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Faites en sorte que vos vidéos soient droit au but, lisez votre script en le faisant défiler sur l'écran. Ajoutez des sous-titres automatiques, votre logo et vos couleurs.Connectez-vous avec votre public sur les médias sociaux, votre vlog, vos e-mails ou vos messages de chat.
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Video Presenter with teleprompter app

Téléprompteur en ligne pour Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Une application de téléprompteur vidéo : lisez votre script à partir d’un téléprompteur intelligent et enregistrez un clip vidéo à partir de la caméra frontale en même temps. Changez la vitesse de défilement du texte, surveillez l’audio pendant l’enregistrement vidéo, verrouillez l’exposition automatique.

Un éditeur vidéo : capturez plusieurs prises vidéo et choisissez la meilleure pour votre stratégie de vlog ou de marketing vidéo. Ajoutez automatiquement💬 des sous-titres, des sous-titres sociaux et des titres professionnels.

Boostez les niveaux Audio: maximisez les niveaux audio lorsque vous enregistrez la vidéo à distance sans microphone externe. Avec 📹 le téléprompteur BIGVU, filmez et montez des vidéos en quelques minutes.
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L’Intelligence Artificielle BIGVU peaufine votre vidéo en un clin d’œil

Audio Boost

Maximisez les niveaux audio, supprimez le bruit de fond.

Recadrage magique

Recadrez automatiquement votre vidéo en carré, verticale ou horizontale.

Sous-titres automatiques

Un clic pour ajouter des légendes accrocheuses parfaitement synchronisées avec votre narration.

Votre logo, vos couleurs et vos polices

Style avec des titres tels que vus sur les vidéos populaires sur TikTok, Instagram ou YouTube.
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Suivez votre succès grâce aux chiffres de portée et d’engagement. Obtenez un aperçu de ce qui fonctionne et de ce qui ne fonctionne pas et comment chaque publication fonctionne.Partagez vos vidéos terminées sur toutes vos plateformes de médias sociaux en un seul clic - YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et LinkedIn.

Il peut être difficile de suivre vos abonnés sur les médias sociaux. Mais avec BIGVU, vous pouvez facilement voir combien de nouveaux abonnés vous avez gagnés, perdus et avec lesquels vous vous êtes engagé. De cette façon, vous pouvez vous concentrer sur la croissance de votre audience et de votre engagement sur les réseaux sociaux !
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"Je fais beaucoup d'auditions et je réalise beaucoup de castings sur caméra auto-enregistrement, BIGVU m'aide énormément à mettre en place les scripts, à les lire, à avoir toutes mes lignes correctes... C'est incroyable !"
"Whether you're building a personal brand or you're an entrepreneur building a company you look way more professional and it's easier to make clear points."
Tim Brown
CEO at Hook Agency
"I have to take BTS Videos and it is complete hell, writing a text, memorizing it, rumbling and much more… So I'm so grateful for BIGVU, I don’t know how I missed it before but it’s a life changer and a time-saver!"
Esin Aydingoz
Film Composer
"With the push of a button my words are instantly sink to match exactly what I’m saying in video"
Social Media Influencer
"Complete Game Changer on all fronts! So Nice work BIGVU, I really appreciate it"
Brad Cooper
"Manually typing out what you say word for word is exhausting. Trust me I’ve been there…. BIGVU doesn’t make you do that. With one tap you can add captions that perfectly sync with your narration!"
Christiana Austin

Montez des vidéos en équipe,
Sans limites, sans frontières.

Espace de travail partagé

Permettez aux membres de l’équipe de créer, scénariser, assigner, éditer, réviser et publier des vidéos de manière efficace et collaborative.
Partagez la médiathèque, organisez les photos et les vidéos dans des dossiers en veillant à ce que la marque soit cohérente dans l’ensemble de votre entreprise.

Votre espace de travail de marque

Les agences peuvent inviter des clients dans un espace de travail personnalisé et gérer plusieurs comptes clients.
Partagez les ressources de marque de l’équipe avec les membres de l’équipe et les clients. Personnalisez les actifs en fonction des besoins de vos clients.

Accès n’importe où

Collaborez avec les membres de l’équipe en interne et en externe, les clients et les agences, quel que soit votre emplacement.
Accédez à vos projets de travail depuis votre téléphone, votre ordinateur portable, n’importe où, n’importe quand.

Video Editing Online — Blog

Video Editing Online — Blog

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Téléprompteur pour Android, iPad, iPhone, sur mon ordinateur portable Mac ou Windows?

Quelles sont les principales différences entre les différents Plans?

