Get your team to make videos like pros

Get your team to make videos like prosBIGVU WorkGroup empowers teams to create better video presentations through collaboration.

Shared workspace - scripts, storyboards, videos are shared on your workgroup cloud

Web & Mobile - access your content from your smartphone or on your desktop.

Shared media library - keep all your brand creatives in your shared Media Library. Simply drag & drop your files and then you or your team members can later use the visuals in your videos.

- create workspaces for 5, 10, 15, 20 users and more.

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The Ultimate Video Creation Collaboration Platform

Strong Teams rely on Video Communication.

Agencies – Collaborate with multiple clients. Assign a workspace to each customer with their logo and a dedicated media asset library.

Employee Ambassador Programs – Get your script written and reviewed by a colleague automatically right in your app. Share easily videos among your organization and customers.

Corporate Comm. & HR – Create on-boarding videos, news updates and internal announcements. With BIGVU, anyone can create professional videos, with just their smartphone and without any video editing skills.
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Add All Channels
Share with Your Team

BIGVU has the ability to manage up to 20 social media accounts. Share any channel with your team allowing them to explore, investigate, learn and grow collaborating on the best video content.

Add all your social media channels to your account, select the platforms and the format of the video, before posting. BIGVU is the social video maker for your team.
"I've referred this app onto my team, and now they're using it
to and creating their own videos"
Kristina Ravenhill
Young Living Essential Oils
"Whether you're building a personal brand or you're an entrepreneur building a company you look way more professional and it's easier to make clear points."
Tim Brown
CEO at Hook Agency

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