How these 6 AI video tools will save you a ton of time in 2023

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

AI tools are shaping the future of video marketing NOW

If content is king, then video marketing is the crown prince. 81% of marketers say that video has directly helped them increase sales. In order to build brand awareness, educate your customers, and create emotional engagement, you need to create video content consistently and often. However, creating videos can be time-consuming, leading many business owners to let their video marketing fall by the wayside.

But what if you could create videos quickly and easily? With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) video tools, you no longer need to be an expert at video scripting and editing to create high-quality marketing videos. This blog post will explore how you can create engaging videos in minutes using cutting-edge AI video tools on the market.

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How these 6 AI video tools will save you a ton of time in 2023
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    What is generative AI and why should you care?

    Generative AI is a type of machine learning in which a program can use previous patterns and data to create new original content. When it comes to creating videos, this means that the program does the heavy lifting for you- script writing, presenter robotics, closed captions, and more! Using AI tools you can create personalized, efficient, and cost-effective videos. Beyond the obvious benefit of moving your marketing efforts to hyperdrive, using AI will free up the time you need to develop other critical aspects of your business. So let’s get started!

    6 AI content generator tools that will change the face of your video creation

    BIGVU: All-in-one AI script generator, teleprompter, and editor

    BIGVU, the leading teleprompter app, just rolled out its AI speech-to-text technology. Think of Alexa combined with a camera, teleprompter, and video editor. Available on web or IOS devices, the technology allows you to create a script for a sales pitch, news item, or video sales letter in record time- and without writing down a word. 

    Using voice command, tell BIGVU what your business is. Then choose the type of video you are going to create, and the app will write the script using BIGVU’s proprietary technology. Once you have approved the final script, it will upload seamlessly to the app’s teleprompter. 

    You then can start recording your selfie video while the script scrolls across your screen, allowing you to give the perfect pitch without missing a beat. You can even add the video to a personalized landing page and share it to your social media channels from within the app. 

    BIGVU is a one-stop shop for any small business that understands the power of crushing video marketing. 

    Pricing: Ranges from the FREE package to the $299 AI Pro team AI script outline for video and viral captions for TikTok

    Unsure how to create a great hook to start your video? Could you use help brainstorming some topics? has you covered. An AI content generator, has templates to help you overcome writer's block, such as creating script outlines for videos or viral captions for TikTok. works its magic after the user inputs the description, tone, relevant keywords, and input/output languages of the video. It can generate several different output options and offers content in 25+ languages.

    Pricing: $40 per month for the starter package (35,000 words/mo), $80 for Boss Mode (100,000 words/mo)

    ChatGPT by OpenAI: AI-generated scripts for your video content

    ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with a simple chat dialogue interface. A great way to utilize this tool is by asking ChatGPT for help with video topics and video scripts relevant to your brand.

    Here’s a bonus from us - follow these simple steps to create top-notch video scripts in minutes:

    1. Copy the transcript from a viral YouTube video in the topic you want to speak about. 
    2. Paste the transcript in ChatGPT and ask it to create video titles based on that script. 
    3. Next, ask it to create an engaging short script for the video titles that are most relevant to your audience and brand.

    Boom! You are now the proud owner of original and engaging video scripts 

    Pricing: Free AI Avatars and AI Voices 

    If you need a professional voice or presenter for a video, could be the solution. With 70+ diverse avatars available in 60 languages, the simple interface is intuitive and versatile. Keep in mind that the results still feel slightly robotic, so we recommend using this option for internal training or product marketing videos. Want to have some fun and create a talking head like no other? Turn yourself or a team member into an avatar for your next company training.

    Pricing: $30 for the personal plan, contact them for a custom quote for the corporate plan.

    Lumen5: Use AI to turn your written content into a sleek slideshow video

    Repurposing content is an easy way to fill up your content calendar. Lumen5 creates visually appealing slideshow videos based on written content. 

    Let’s say you have an insightful and well-researched information blog, why not let it work overtime? Lumen5 will pull out the key outline of your blog post, summarize each chapter and use AI to choose the matching stock photos for each scene. Your result will be a sleek and professional slideshow video based off your blog’s content.

    Pricing: Ranges from $0 for the community plan to $199 for the professional plan. Powerful AI-driven Text-to-Video Converter

    Invideo a game-changer for content creators, offering a suite of powerful AI-driven tools to convert text into captivating videos. With their Text-to-Video converter, generating videos for social media ads, promos, or YouTube channels is as simple as hitting play. But it doesn't stop there; InVideo's AI-powered voiceovers take storytelling to a new level, infusing realism and emotion into every narration.

    For bloggers looking to venture into video content, InVideo acts as the 'Swiss watch' of content creation tools. It meticulously transforms written prose into compelling videos, frame by frame, ensuring unwavering quality throughout. The AI-powered algorithm not only understands the content but also the context, identifying key points and presenting them visually.

    If you're worried about repetitive videos, fear not! InVideo's storyteller templates offer a diverse range of options for converting scripts into beautiful videos. Widely used by YouTubers, brand marketers, and business owners, these templates ensure every video stands out, eliminating the need for compromise. With InVideo, innovation meets the art of storytelling, and technology seamlessly speaks human, elevating your content to new heights.

    Get started with AIvideo creation today

    The days when creating high-quality marketing videos were difficult and expensive are nearing an end. Thanks to OpenAI GPT technology, small business owners can create professional-looking videos in less time than ever. A new year means an opportunity for new beginnings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create impactful marketing that wows your buyers and scares the competition. Head over to one of these tools and get cracking on your next video!