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BIGVU’s popular teleprompter allows you to record and edit attention-grabbing videos:
- Record videos while simultaneously using a teleprompter on your mobile device or computer
- Adjust teleprompter text size, speed, and position
- Write or upload scripts and repurpose them later as subtitles
- Let the teleprompter pause automatically
- Edit script, trim words, customize backgrounds, add captions and apply your visual brand

Ready to record confidently using a teleprompter?

BIGVU is a premium teleprompter for iOS, iPad, Android, and Web
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Inspire Your Audience’s Trust

Confidence is crucial when building or maintaining relationships with your viewers online.We tend to follow the advice of or buy products from people who radiate confidence because it makes them more trustworthy.

- Whether a pro or a beginner, memorizing scripts is hard and can get the better of us: recording a quick video can take you hours of memorizing or redoing repeatedly to make sure we seem confident or ensure we don’t babble.
- Skip ahead of these anticipated stresses and straightaway to delivering messages confidently and concisely.
- No more memorizing scripts for hours, using cue cards, awkwardly looking at the ceiling, or using excessive fillers that don’t build trust with your audience.
- Establish connection easily by making eye contact and speaking concisely using BIGVU’s teleprompter

Customize Your
Reading Comfort
No Matter How You Shoot

Fine-tune your teleprompter to perfectly fit how you shoot. Customize settings for your display size, the position of the camera, your distance from the device, desired speaking speed, and more.

BIGVU lets you adjust text sizes easily so you can shoot at any distance and either in portrait or landscape orientation. Customize where the text appears on the screen, allowing you to look where the camera is.

Has anyone told you that you speak too fast? Pace by adjusting your teleprompter speed to help your readers understand you better.
Don’t worry about constantly changing lighting as you record; BIGVU’s exposure lock got you covered.

BIGVU’s teleprompter allows you to edit the text size so you can read your teleprompter at any distance
Create and edit your engaging video scripts on mobile or web

Craft & Edit Compelling Scripts Easily

Tell your stories powerfully by making the most out of the script.Impactful videos start with captivating scripts. Craft one quickly by typing it out directly in BIGVU’s PC or mobile app and start shooting. Alternately, have your scripts uploaded and synced.

Typographical errors are common in writing, correct them quickly by clicking and editing the word in the teleprompting view and syncs in real-time. .

BIGVU lets you repurpose your scripts into captions later, or you can opt for automatic transcription from your actual narration.

Pause and Go Seamlessly
While You Shoot

You no longer have to manually press pause or play on your teleprompter when applying the power of silence when speaking. To focus on your message, BIGVU will automatically pause and play the teleprompter when you stop and resume speaking.

Edit footages to start and end with using WordTrim
With the BIGVU teleprompter, my videos are more concise and to the point.

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Artist & Executive Producer

New Project

Launch Teleprompter

Select the teleprompter in BIGVU app

Open the BIGVU app on mobile or computer, and create a ‘New Project.’.

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Script Video

Write or Upload

Write scripts in the teleprompter window

A scriptwriting window will appear, start crafting (copy or paste) texts, and click save if in the mobile app or ‘send’ if in BIGVU web.

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Hit Record

Countdown Starts

Add your logo, titling, music, captions

Hit the record button, and a camera view with your script overlaying it will appear.

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Adjust Settings

Reading Speed

Adjust teleprompter text size, speed, and position

Adjust text speed, size, and position, select video resolution and lighting exposure if necessary. Otherwise, start recording confidently and eye-to-eye in the camera.

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Trim Takes

by Selecting Words

Edit videos with advanced features

Edit videos easily using BIGVU’s WordTrim if necessary, place and style your captions, change the background, add your branding, and more.

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Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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