More people are consuming video content than ever. In fact, it’s so popular, a third of all online activity is spent watching videos.

If users crave video, businesses must adapt to rising demand. Creating training videos easily in-house is integral to fulfilling your customers’ e-learning needs.

According to a report by KALTURA, video is being heavily used by 78% of enterprise companies for training internally, and 76% externally for customers and partners.

You should be able to create a professional video without the continuous high costs of a video contractor.

Professional video makers need expensive equipment and video editing tools. This process is time consuming and costly. As you’re expected to create more and more videos to generate engagement, consistently using a video producer can be extremely challenging.

But how do you create professional quality videos in-house without high costs or the need for a video contractor?

Video creation for everyone – Anyone can create professional videos quickly with just their smartphone, and without video editing skills.

Traditional editing tools take time, and it’s difficult for non-savvy users to select in and out points, synch images to audio tracks, position titling and more.  

The only way you can constantly feed videos to your audience is by simplifying the process and bring your video capabilities in-house.

Fast production turnaround – Videos have a short lifecycle. To keep your viewers’ attention, it’s crucial you keep them updated regularly with a fast production turnaround.  

Collaborative Workflow – To create your seamless video production team, you need a shared workspace hosted in the cloud where multiple teams can organize their scripts, video clips and media library; manage access, assignments, review cycles with editorial staff, team members or occasional freelancers.

Titling Overlays – Users often consume video content in public spaces or at work with the sound muted. In this case, to ensure your content is always consumable, you need a simple way to add titling to every scene.

Multiple Versions – When you’re communicating multiple products to various target audiences, you need new processes and a smart platform for this to work effectively. For social media, shorter teaser videos work well to create interest, but you may want to include a link to a longer version on your website or Youtube.

Optimization of video formats – Different social media channels work best with different video formats. Including square, landscape and portrait. You can maximize your reach by posting square videos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, portrait videos for YouTube or your website, and landscape videos for other social networks.

Corporate Styling - Businesses need to deliver consistent branding across all channels to bond with audiences. You need to focus on your story, and you need to be able to apply your corporate colors and styling in a snap.

With BIGVU you can simply and quickly create professional training videos in-house. There’s absolutely no need for you to budget for a video production company and you don’t need previous video editing experience.

Here’s what BIGVU can do for you…

  • You’ll get a centralized multimedia content library – you can reuse product imagery, logos, marketing collateral or fonts.
  • You’ll get templates in your corporate styling with custom font types, colors and backgrounds
  • You can create titling overlays and captions including positioning and transitions
  • You can use custom logos and other bugs
  • You can create automatic intros and outros to your videos
  • You can create branded video frames
  • Your brand’s assets are ready to publish in one click

Video production is fast and straightforward when you have the right tools. Sign up for your free trial today.