Cut your videos
with BIGVU WordTrim

Cuing your video has never been easier.
Select the words where you want the video to start and end

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Edit video with words

Trim video
by just selecting words

Mistakes are unavoidable when recording with a teleprompter, even more when you just winging it. Still, almost any take includes parts that you want to keep. With BIGVU WordTrim on iOS and Android, it cannot be easier to trim your video. You just need to select the words where you want your video to start and end.

BIGVU WordTrim - Easily trim your videos by selecting words on mobile | Product Hunt
With Bigvu, I am not only creating stunning videos, I am saving time. Once I shoot the video, I no longer need to record multiple takes again. With wordtrim I can just cut the bad parts of the video and within few seconds all my mistakes disappear
Rivka, Actress & Public Speaker, BIGVU user

Actress & Public Speaker

Long Videos

Sequence your takes

Add your logo, titling, music, captions

Learn how to create long videos multiple takes into a single video. Easily turn a sequence of short takes, imported clips, and other videos into a longer video. Create sequences of videos using BIGVU online video editing suite.

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Audio Boost

& Remove Noise

Boost Audio Levels with Artificial Intelligence

Amplify your message, remove background noise, and maximize audio levels. Recorded from a distance using the microphone of your mobile device? There is a high chance that background noise is present. BIGVU will process the audio using Artificial Intelligence, remove background noise and maximize audio levels to amplify your message.

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Easily create long videos with Sequences

Assemble all your bits and pieces, short takes, imported clips, and other videos into a longer video. Upload takes from the teleprompter app on your mobile, or use videos recorded with the online teleprompter. Import clips produced elsewhere directly into your media library.

Second, create an empty sequence. Drag and drop videos and reorder your videos inside the sequence.

Click create video. A new project with your new video will soon appear on your project window. Now, you can further edit your new video by opening it in Composer, or share it directly on social media.

Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android
Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android

Advanced editing
on your iPhone

BIGVU WordTrim offers advanced features to video edits quick and precise. Find where to start by just searching for any specific word in the automaticlly generated transcript. Need to fine-tune the beginning or the end? Use the fine-tune sliders to fine-tune the exact point on your video. You can also choose the “Full video” option to redo the cuts by selecting a section from the entire video.

Record video courses
oneline without pain

Plan and record well structured courses with BIGVU by scripting each chapter into separate sections.

Focus on making every section perfect without having to record again the whole chapter. If you make mistakes, trim your videos by just selecting the words where you want to start and end.

Keep your eyes on the camera and be concise by using the teleprompter on your iPhone or Android device. Add automatic captions and visuals to illustrate your points.

Assemble your sections into a sequence that you can easily reorder to build your 1 hour course. Your video will look pro and your course will be captivating, people will watch until the end and provide positive rankings.

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Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android

Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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