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Coldwell Banker
Societe Generale
20 Minutos
Coldwell Banker
Societe Generale
20 Minutos

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Your Interactive Vlog

Give a human touch to your website by adding a vlog page, or embedding a widget onto one of your existing pages.
Get in front of the camera and record camera-facing videos in minutes. Eye-to-eye is the best way to build trust.
Add interactions to drive engagement; display interactive cards in sync with your videos with photos, links, action buttons, quotes, and polls.

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Add an interactive vlog to your site
Teleprompter App for iOS or Android

Record with confidence with Teleprompter

Keep your eyes on the camera while reading your script with ease as it scrolls up the screen.
Adjust your teleprompter speed to your reading cadence.
Try 3-days free your app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

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Caption your videos
in a snap

BIGVU caption maker automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard with subtitles perfectly in sync with your narration. Spice up your presentation by highlighting keywords on your subtitles with bright colors, or adding image or video overlays.

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Add logo, motion titling
Video Cutter App for iOS and Android

Trim Videos by Selecting Words

Cut videos in a snap by just selecting the words where you want to start and end .
BIGVU is the easiest and fastest way to edit videos on Android or iPhone/iPad.

BIGVU WordTrim - Easily trim your videos by selecting words on mobile | Product Hunt

Brand your video with your logo & titling

Style your video with your brand logo, lower 3rd titling, commercial free music backgrounds, and a biz card animated outro with your business contact details.

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Oneline Video maker - Add logo, motion titling
Oneline Video maker - Add logo, motion titling

Collaborate & Inspire

Create, script, assign, edit and review videos with your team.
Shared workspace - scripts, video takes, captions, storyboards are available on the cloud.
Shared Media Library - your photos and videos into folders and share them with your team.
Access anywhere on your phone or from the comfort of your laptop.

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Change any green background in one tap

It's one tap to replace your green background with a photo or video in a loop.
BIGVU is the easiest chroma-key video app for Android or iPhone/iPad.

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Green screen app for iOS and Android

Add visuals with BIGVU storyboard composer

Mix up your presentation with visuals. BIGVU transforms photos, video shots, and tweets into stunning video sequences.

BIGVU Storyboard Video Editor
And then came BIGVU. Now I write up the script, Drop it in the app, look right in the camera and ta-da! Done. Smooth as silk.

Dr Bradford Cooper
The Catalyst Coaching Institute

Present like pro

BIGVU telepromter

Teleprompter Aoo for Android, iPhone

Eye-to-eye is the best way to build trust – Set the font size and the text area so you keep your eyes on the camera while reading your script as it scrolls up the screen. Adjust the speed to your reading cadence with the slider. Optimize your lighting, try locking auto-exposure on BIGVU.

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I'm an actor and a model, and sometimes I get scripts in for self tape auditions, and it’s a lot to learn in a really quick time. So I use my teleprompter from BIGVU. IT HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER. I’m getting so many more roles now.
Laura Zollinhofer, actress, model, BIGVU user

Laura Zollinhofer
Actress, Model

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