Create High-Caliber
Online Courses in No Time

Looking for an app where you can easily develop online course video coaching that stand out?
- Shoot and edit videos on your BIGVU App on your browser, Android, iPhone, or iPad.
- No need to memorize lines. Record confidently and concisely using a premium teleprompter by reading your script scrolling up the screen.
- Promote courses by creating video coaching teasers to share as personalized video landing pages.
- Add subtitles, replace backgrounds, and more.
Ready to making videos like a pro with your iPhone?

Engaging Your Students
with Great Online Course

A great online course has the balance of the hard stuff and creates an environment where it’s easier for students to understand them. You may have an effective solution to your student’s problem, but you’ll both waste time if students are not captivated while learning.
In any video course we consume, we want them to be clear, entertaining, and professional-looking. With BIGVU, it’s easy to produce engaging and concise video coaching courses — prepare scripts, read them while you record, make it visually appealing, and more.

The Challenge to Stand Out as an Online Course Creator

The online learning industry is a competitive market. It continues to explode each year and is expected to reach $325 billion in 2025, which means the rise of content providers and students have a growing range of online education options. Keep ahead of the stiff competition and stand out by creating engaging and attractive video coaching courses, and supplement them with effective promotion.
Unless you already specialize in video editing and digital marketing, it'd be challenging to learn skills to make your online courses stand out. With BIGVU video coaching app, beginners and experts can create professional video courses and make them easy to market.

Deliver Your Content
Like an Expert Speaker

No one is immune to the challenges of memorizing scripts. A 10-minute lecture could take hours to rehearse and countless recording sessions. BIGVU understands every lecturers’ struggle even before they get in front of a camera. Plan your course content in advance and upload or write them directly in the video coaching app to use as a teleprompter script later.
Have a winning course video in one take using the teleprompter — get past the imposter syndrome, connect and see eye-to-eye with your audience, and always know what to say next. Present your lecture as if you’ve delivered it a hundred times.

Every Student’s Attention

Captivate Every Student’s Attention with Visually Appealing Course with our video coaching app.
It’s a no-brainer for students to pick the course with amazing visuals if choosing between similar offers. With BIGVU, you don’t have to be a video editing expert. Add headlines, brand with your logo, insert other media, and much more.
Want to make your videos look more professional? Change your backdrop using BIGVU’s green screen software.
Most people prefer watching with subtitles. It helps with accessibility, attention deficit, comprehension, and understanding content that’s not in your native language. Add a perfectly synced subtitle to your narration using BIGVU’s automatic caption feature and reach more people.

Trim and Combine
Footages Seamlessly

Tell your stories powerfully by making the most out of the script.Impactful videos start with captivating scripts. Craft one quickly by typing it out directly in BIGVU’s PC or mobile app and start shooting. Alternately, have your scripts uploaded and synced.
Typographical errors are common in writing, correct them quickly by clicking and editing the word in the teleprompting view and syncs in real-time. .BIGVU lets you repurpose your scripts into captions later, or you can opt for automatic transcription from your actual narration.

Boosting Sales is
at the Tip of Your Fingers

No matter how great your online course material is, you can’t expect signups without investing in distribution and promotion. Selling is challenging if you are not well versed in digital marketing.
Fortunately, BIGVU video coaching app gives you the tools to market your courses effectively. Record and edit attractive promo videos with BIGVU. To share these videos, you can even use BIGVU’s Landing Pages for no additional charge.Have you invested in building a mailing list and social media following? Amaze your audience, get ready for a skyrocket in course sign-ups, and propel your revenue when students see videos directly from you.