How Chat GPT 3 Will Make You Skyrocket Your Video Marketing Journey

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
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    It should come as no surprise that video marketing is a must in today’s digital age! 

    And the stats back it up too! 

    According to Cisco, almost 80% of internet traffic was driven by videos last year, up from just 67% in 2016. Even more impressive, 90% of consumers said videos significantly influence their decision-making.

    However, producing high-quality and engaging video material isn’t simple: it takes time, effort & resources to dream up ideas for your next masterpiece - not to mention creating the perfect script before filming anything!

    But today, one exciting application of AI that’s starting to make an impact in the video marketing industry is chat GPT 3, or generative AI. 

    This latest development in machine learning technology opens up a world of possibilities for present-day video marketers. 

    In this blog post, you'll learn how chat GPT 3 is revolutionizing today's video marketing and how it can propel your journey toward success!

    Read on!

    What is Video Marketing?

    Before we look at how you can use chat GPT 3 for your videos, let's understand video marketing.

    Video marketing is an incredible way to connect with potential customers and create a connection that goes beyond the written word.

    More important, 81% of marketers say videos have increased sales for their brand.

    Wyzowl report of video marketing

    Different Types of Video Marketing?

    There are several types of video marketing that you can use to promote your brand:

    1. Product demos: These videos showcase a product in action, highlighting its features and benefits. For example, a company making kitchen appliances should create a video demonstrating how easy it's to use their new blender.
    2. Explainer videos are shot to educate viewers about a specific topic or concept. For example, a financial institution creates an explainer video that breaks down the mortgage application process.
    3. Testimonials: Such videos feature customers sharing their experiences with a product or service. A cosmetics brand, for example, shows a video in which a customer raves about how the products have changed her skin.
    4. Live videos: These videos are streamed in real-time and allow real-time interaction with viewers. For example, a fashion brand might host a live video showcasing its latest collection and answer viewers’ questions in real time.
    5. Brand videos: These videos focus on the organization’s brand and values to connect emotionally with the audience. For example, a nonprofit might create a video that tells the story of the people it has helped and how viewers can get involved.

    So now that we’ve understood various types of video marketing; it’s time to leverage the power of chat GPT 3 to create wonder-striking videos.

    Step By Step Guide to Produce Better Videos Using chat GPT 3 That Captivates Your Audience

    Envision Your Goals and Strategies

    Videos are essential for you as a brand looking to gain visibility in today's digital landscape. That's why you need to make sure you're crystal clear about your goals before embarking on your journey in this space.

    For example, are you creating videos to get more leads, bolstering your personal brand, or engaging with current customers?  

    As a video marketer, it's still your job to conceptualize the ideas and strategies- this can't be done by AI. You know your brand values, unique selling proposition, and target audience better than AI does.

    So remember that chatbots like GPT 3 are just tools that deliver results based on the input they receive- the finer the input, the smoother the result.

    Brainstorm And Planning Your Ideas Further with chat GPT 3

    Now that you have a general idea of what points and ideas you want to include in your video, it's time to use the power of the GPT 3 chat to flesh them out.

    GPT 3 can help you further elaborate on your ideas and suggest new ones you may not have thought of that could capture the attention of your target audience.

    For example, a real estate agent wants to target people looking for a new house. What kind of videos should he make to get more views on his profile and get more people to buy a house from him?

    This is where GPT 3 comes into play. It can help the realtor by suggesting videos that will help him best reach his target audience.

    We entered the same prompt in chat GPT 3. Look at the image below to go through how mind-blowingly it came up with a few suggestions.

    Brainstorming YouTube Ideas with Chat GPT 3

    Moving further…

    Let's say he has decided to create a virtual video guide that walks through a local neighborhood. What topics should he cover? Chat GPT 3 can help him gather even more ideas.

    Check out a few eye-opening ideas even we weren't aware of when we entered the same question in chat GPT 3.

    Brainstorming further ideas to make a video on local neighborhood tours

    Create a Perfect-Engaging Video Script with Generative AI

    GPT 3 is exceptional when it comes to writing an engaging video script- but it shouldn’t be your only tool. 

    Use this state-of-the-art tool as your co-pilot to create a near-perfect script, then add your personal touch to ensure your audience connects emotionally with the content. 

    As a video marketer, you’re still responsible for ensuring the script is engaging and appealing- only 8 seconds to capture attention. 

    Have a glance at the script that is AI-generated.

    AI generated video script for a realtor

    Generate To-The-Point But Engaging Titles for Your Video

    Remember, your video headline should be as gripping as possible because it's the first thing your audience sees before getting glued to your content.

    You can also use this fantastic AI tool to generate the best headlines for your topic that quickly grabs attention.

    AI generated titles for video marketing

    End Your Script with A Powerful Call-To-Action

    The chat GPT 3 can also help you write a spellbinding call-to-action to end your video script on a strong note. A direct and engaging CTA will let your viewers know what you want them to do after watching your video.

    Check out a few compelling CTAs created by this tool.

    Call to action generated by chat gpt 3

    Filming and Promoting Your Video Content

    Now that you've completed the ideation, planning, and scripting stages, it's time to shoot, design, and promote your videos.

    Shooting Your Script

    Nothing adds a spark of humanity to your video content, like connecting with viewers face-to-face.

    By putting your face to the video and recording yourself to convey your message, you can showcase your unique brand and style, make a real connection with your audience, and stand out from the crowd.

    To ensure direct eye contact between you and your audience, try using the BIGVU teleprompter- it allows you to look into the camera effortlessly while delivering dynamic dialogue without having everything memorized beforehand.

    TIP- Prefer to shoot in daylight or professional video lighting and speak confidently.

    Styling Your Video Content

    After you’ve recorded your script, it’s time to turn the raw footage into a visual masterpiece. 

    AI-enhanced video tools and soothing background music will give your creation a professional touch, while logos and stunning images will add the finishing touches.

    Style your video effortlessly and professionally with BIGVU.

    Posting and Promoting Your Final Video

    Now that you've finished your video and put the finishing touches on it, what's next? 

    Maximize the reach of your video by publishing it on various media channels.

    With generative AI technology, you can even turn your script into an accompanying blog post, ensuring that every new viewer has access to all aspects of your content.

    Have a look below at what we found when we tried to turn our script into a sample blog post.

    AI generated short blog post

    The Bottom Line

    For companies like you looking to take their brand presence and video marketing efforts to the next level, chat GPT 3 represents a revolutionary opportunity.

    By harnessing its potential now, you can ensure that your video marketing strategies soar higher than ever!

    Whether you're new to video marketing or looking to improve your existing video marketing strategy, chat GPT 3 can help you take your videos to the next level - provided you do it right.

    Did you know, with BIGVU's impeccable AI voice-to-script feature, you can create your script for your business in seconds?

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