5 Well-Tried Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Generate Quality Listings

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Are you a real estate agent looking for new ways to generate more listings? If so, leveraging video marketing for real estate can be a great way to advance your business.

You may be wondering, why?

First and foremost, the key to success as a realtor is to have a strong digital presence - especially on social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, where potential buyers and sellers are active. With real estate video content, you can showcase your industry knowledge, build your personal branding through social media, and generate new listings.

Plus, sharing real home videos via email or messages is the perfect way to build relationships with prospects and close deals faster.

Likewise, you can also add real estate videos on your website. 

The National Association of Realtors in the USA conducted a survey that revealed amazing results- videos embedded on your website can result in a whopping 157% more organic search results, and listings with videos get 403% more inquiries! 

That’s truly incredible!

But, not all videos will achieve the same results. So what kind of video should you, as a realtor, create to uplift your real estate video marketing game?

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5 Well-Tried Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Generate Quality Listings

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    What Are The Latest Trends for Real Estate Video Marketing?

    To make your job effortless, BIGVU has compiled key data from leading realtors to offer insights into trending real estate video ideas to help you generate more listings.

    Since BIGVU is the leading video creation app empowering 90,000 real estate agents in their video marketing journey, we know what the popular real estate video ideas are.

    Have a look at the graph below-

    Latest Trends for Real Estate Video Marketing

    Now, let’s discuss some of these topics one by one.

    Real Estate Marketing Video Topic #1 : Tips for Buyers and Sellers

    Tips for sellers and buyers are always a hot topic for realtors, covering advice for them - from selecting the right location to haggling over price.

    However, topics such as mortgages, loans, taxes, and insurance don’t belong in this broad category but deserve their own spotlight.

    In essence, this topic is all about educating your viewers! Some frequent subjects under this category are- 

    • When is the best time to sell or buy any property?
    • Effect of interest rates on the market
    • How to get the best sales agreement, and what to pay attention to?
    • Buying your first home - how to prepare?
    • The current status of the local market

    Real Estate Marketing Video Topic #2 :  Mortgages And Loans 

    This video topic is about simplifying the process for those looking to buy or refinance a home by covering subjects such as down payments, quick loan closings, comparing types of loans, etc.

    They cover the basics and highlight many complexities related to mortgages and loans.

    A few subjects that are frequently discussed are-

    • What is buydown?
    • What is the trigger rate?
    • How to approach taking a mortgage?
    • Credit scores
    • Buying a house - how to plan in advance
    • Locking your mortgage (rate lock)

    Real Estate Marketing Video Topic #3  :  Real Estate Agent Profile Videos

    About 9% of the scripts are about how you represent yourself as a realtor, i.e., they focus on your strengths and identity. 

    Most of these videos are similar in structure- your name, followed by the real estate group you work for, how long you've been an agent, what makes you unique, what drives you, and finally, a clear call to action.

    These scripts aren't very long and usually last between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

    When making a video to present yourself, keep in mind that your viewers want to know who you're and what you can do for them. Your script should be clear and concise and include a call to action so that your viewers know what to do next.

    Real Estate Marketing Video Topic #4 : Homebuying And Home Ownership

    It’s another basic tips-type video for buyers and sellers that dwells on the next steps after buying the house. 

    Videos made by realtors on homebuying and home ownership often focus on topics such as budgeting, maintaining and improving a home, staying financially responsible as an owner, taxes, insurance, and even legal matters. 

    Such topics can help first-time buyers understand what to expect as homeowners. Even experienced owners can use the suggestions offered to sweeten their ownership experience.

    A few topics revolving around such videos include- 

    • Homestead exemption 
    • Different homeownership taxes and tax benefits of owning a home
    • Buying from New Construction
    • USDA loan
    • Tips for home maintenance

    Real Estate Marketing Video Topic #5 : House Areas And Amenities

    This topic constitutes only 6% of all the video scripts and basically covers two points- 

    • Tips when attending an open house
    • Realtors describing a listing

    The focus of these videos is to provide an interactive experience by highlighting specific details of the homes shown. These may include room sizes, nearby attractions, parking, or nearby activities.

    The thing is…

    By showing potential buyers exactly what they can expect before ever stepping inside the house, agents can create a better-informed decision and lock in a sale.

    Popular Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Videos

    When anyone joins BIGVU, we ask them about what social media channels they use. 

    Various Social Media Platforms on BIGVU

    Gathering insights from there, we’ve recently noticed some shifts in social media trends among real estate agents. 

    More and more realtors prefer using Instagram Stories, with 74% of them taking advantage of it. On the other hand, TikTok is also rapidly increasing in popularity, and now almost 50% of real estate users count it as one of their top choices.

    Check out the stats below showing the usage of various social media platforms over time.

    Popular Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Videos

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    How can we say that? Well, the number speaks for itself!

    With over 7 million registered users and 90,000 real estate agents alone taking advantage of our platform, it’s clear that BIGVU is setting the industry standard for creating effective marketing videos. 

    From AI-powered video editing to selecting any location with the green screen app to tracking your video with a comprehensive video analytics dashboard, BIGVU lets you get your real estate video marketing off to a smooth start.

    In the last three months alone, we’ve seen 22,000 scripts written by real estate agents utilizing BIGVU, showing how vital our platform is to the success of their business.

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    Summing It Up

    At BIGVU, we've looked at the data and figured out the most important topics you should prioritize when creating your video strategy for real estate marketing. 

    In addition, we’ve provided some tips to ensure you produce a quality video that will resonate with your viewers. 

    So now, by combining creative video content with deep market research, you can smoothly level up your position as a renowned realtor. 

    Start building impactful real estate videos with BIGVU now.