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BIGVU provides a space for small businesses to learn about communications, marketing, get inspired with new strategies to drive more business and live a better life. Stand out by sharing fast-paced short video tips in an immersive interactive format, with related visuals, tweets and polls displayed in sync with their video presentations.

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1. Fill the form under your profile after login into BIGVU. If you don't have already a BIGVU account, please sign-up as a free user.
2. Only qualified experts are approved. Aa confirmation email will get you access to Collections where you can share tips.

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BIGVU community of 5 million entrepreneurs and business owners

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BIGVU is a uniquely highly targeted and engaged audience of small business entrepreneurs, digital marketers, coaches, educators, artits, journalists and ministries.

It’s one tap for five million users of BIGVU to access any expert profile and check out their services.

Promote courses, podcasts, books, coaching services, marketing or sales consulting and any product or service that will benefit small business owners.

Share what you know

If you're an expert in communication, script writing, video creation, psychology or marketing strategists, BIGVU is the place to engage into new conversations.

There is unparalleled knowledge and limitless opportunities for learning and sharing from each other.

We conduct live workshops with expert speakers on our social media channels on any subject related to Video, SMBs, Marketing or Social Media.

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A community of Small Business using video to thrive on business

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Help your followers streamline their businesses by getting a yearly subscription to BIGVU.

You’ll earn a new stream of revenue as you introduce BIGVU to small business owners and freelancers. Check more details here

Promote a podcast with a BIGVU collection widget

Wether you distribute your podcast once a week or twice a month, video is the best way to promote your show.

If you run a podcast targeting small businesses or influencers, BIGVU is the best place to find people who should be interested in your podcast.

Create short video teasers for each episode, and publish them into an interactive collection. It's one click to where viewers can start listening in one tap their selected show.

A community of Small Business using video to thrive on business

A Step By Step Guide

High Quality Content

How to Create High Quality Content - A Step By Step Guide

How do I start creating video content? How do I come up with video content ideas?

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Starting a Business

YouTube Strategy

Starting a business in one day in YouTube

Starting or growing a business on YouTube can be very simple if you have the right formula.

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Videos In Minutes

BIGVU Composer

Make Videos in Minutes with BIGVU Composer

How to use BIGVU Composer to promote your videos and get more views and engagement.

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Getting to the Point

Keep your audiences engaged by getting to the Point

We’re drowning in information overload. And so we are left wondering, “Why isn’t anyone listening to what I’m saying?”

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Video Marketing

Promote in YouTube

Promote your business in YouTube

YouTube is an incredibly effective marketing channel for small businesses and personal brands.

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Online Audiences

Edit videos with advanced features

How to engage your audience? The online world is awash with weak performances on screen, wasting people’s time and energy.

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Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

Teleprompter App for iOS and AndroidStyle Video with Logo, Titling and MusicShare to social networks
Create social videos with titlingChange Green Background