Transforming AI Scripts into High-Converting Videos

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Are you using the first few seconds of your video to introduce yourself?

Does the start of your video looks like this: “Good Morning. My name is Dan, and I am a content creator.”

You’re doing it wrong. No one is interested in your name and introduction. People are interested in what you have for them. Start your video with something engaging. 

This webinar is all about transforming your AI scripts into high-converting videos. 

Lisa Remillard is a veteran news and politics journalist with 2.5M followers on Tiktok. She now coaches business owners and entrepreneurs on video creation and marketing. 

She emphasizes storytelling in videos. Are you someone who gets uncomfortable in front of a camera? Are you an entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to write video scripts? Are you someone who struggles with collecting your thoughts on a video?

AI is the answer to your problems. You can write scripts, record and edit your videos with AI. AI may not be able to do everything for you at this point, but it can help you with some of it. 

AI might answer all your problems in the next five years. Think of it as an assistant for now.

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Table of Contents:

    If you’re not giving AI great information, it won’t give you back great output. 

    CTA: You can solve your one problem by using BIGVU to write your scripts. 

    Understand the importance of giving the right information to AI tools because only then can they give you scripts that connect with the audience. 

    A Prompt is the Key to Great Videos

    Everyone will tell you the importance of a prompt, and they all are right. In a prompt for AI, you must tell it who you are. You can tailor made your prompt for every AI tool. Give it your elevator pitch. Elevator pitch tells the audience who you are. You have to be very specific with your elevator pitch. It shouldn’t be long. It should be a line about your business and who you are. It is your punch/hook line.

    How do you give your prompt right? You need to select what type of information you are giving out. The tone of the text. Give clear instructions.

    For example: Write me a catchy hook on personal branding followed by a message about why personal branding is important for your business. Include how businesses leverage personal brands to build trust and credibility for their product/services. Make it persuasive. 

    By doing this, you are taking full advantage of AI tools. You should learn how to use an AI tool to fully benefit from it. There isn’t a cheat code to it. Try, practice, and you will learn. 

    Don’t Fully Rely only on AI

    Don’t rely on AI fully because it doesn’t know you and doesn’t know your targeted audience. It isn’t as creative as humans at this point. It can’t help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. 

    This is why it is important not to simply copy-paste what it gives you. If you copy-paste scripts, the resulting videos won’t be convincing. It doesn’t have a touch of you. It won’t connect with your audiences. Edit it. Add your experiences to it. 

    How to Create Videos that Connect?

    Video is not just about the script. There are three other major components to it. 

    • The technical part of the video - the light, framing, and sound. 
    • The content - list of topics you are going to talk about - your script.
    • The presentation - how do you present yourself on camera.

    Are you engaging your audience in your video? Are you connecting with your audience throughout your video. Every video has a beginning, middle, and end.

    1: The beginning has to be catchy. The hook is the most challenging part of it. You have to be creative with your hook, and that’s where you use your understanding of your audience. It is the point where you engage your audience. It is when you establish a human connection. 

    2: The middle of the video is the meat of the story. This is where you unpack all the good parts.

    3: The end can be a surprise, something the viewer doesn’t know. You can add a call to action here as well. 

    The Duration of Video Matters

    Have you ever watched an insanely long video you accidentally stumbled upon? The answer will be a no in most cases. We don’t watch long-form content unless we are familiar with the creator. Unless they have established an emotional connection with us.

    The duration of the video matters for that very reason. Are you trying to get your audience's attention? Make short videos. Short, easy, and right-on-point videos. Be clear in your messaging. People watch short videos when they are aimlessly scrolling. The first few seconds are all you have. If you successfully engage someone in the first few seconds, they won’t scroll you down. 

    Once you have established the connection, that’s when they will watch long-form content. They will be invested in your content and message. Focus on the first part. Get it right. The second part will come along as a result. 

    How To Edit Your AI Written Scripts

    Do you edit your AI-written video scripts? If the answer is no, then you really need to start editing. You know yourself and your business better than anyone else. You know what your audiences want from you.

    It is important to save time and take help from AI tools but do yourself a favor and edit it. Make it short, concise, and put a pinch of your personality into it. Add a CTA to your business. Always tell your audience what you want them to do. What action do you want them to take.

    If there’s one tip that is going to save you time and effort is to know how to use AI tools to your best advantage. Learn to use AI tools to write, record and edit videos. Add your personality and knowledge to it, and you will have a script that does the work. 

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