Want to save time and access all your social media intelligence at a glance? Compare the performance of individual social media channels in one place? Build on valuable intelligence and analytics to significantly impact the growth of your company?
We made something new. The social analytics dashboard from BIGVU.


The first, frictionless, easy to use, social analytics dashboard. One click. Smooth. Instant. Easy. Access on your phone or laptop. Anywhere. Anytime. No need to log into each social media account. No need to click between accounts to compare performance. No need for additional subscriptions and expensive platforms. Just one simple BIGVU account. Easy.


BIGVU's social analytics dashboard provides you with easy and quick intelligence to actively grow your business with enhanced clarity. Data that can be used in key decision making, to drive your business forward, allowing you to excel and grow. Track your success through reach and engagement figures. Gain insight into what works and what doesn’t work, how each post and platform performs, building momentum for your business. Let’s show you around.. Here are your tools.

How to post your video and track your success using BIGVU’s analytics dashboard

Log into your BIGVU account. Select projects from the left hand menu bar, select your video of your choice, click on the three dots in the top right corner, select post to social channels.

Click on manage accounts, select your destination social media channels, write your post, customize the description text for each channel, edit your thumbnail and publish.

BIGVU allows you to post to all social media with one click - facebook, youtube, whatsapp, instagram, tiktok, twitter, linkedin, stream live on social media. Crop and add captions to optimize for each channel in the required format.

Identify which posts gain traction, the style and content that generates engagement. Track your success through reach and engagement figures, learn, build and access intelligence for your next video. Watch your followers grow globally and see the evolution of followers per platform.

BIGVU has the ability to manage up to 20 social media accounts. Allowing you to explore, investigate, learn and grow.

Don’t just take our word for it, users are already experiencing the results.

Rivka Payman

“I published my edited videos on facebook, youtube, whatsapp, instagram, tiktok, twitter and linkedin and saw immediate results with my reach and engagement figures.

The insight BIGVU’s social analytics dashboard provided was invaluable. BIGVU showed me what worked and what didn’t work, providing direction for future projects. Having all this information in one place has been such a time saver, minimizing my input and maximizing my clarity, freeing my mind and time to focus on other elements of my business.”

David Spencer

“To be able to film, edit, post and analyze performance all in one place is priceless.”

Mary Alport

“BIGVU is genius. Putting all the elements of a film studio together in one place, providing intelligence through analytics. Genius.”

John Smith

“BIGVU's social analytics dashboard is so easy to use, the data and insights have been big drivers in my business, allowing me to customize to my clients’ needs. The intelligence has been fascinating and provides acute clarity in what works and doesn’t. The dashboard is my daily check in.”

Try BIGVU's social analytics dashboard, we want to hear how it works for you.