Eye-to-eye contact
BIGVU Teleprompter

Keep your eyes on the camera while reading your script as it scrolls up your screen. No need to memorize lines or look down at a script. Stay focused and on point with the BIGU teleprompter app.

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Teleprompter for Android, iPhone & iPad

Record while reading the text as it scrolls up you screen. No need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. You can read the script with ease using an in-app teleprompter that scrolls text on your smartphone screen. From the comfort of your own home desks, you can record professional presentations.

Teleprompter App
BIGVU Teleprompter App

Read at your own pace

Adjust the size and speed of the text to record seamless presentations. Just talk. Be confident and authentic with your audience! The BIGVU Teleprompter app makes it fast, fun and easy to record and create videos!

Vertical or horizontal videos

Film anyway you like! All you need is to decide before hand and flip your phone! The teleprompter will automatically scroll in the direction of the recording.
Take your videos to the next level by using a tripod and an external mic when recording. A tripod limits the camera shake and guarantees the quality of your video.

Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android
Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android

Enjoy Advanced Features

With the BIGVU Teleprompter app create pro-videos with features that inclusde Lock Exposure, and custom Font Size. Adjust your font size accourding to your filming distance. Lock Exposure to ensure that there are no light changes while you record.

Script on web
Shoot on mobile

BIGVU is both a Mobile and Web App. Write (or copy and paste) your script in your phone app or the web app. In the BIGVU Web Desk, just press on the button Send to the app, and your script will be ready to record in the app. Capture several takes and select the best version to be uploaded to the cloud.

Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android

Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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