How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

YouTube is a phenomenal platform to launch your business and reach out to your audience. It’s relatively easy to set up, and with the right approach, you can easily  succeed. But it takes a lot of work to be successful on YouTube. 

As a marketer, you probably know the power of YouTube. You may also be aware of its limitations and the tough work it takes to use this channel as a marketing tool. 

There is a lot of information on the internet that is worth your time, especially if you run a business. As a small business owner, you must be aware of the tips and tricks to use YouTube to create an exceptional presence. 

If you haven’t used YouTube to promote your brand yet, you better get started. In this blog post, we give you the important tips to help you make the most out of YouTube.

Begin by creating a YouTube Channel 

Create a YouTube channel for your business right now if you haven't already. You may not have considered using YouTube to promote your small business before. However, you are underestimating the number of people you can reach using YouTube. 

Rather than reading, individuals now choose to watch videos. YouTube marketing is unquestionably an excellent way to promote and present your product.

To use YouTube to market your business, follow these steps:

  • Create your brand channel first.
  • Determine who you want to reach.
  • Conduct a thorough competitor analysis.
  • Learn from similar business channels

What type of content should you go for? 

The type of content you'll post on YouTube is entirely dependent on the type of product or service you'll be selling. Before you start your YouTube marketing, you must first determine what kind of information you will give to your audience that is both entertaining and relevant.  

The following are some examples of effective YouTube marketing content: 


Simply put, a listicle is a video with a list of points covering a specific subject.
This is the most widely used form of content that is both educational and entertaining. Consider creating a listicles style of content if you're new to YouTube marketing. To keep the audience engaged until the end, the tone should be usually instructive but entertaining.

Here’s a great example of a listicle by BIGVU:

How-to Instructional Videos 

This video/marketing tone is similar to that of instructive guides. It's more of a problem-solving handbook for those looking for a specific solution. Many cosmetic businesses, tech videos, and educational content, for example, are based on how-to guides.

Here is a good example:


Product videos 

These videos are meant to provide the audience with a close or personal experience with an intangible product. It aids the audience in gaining a better understanding of the products by providing accurate specifications. Aside from that, they are capable of guiding purchasing decisions.

Another great example by BIGVU in guiding the audience to use the interactive video playe:

Behind the scene 

Behind the scenes, often known as BTS, allows you to show your consumer the ongoing process and activities that go into completing a product.

How can you make your business grow through YouTube? 

When it comes to marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let's have a look at each of the most useful features one at a time:

Connect with your customer 

Consumers want to buy from businesses they know and trust. Customers frequently avoid trying or purchasing things that they have never heard of or seen before. YouTube is a fantastic tool for making your viewers feel as if they know you.

In a brief video, inform the viewers about your products. Inform them of your objectives and how you plan to provide your products or services to customers. It will not only bring awareness of your offerings among the audience, but it will also help to build trust.

Because every business relies on its customers at the end, let your target audience get the solution they are looking for.

Customize your thumbnails 

The most basic yet successful strategy for advertising your work that you may not have not have realized, keeping the title and thumbnail interesting to grab the viewer's attention.  

YouTube automatically creates a thumbnail, but it isn't always as nice as it should be. You must create a custom thumbnail for your video that reflects the title and purpose of the video. Also, include video captions regarding the video's brief introduction so that viewers are more interested in what's coming next.

 Try YouTube Advertising 

If you’re an owner of an SMB, that is in its initial stage and it is not growing fast then you must consider trying YouTube ads, as they can be added with the skippable or unskippable options and it runs in the start out between the videos.

YouTube ads require a successful ads strategy, and you need to specify your budget first. Some guidelines for YouTube ads are as follows:

  • Understand your audience 
  • Optimize your YouTube channel’s branding 
  • Upload short videos for a maximum of 10 seconds for every customer who visits your channel to get to know about your brand 
  • Add captions and relevant keywords 
  • Add video subtitles to cater larger audience 

YouTube Timestamps 

This tool has made watching video content easier and more enjoyable. It divides your video content into chapters, allowing viewers to quickly jump to the part they're most interested in.

Try using Live Streaming 

Obviously, you can’t post one video per day and expect people to watch it with the same level of interest. To bring a little change in your content try using live streaming. It is also a way of connecting to the audience to a deeper level, when they can actually see you live and talk to you regarding your products or business. 
BIGVU is now the first teleprompter to stream live to YouTube

Collaborate with Experts

To expand your channel and increase awareness of your business, consider collaborating with other brands. People will subscribe to your channel as a result of the collaboration because it helps you reach a new audience. It not only helps to gain subscribers but also contributes to the authenticity of your online presence. 

Collaboration with a micro-blogger/expert is a great way to get your small business off to a good start. It will help in increasing the number of viewers. 

Below is an example of how Tom Holland also known as ‘The Spiderman’’ collaborated with LADbible, a famous YouTube channel. Their collaboration resulted in a snack wars challenge.

Respond to comments 

Finally, and most importantly, you must respond to comments coming on your video. It will assist you in establishing a channel community. Customers who receive responses from the brand/channel feel valued. Commenting on your video can help it gain popularity.