User Case Study - Nina Manolson

User Case Study - Nina Manolson

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Every week we will be interviewing a BIGVU user, to get a better understanding of how small businesses and self employees use video as a tool to market their business. This week, we talked with Nina Manolson, and this is her story:

Nina Manolson is a Body-Peace Coach, who helps women who  struggle in their relationship with their body and food and don't feel at home in their skin. Nina’s goal is to end what she calls 'the war against your body': 

“We have been raised with an antagonistic relationship with our diet and body. We are told we should manage our body; we should restrict our body; we should make it fit for the cultural idea of beauty. This expectation causes women to feel confused, stressed, and frustrated. My job is to repair that relationship, so women can feel genuinely good in their skin and feel at ease with their eating habits.”


What Type of Content Do You Create with BIGVU?

“My content mostly consists of advice, tips, and ways to start walking on the Body-Peace path, as the diet culture, which is a 72$ billion dollars industry, is telling us something is wrong with our body when in reality it’s just not true. I focus on how to get off the track of the diet-culture and start listening to the greatest teacher of all, which is the wisdom of our bodies. I desperately try to keep my videos under 3 minutes, and I'm working on making them even shorter, and aim towards 1-minute videos, but it’s not easy. I usually shoot my videos from my work desk to try and create an intimate environment to deepen my connection with my viewers.”


What Was It Like to Start Doing Videos? 

“I started doing videos way back. I would get a videographer and try to memorize my scripts and have my notes and pages all over the place, it was a mess. Then I tried to set up ridiculous improvised teleprompters. I tried teleprompter apps before BIGVU but I couldn't find an app that fits my video needs. I was just jerry-rigging the whole thing. I tried to give up scripts and just wing it but it didn’t work as my videos would come out too long without having an organized script."

“Eventually I found BIGVU, and since then I’m using it, to this day. I could finally use my scripts in a comfortable way that suits my needs. Now I can relax, say what I need to say without having to think about it, make my videos concise and deliver my message properly. With the desktop platform, I can write a script on my computer and upload it directly to BIGVU’s web platform and record my video on my computer. this makes the process so efficient. Then I can write a script on my computer, send it over to my smartphone, and record my video using BIGVU on my phone.

"Even with my video production experience, BIGVU helps me out"

"I've always been a little bit of a techie. When I was an undergraduate, a long time ago, I studied film and television at NYU. You either had to be in the film department, or the TV department, but I wanted both. Since then I have frequently stood behind a camera. I know the importance of videos, how crucial it is to put a good amount of effort into producing an actual good video. Even with my video production experience, BIGVU really helps me out. I feel like it was made for people like me, who have ideas they want to share with others in a clear and concise manner.”

What Do You Like About BIGVU?

" I  like working from my desk at my office, so I love having BIGVU right here on my computer. I can just be like, oh, this is an amazing idea for a video. I'll open the BIGVU, I’ll write a script and I can just start recording immediately using my computer’s camera. It feels easy to me. Even if I'm using my phone and suddenly I'll have a great idea for a video, I can just write down my idea on BIGVU's app and have a draft script, which I could also send over to the desktop platform instantly. And of course, the captions, which are generated straight from the script I wrote are so helpful in creating a nicely finished product. I've also figured out I can use an external mic and plug it directly into my phone for better audio, so now I can keep some distance from my camera and my sound will be great, and I can still see my prompter. Doing videos with BIGVU just makes the process of doing videos easy and fun.”

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