do my videos. It  allows me even on an. uncomfortable day where i'm not feeling my best, on a rough day that maybe I wouldn't be able to be as productive, It enables me to do videos, nothing can stop me".

How Do You Use BIGVU for Your Business?

"I do not know anything too much about editing and stuff like that so BIGVU really helped me make my videos look a lot more professional as i can add my business card at the end of my videos and add captions to go along the video.  I love it because I feel it gives me confidence and i get over positive feedback from my audience who watches my content. It actually empowered me to learn more doing videos and how to make them the best i can, without acquiring the services of other people who are proficient with video. You take your power back and, and do things yourself. With BIGVU it feels like anyone can do videos, honestly".

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