5 Best Places to Download Free Trending TikTok Video Templates

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Isn’t it incredible how TikTok, initially famous for its Gen Z dance challenges, has emerged as a hub for a wide range of brands and content creators?

And now, TikTok is not popular just for trending challenges…

It’s an important platform for brands seeking direct engagement with their audience. Almost 90% of TikTok users say that the platform never gets boring to use. So you must create video content that keeps your audience scrolling on the platform. 

But how…?

Imagine you’re a makeup artist, who wants to share incredible makeup transformations with the world or share knowledge about various video filters. Without any video editing or design experience, let’s be honest, it would be a herculean task. 

Or let’s take another scenario where you’re a local bakery owner and want to reach a wide range of customers. You find TikTok to be a great platform to share your knowledge and recipes. But have no idea how to make those irresistible baking videos. 

Luckily for all of you who think creating TikTok videos is not your cup of tea, you might still not have heard of TikTok video templates. These pre-designed templates make it effortless to produce professional-looking, captivating videos. 

No doubt, there are hundreds of places to find cheap and free TikTok templates that can reduce your stress of creating video content. 

But in this article, we’ve gathered the best 5 platforms that allow you to create or download stunning TikTok video templates for creating an enticing video.

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Table of Contents:

    What Are TikTok Video Templates?

    TikTok video templates are pre-designed, customizable video formats or layouts that make the whole video-making process a breeze. They’re often designed by TikTok or third-party apps like Canva or CapCut to help you easily produce entertaining and inspiring videos without starting from scratch. 

    They provide a structured framework and consist of various elements like images, texts, background music, and other media files that you can easily customize later as per your needs.  

    In short, TikTok templates offer you a shortcut to create videos that look like they’re made by a professional. 

    What Makes TikTok Templates Incredibly Popular?

    TikTok templates are trending for several compelling reasons-

    1. Make The Process Hassle-Free- Creating video content on TikTok can feel like a whirlwind of trends and challenges. Templates provide a structured starting point, offering you a clear path to follow to simplify your content creation process. 
    2. Saves Your Time- They save valuable time by eliminating you from starting from scratch. With predefined layouts, you can quickly customize and create video content that engages with your audience promptly. 
    3. Cost-Effective- Usually, creating professionally-looking videos for TikTok requires a complete content creator kit, expensive editing software, and hiring a video expert. But TikTok templates cut down this cost as they come with built-in design elements, where you’ve to simply replace your media files to create an aesthetically pleasing video.

    Top 3 Trending TikTok Templates in 2023

    Habibi CapCut Template

    The “Habibi CapCut Template” brings Middle Eastern vibes to your TikTok videos. It’s fantastic for creating dance and lip-sync videos set to melodious Arabic tunes. 

    Healing Thailand CapCut Template

    The Healing Thailand template is skyrocketing in popularity for its serene and therapeutic vibes. If you want to create content to show your travel memories, and meditation routines, or just to post calming, zen-inspired content, this template will fulfill your needs.

    ICAL CapCut Template

    The ICAL template is a go-to option for creating stylish and informative calendars, schedules, and planning videos. This template has taken off because it makes daily routines, fitness plans, and schedules look super cool and visually appealing. 

    Where to Create and Download Trending TikTok Templates for Free?


    Canva is a go-to designing and video editing platform for numerous content creators and brands. It offers both free and paid TikTok video templates to take your social media game to the next level with engaging and modern video ideas.

    You can use Canva’s filter option to choose from 1000+ TikTok video templates and filter your results based on style, theme, feature, price, or color. 

    Once you’ve selected your template, add your graphics, media, text, and animations to make it uniquely yours. This is where your personal touch transforms a standard template into a creative masterpiece video. 

    Lastly, download the video file in MP4 format and share it across different social media including TikTok.

    Canva TikTok video templates

    Our Opinion

    With more than 150 million monthly users per month from over 190 countries, no doubt that Canva is the most preferred choice among content creators. The best thing about Canva is it offers both free and pro video templates to choose from.

    However, we noticed that the free templates are the most commonly used and can be guessed easily by anyone. It means the free templates can make your videos look good, not outstanding and unique. The Canva Pro plan provides a few breathtaking video templates though and many other premium features. It costs $149.99 per person annually. 


    CapCut is another incredible option to create fun, engaging TikTok videos with the help of templates. The plus side of using CapCut is it’s owned by the same company that owns TikTok. So you can find tons of TikTok video templates that are trending for every business type.

    Not only CapCut is known for its TikTok video editing capabilities but it also offers famous TikTok creators templates that you can use for your video content. 

    To create a video from CapCut templates, visit the ‘templates’ section on CapCut and select the one that meets your requirements. Open the template and replace all the branding materials like texts, images, graphics, and videos with your brand’s details. 

    Once done, click on ‘export’ to download your video. 

    Watch this video to learn how to use CapCut templates to make your TikTok videos visually appealing.

    CapCut video templates

    Our Opinion

    CapCut clearly has the advantage of bringing out some of the superfine templates for TikTok creators since the same parent company of TikTok owns it. It’s a gem when it comes to dancing, lip-syncing, makeup tutorials, cooking, or similar video types.

    Plus, it's free – a sweet bonus.

    Now, here’s a word of advice: CapCut shines in short, quirky videos that bring fun and entertainment. But as a brand, if you want to create short informative or how-to videos on TikTok, we think, it’s impossible to create on CapCut. Although you can record a video and then import it on CapCut, it will be a lengthy process. Plus, you’ll not find any template for these video types.

