Pocket TV Studio for Mobile Journalist

BIGVU makes it easier than ever to produce high-quality video reports from the field or from the comfort of your own desk. Anyone can be a news anchor, using only their smartphone.

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All you need is a Smartphone

BIGVU had everything you need to create your professional journalism videos. Script, shoot, edit and share using only your smartphone.

Fast and Easy Video Creation

Record and share on the go. No need to carry heavy and complicated equipment. Be the first on the scene and the first on air with BIGVU!

Look Pro with Chroma Key

Change a video clip’s background to deliver an eye-catching, elegant backdrop. As well as, add a title with your name and story title.

Be the first on the scene

With BIGVU you have everything you need to be the first on the scene. No need to carry heavy and bulky equipment. All you need is your smartphone and you are good to go! The simple-to-use iOS or Android teleprompter app enables journalists to quickly capture themselves anchoring news reports. No need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes.

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Work together with others

BIGVU is not just prompter app but an end-to-end news-authoring collaboration platform. Multiple journalists can simultaneously access the same stories through a shared, cloud-based virtual desk. Scripts are assigned to a specific reporter and automatically uploaded to their app. The anchor can capture several takes for the same story presentation in the BIGVU teleprompter app and select the best version to be uploaded to the cloud for distribution.

Show that you are professional

BIGVU makes it easier than ever to produce high-quality video reports from the field or from the comfort of your own desk. Film with a green background and change it in one click to the newsroom of your dreams. Add your logo and a lower third just like the pros. Create video news reports in a snap.

Show what your know
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Create fast on the go news slide shows

Use the BIGVU composer to create beautiful video slide shows that tell a story. Mix in photos, tweets and video shots into your news report. Use tweets to share what others are saying about the event or the report. Post to to all your social media channels in one click adding a description and the appropriate keywords to boost performance.

Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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