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Giving advice to entrepreneurs is a great way to help them work more efficiently and live a better life.

By hosting a workshop in our YouTube channel, you can reach out to our large audience of users. Plus, we'll produce short video tips together and you will be featured on our podcast later.

This is a great opportunity for you to access half a million active users every month, 42.5K followers on Instagram, and 11,000 subscribers on YouTube.
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As a member of  BIGVU's Club of Experts. You'll have access to exclusive resources and support from the team at BIGVU.

1. Recording a video clip using the BIGVU app to showcase your skills and knowledge

2. Schedule a personal call with the team so we can get started.

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BIGVU, a destination app for business tips

BIGVU provides a space for small businesses to learn about communications, marketing, get inspired with new strategies to drive more business and live a better life. Stand out by sharing fast-paced short video tips in an immersive interactive format, with related visuals, tweets and polls displayed in sync with their video presentations.
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Help your followers streamline their businesses by getting a yearly subscription to BIGVU.You’ll earn a new stream of revenue as you introduce BIGVU to small business owners and freelancers.

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Become a BIGVU affiliate

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Promote Your Content or Services To an Engaged Audience

BIGVU is a uniquely highly targeted and engaged audience of small business entrepreneurs, digital marketers, coaches, educators, artits, journalists and ministries.It’s one tap for five million users of BIGVU to access any expert profile and check out their services.

Promote courses, podcasts, books, coaching services, marketing or sales consulting and any product or service that will benefit small business owners.
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