    In our experience, CapCut templates are fantastic for quick and entertaining edits, but if you're looking for that professional touch with various editing styles and captions, you might want to explore other options.


    Vimeo is an all-in-one video hosting, creating, and live-streaming platform that offers built-in TikTok video templates to create stunning videos with its video maker tool. It provides hundreds of options to choose your template or create or own. 

    We were already surprised by its search functionality feature. Sometimes, when you search for a template on Vimeo, it gives a close-matching result with your search term.

    For example, when we searched for ‘real estate promotion’, we got the following results. 

    Vimeo TikTok templates

    It makes it easier for you as a content creator or brand to avoid searching from hundreds of other templates and saves you time. 

    Our Opinion

    Vimeo offers numerous features such as adding titles or descriptions to your templates, adding captions to your videos, providing video analytics, tracking engagement, and video privacy options. 

    No doubt, a few features like closed captions, and tracking engagement come in their high-tier plans, but they’re still worth it. The free version of Vimeo offers a 500MB weekly limit with 5GB of total storage. Their high-tier plans start at just $7 a month, going up to $75 a month when billed annually.

    We think though Vimeo does not have a huge collection of TikTok templates like that of CapCut or Canva, the functionalities it offers, take it to the next level. The free version is an excellent starting point for newbie content creators looking to dip their toes into Vimeo to test out its features.


    Kapwing is another online video editing platform offering free, customizable TikTok video templates. What’s unique about them is they provide templates common for making memes and entertaining videos. 

    This means if you’re a content creator who makes videos for the sole purpose of making your audience laugh, entertain, or share memes, you’ll find a few good templates on Kapwing. But for brands and creators who make informative or educational TikTok videos, we think Kapwing templates might not do justice for your videos. 

    To edit a Kapwing TikTok template, simply browse through the available template options and select the one you like. Then click on ‘edit the template’ and once done, export your file. 

    Kapwing TikTok video templates

    Our Opinion

    In our opinion, Kapwing templates are filled with trending TikTok challenges, audio tracks, and memes, making it a great option to stay on top of TikTok trends. But as we said earlier, if you're building your brand and crafting informative or educational TikTok content, Kapwing templates might not be your best friend.

    However, where Kapwing stands out is it allows you to repurpose your content easily on other platforms. But a major drawback is in the free version you can export your video in a maximum of 720p. For 1080p or 4K, you’ve to upgrade your plan which costs $16/month, billed annually, which is slightly on the higher side. 


    While all the above options do come with a few handy built-in TikTok video templates, BIGVU gives this superpower in your hand to create one. Not to forget BIGVU lets you script, shoot, style, edit and share videos faster than ever. 

    But first, let’s see how to create a professional-looking video with BIGVU that can wow your audience and bring more engagement.

    1. Record your video using the BIGVU teleprompter or upload an already recorded video to BIGVU. 
    2. Add automatic captions to your videos and style them to match your branding colors. These captions give your video that extra flair and engage your audience effectively.
    3. After adding captions, BIGVU breaks your video into different scenes or cards. Each scene/card represents a segment of your video that you can edit individually. BIGVU provides multiple caption styles for your templates, including-
    4. Captions- Displays only subtitles in the basic format.
    5. Split- Divide your screen into two parts, showing your video on the left and captions on the right.
    6. Quote- Makes the video smaller in a round shape and shows the caption as the main focus.
    7. Highlight- Makes your captions pop with style.
    8. Intro- Shows your video’s title at the top right-hand side along with captions.
    9. Lower 3rd- Displays your video’s title along with your name at the bottom.
    10. Next, adjust the aspect ratio of your video which for this case is 9:16 for TikTok. However, BIGVU allows you to adjust the aspect ratio for all social media platforms whether Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.
    BIGVU Video Templates

    You can add an intro and outro at the beginning and end of each video that reflects your brand. Also, not to forget the icing on the cake, BIGVU allows you to choose from 15+ stunning video themes to style your captions uniquely. Each video theme serves a different purpose and you can select the one that best fits your brand.

    To boost recognition and awareness of your business, you can seamlessly add your brand logo to your video. 

    Our Opinion

    Till now, you must have understood, that to grow as a brand on TikTok, you’ve to share something valuable that your audience can consume and engage. Yes, sometimes sharing funny memes relatable to your brand or entertaining videos on TikTok works well. For these cases, TikTok predefined templates are good.

    But remember those videos may give you thousands of likes and views but will they bring viewers close to your brand? I guess not…

    BIGVU not only allows you to create your video templates but also lets you style, edit, and add your branding materials like logos, fonts, or graphics to your videos. I guess no other application in our list other than BIGVU lets you do that. 

    Adding more to it, BIGVU can help you write your video scripts in seconds in your preferred tone and voice. You don’t have to worry about what to say. With the help of AI Magic Writer, generate ideas and scripts within seconds and record them using the BIGVU teleprompter to sound professional. 

    For the power that BIGVU brings to your TikTok game, the AI plan is a steal at $159 a year, roughly $13 a month.

    What’s Your Pick?

    Now the choice is yours…

    Of all the above applications for creating and downloading TikTok video templates, we’ve seen where each application stands.

    The thing is…

    To be on top in this TikTok game, you’ve to be consistent and share value with your audience. Nothing can beat that. 

    Pick your favorite app and start creating visually appealing TikTok videos. The stage is set – the spotlight is on you. It's time to shine.

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