Do you have ideas ready to record in your head but not the time to write a script? Are you struggling to write content for LinkedIn? Are you good with speaking but not writing? If you relate to one or all of the above, we have a magic tool that is going to solve your content creation problems. 

BIGVU AI magic writer is the answer to all your problems. AI is the hot topic in town these days but as a content creator you shouldn’t fear AI but rather take advantage of it. 

As Phil Pallen said in the webinar: “AI is impacting how we do marketing, it’s not replacing how we do marketing”. This one statement is enough of an answer to put your fears of AI replacing humans to rest. AI can assist humans to create content but it can’t replace the human touch. We should learn to use these tools to our benefit and create more content in less time. 

AI Magic Writer:

You might wonder how this tool is any different from countless other AI powered tools? BIGVU’s AI magic writer has nailed one thing that many others don't, the application has been intentionally kept human. The team making the application really understood the assignment that we all aren’t perfect and we fumble infront of the camera. It allows you to take retakes and edit content in minutes.

“The joy of this application is how it’s been kept human” - Phil Pallen

The application has four essential tools:

  1. Pitch my business or personal profile
  2. Video sales letter
  3. Script with tips
  4. News to share

The webinar has detailed demos around these four tools and how it is helpful for you in your instagram and other social media platforms content creation.

The Perfect Video Script in Under 5 Seconds:

Are you shying away from recording a video because you can't even write to save your life? Our speech to text script writer will do the job for you.

A friend struggles with writing content even when he’s great at his job and explaining ideas. This puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to starting his own LinkedIn personal brand. AI magic writer solves this problem as he can easily create content with our AI magic writer. 

The process is very simple. You tap the option to speak and record whatever is in your mind, the application will then translate it into text that you can use to record a video in the next tab or simply create a post for your socials.

Just describe your topic and a script will be ready for you to record or post. It can’t get better than this. 

Another cool feature is the option to edit and store your scripts on the desktop. You can write, edit and store your scripts and documents on the desktop. It gives you more space to think and write.

Video Content Creators was Never this Easy:

BIGVU AI Magic writer is just not a writer but it supports video content creation from the start to the very end. Once you’re done with your script and ready to move to the next step of recording; you have your script displayed on the recording screen and you can record the video. 

You have the option of retakes and choose the one that feels right to you. No one will get the script right in the first take which is why the option of multiple takes is really helpful for content creators.

After you’re done with recording the video, you can edit it as per your liking and the video is ready to be uploaded. You can do batch content creation using the AI magic writer. Content creators don’t have to switch between applications to create, record and edit videos. It will save tons of time and saving time is everything for a content creator. 

Is AI Here to Replace You?

Can you share your thoughts on the importance of AI-generated content for businesses and brands today?

Phil Pallen: I have given two demos here; one using the mobile where we drafted a script from scratch and the other using the desktop version where I pulled an already written script of mine and edited it. I am not replying on AI to generate my ideas but I am using AI to help me create content using my ideas. 

We are using AI to compliment/amend our ideas and I think it’s very important to understand that we still need the idea from you, your opinion, your perspective and thought leadership on your area of expertise. AI when used most effectively in the context of social media and branding; ideally you’re still creating concepts and ideas that AI is helping you write quickly to save time and improve efficiency. I think that’s a very important distinction, AI is not going to replace you. 

The ideas are going to come from you and the fact that this enables you to click a button, speak out and idea as you do with a friend is really powerful because the ideas are still coming from you. 

The Future of Content Creation with AI:

There will be iterations of tools that we see today and the emphasis on using those tools but what concerns us as content strategies and creators is what helps us now in improving efficiency and saving time.

Content creators have lots on their plates and they want something that works quickly without them having to spend hours figuring and learning how the application works.

Creators will be more interested in tools that brands have spent time to get right to make our lives easier such as BIGVU’s magic writer. You don’t have to learn how to use it but can simply open the app and start creating content. 

The future will require us to choose which applications and tools we want to use for our work.

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