Humanize AI Scripts to Sound Like Your Brand Voice

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Your brand voice is the connection between you and your customers… 

It’s how they learn about your values and the type of company you represent.

Let’s say you’re watching a video where the voice feels like a friend chatting with you, guiding you through a story. 

Or maybe the speakers are more technical and authoritative, making you feel that they are trusted experts.

The vocabulary and tone of the words make you remember and connect on an emotional level to the brand. 

Today, video marketing is highly popular, with 69% of people preferring to watch videos to learn about products or services. As a brand, you need to be creating videos that engage with potential customers.

Creating massive of amounts of video can be time-consuming and keep you from other important aspects of your business.

That’s why in the brave new world of AI, many brands prefer using AI script generators for their video scripts as it saves them infinite amounts of time.

So, how can you take advantage of the AI Revolution but still maintain an authentic brand voice? Read on!

In this blog, we will explore why having a consistent brand voice in your videos is important and how to make AI-generated text sound more human, based on your company’s tone.

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Humanize AI Scripts to Sound Like Your Brand Voice


    What is A Brand Voice?

    Your brand voice is how your brand speaks and expresses itself towards your customers.

    Just as you have a unique personality, your brand should have a unique way of communicating with your customers. 

    Think of a brand like Wendy’s. When you think about them, you might think of words like “fun,” “friendly,” and “down-to-earth.” That’s because Wendy’s brand voice revolves around being relatable and connecting with people on a personal level. 

    They use words and phrases that make you feel you’re talking to a friend.

    Your brand voice should be the same across all channels, like your website, social media, email marketing, and customer service.

    This builds a strong and recognizable brand identity that people can trust and connect with.

    Why Do Your Videos Need a Unique Brand Voice?

    1. Builds Trust and Credibility 

    Brand videos that are authentic, have a powerful impact. 

    For instance, Dollar Shave Club, a well-known men’s grooming brand, used a funny and down to earth brand voice that transformed their industry.

    Their videos didn’t just promote razors, but also presented their products humorously. And it worked - their audience responded positively.

    Dollar Shave Club consistently maintained this brand voice in all of their video marketing campaigns.

    Authenticity in a brand voice builds trust because it feels genuine and relatable. 

    This video explains how Dollar Shave Club achieved a 1 billion Unilever acquisition in just 5 years by staying true to their brand tone and storytelling techniques.

    2. Shape Up Your Brand’s Recognition

    Now let’s see another example where having a clear brand tone can evoke emotions in your customers. 

    Brands like Nike nail this. Most of their videos aren’t about shoes. 

    If you observe their videos, they’re about pushing your limits and chasing your dreams with an inspirational brand voice. 

    Look at this video to understand better.

    Emotions are like magnets that can bring your customers closer to your brand. And in this case, Nike knows how to bring their customers closer to the brand with a consistent voice of tone. 

    3. Improve Your Brand Consistency Across Platforms

    Once you have established your brand voice, maintaining it across all your social media channels and website becomes simple.

    And why is it important?

    When any business keeps the same style, tone, and voice across various channels, it’s like saying, “Hey, it’s still us!” 

    It gives the same vibe to your audience, no matter which platform they’re on.

    Take Red Bull as an example. 

    They consistently convey a message of adventure and adrenaline through their videos, events, and social media. This creates a cohesive and exciting brand experience.

    The tone and vibe of Red Bull is exciting, fun, and adventurous!

    Have a look at this video where you’ll learn how this brand presents itself across various channels with their unique brand voice. 

    4. Creates Your Brand Awareness

    Let me ask you a question…

    Ever had a brand pop into your head when you needed something? That’s called top-of-mind brand awareness.

    When your brand voice remains consistent in all your videos, you are planting seeds in your customer’s mind.

    Think of brands like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. Their messages have stayed consistent for ages. That’s why they’re always in the game and that’s the power of an established brand voice.

    How to Create Videos in Your Brand Voice?

    Now that we understand what a brand voice is and its importance in video marketing, let’s discuss how to create one for your brand.

    So let’s say you’ve to create a video script based on your own brand tone. 

    But the panic happens when you’re still not aware of your own company’s voice or the tone you speak with your audience.

    Now you’ve two options…

    The first option is to figure out your brand voice on your own and manually write the entire script. The second option is to use an AI script generator to get a video script with a random brand voice.

    And I don’t think you’ll prefer any of the two…

    The good news is that with the combination of BIGVU AI Magic Writer and brand tone generator, you can find your brand’s voice and generate video scripts based on that tone.

    BIGVU humanizes your AI text by learning from your style and past content, making it feel more like human text.

    Let’s see how-

    Step 1- Create A New Project in BIGVU

    Log in to your BIGVU account and select ‘New Script.’ A new page will open.

    Then select ‘AI Rewrite’ on the left-hand side.

    Create a New Project

    Step 2- Select Tone Option

    Click the ‘Tone Option’ to choose or create your brand tone. 

    From the dropdown menu, select ‘My Personal Style’ to create your company’s voice. 

    Select the Tone option

    Step 3- Create Your Personal Brand Writing Style

    Now here, you’ve three options-

    a. Know Your Brand Voice with Previous Scripts Generated in BIGVU

    If you’re using BIGVU for the first time, this option is not for you. It works well if you’ve previously generated scripts on BIGVU. 

    From your script list, choose a script you want. Then drag it to the right side, and drop it. Click ‘Generate with AI.

    And that’s it, you’ll get your brand style based on your previous script. Now, use it to generate dozens of new scripts in the similar tone. 

    b. Know Your Brand Voice by Describing The Tone

    In this option, you can know your voice by describing a few words about your brand. These can be words that you frequently use in your videos or content marketing. 

    In the Brand Style pop-up, click on the button “Describe with your own words” as shown in the image. You can describe the tone, share your values, or even suggest a specific voice you would like to emulate. 

    Click ‘Generate with AI’ to get your brand voice based on the tone of words.

    c. Know your Brand Voice by Copying and Pasting A Text

    This is the most convenient way of knowing your company’s voice. Here, you can simply copy and paste any AI text to analyze your brand tone. 

    Here you’ve one more option…

    Let’s say you like a specific brand voice and want to imitate the same voice in your business. You can simply copy and paste any of their text and BIGVU will let you know their brand voice.

    Sounds amazing, right?

    So once you’re satisfied with your brand voice by any of the above options, you can select ‘Save’ to use it from next time. 

    Save your brand style

    Step 4- Start Creating Video Scripts in Your Brand Voice

    Now, that you know your brand voice, use BIGVU AI Magic Writer to rewrite any AI generated script in the same voice. 

    Or, you can use it to generate scripts for sales pitch, news to share, your business profile, etc. all in your personalized brand voice and tone. 

    Bring Your Unique Voice to Your Videos

    Brand voice is not what you say, but how you say it. 

    When you speak in your tone and bring a human touch, your videos forge a connection with your audience as a brand they can remember. 

    Regardless of the AI tool you’re using to create scripts, it’s important to infuse your script with your unique tone of voice.

    Because remember, a brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.