Y a-t-il une limite sur les vidéos que je peux enregistrer ?

Quels sont vos plans tarifaires?


Video Presenter Show

Soyez le meilleur présentateur possible. Apprenez à exceller dans la présentation. Rejoignez l’émission du présentateur vidéo pour assister à des présentations en direct d’experts en communication et d’entrepreneurs.

Connectez-vous avec les experts, rejoignez la communauté


Hi, I am Guruprasad Kamat. I am a Trained Psychologist in Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT). I coach clients in CBT and ACT techniques to restructure thoughts. It helps in camera confidence and public speaking by dealing with Thoughts, emotions, and Behaviours.

stacey m. cole

I help others to get motivated and move out of their own way personnally and professionally. I support organizations through talent optimization.

Dan Gershenson

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Gershenson from Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing is the secret weapon for service-based businesses without a true marketing department. Especially if they strongly desire insightful brand strategies and powerful content that resonates with their customers. From management consultants and manufacturers to technology companies and investment firms, these businesses with a complex sale to make have a hard time conveying their thought leadership to the outside world – a world that demands language in compelling and persuasive plain English. Not industry jargon. That’s where Dan comes in, providing the kind of brand strategy and custom content that audiences crave, where they crave it most. Blogs. eNewsletters. Social media. eBooks and White Papers. If it can be written, Dan can tell the brand story on your behalf. All the while, using a system that’s proven to deliver clarity, consistency, confidence and customers.

Randy Dean

Randy Dean, the “E-mail Sanity Expert” ® is a professional speaker and expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 25 years, Randy has been leading programs for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. The author of the Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, and producer and creator of several video self-study courses and popular YouTube channel, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining programs leave audience members with immediately usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

Dee Rivers Hemingway

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Home of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown), Dee Rivers Hemingway retired in August 2020 from live vocal performance (National/Regional/Local) after 40 years. Dee is a distant cousin of The Mother of the Blues, Gertrude “Ma” Rainey. Dee has a live video podcast called “The Radio Takeover with Dee Rivers” in which she interviews musicians and authors from all over the World. And LIVE means just that. It’s laid back and relaxed to be who YOU are in the world. Dee is a retired concert/music photographer, having worked with Chitlin’ Circuit Magazine from 2006-2009. She has also covered Associated Press music events. Dee is an outspoken advocate for Rock and Blues Music. She has been recognized for her Humanitarian efforts in bridging the cultural gap in music communities across the country.

Bob Comegys - Town & Country Homes at eXp Realty

Bob truly enjoys the real estate business and prides himself on providing the finest service available on every real estate transaction he completes. Having had careers as a police officer, Vice President of marketing and advertising at a major international corporation, and his knowledge of the real estate industry has given Bob a vast array of innovative skills to thrive in every market. The real estate industry has been challenging over the last couple of years and in today’s market, only the strong survive. Bob’s secret is simple; continue providing outstanding client relations, working harder than everyone else, and developing the most innovative marketing plans. These are Bob’s core values and they have kept him successful at times when many others have failed.

Danielle Huard

Je m’appelle Danielle Huard et je suis une experte en communication devant la caméra. Au cours des 35 dernières années, j’ai travaillé comme directeur artistique sur certains des plus grands plateaux de cinéma et magazines au Canada. Maintenant, je veux partager tous mes trucs et astuces avec vous afin que vous puissiez réussir votre prochaine conversation devant la caméra. Comme vous le savez, nous sommes tous des diffuseurs grâce au monde du travail digital. Presque tout le monde doit communiquer en utilisant la technologie à un moment donné, alors pourquoi ne pas améliorer vos compétences? Vraiment... ✅ Diriger et participer virtuellement à des réunions? ✅ Présenter des mises à jour de l’entreprise sur Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet ou Teams? ✅ Mener des entrevues virtuellement? ✅ Assister à des événements de l’industrie via votre ordinateur? Contactez-moi

Robert Kennedy III


line sebban

Product Manager of BIGVU I can help you to make video with BIGVU Teleprompter, Style it and Share it in the way you choose!

Bruno Lopes

I am the Customer Support Specialist at BIGVU. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact me! I will be happy to help you :)

Phil Pallen

Phil Pallen is a brand strategist, social media expert, and keynote speaker who specializes in personal branding and social media strategy.

fernanda lima sua voz

Olá, sou Fernanda Lima, jornalista e locutora e ajudo pessoas a falarem melhor nas redes sociais para venderem seu negócio


I am passionate about all aspects of marketing and branding. A brand’s perception is what it does and says on and offline, so I started this company to make sure they feel confident in sending out the right message to the right customers. I help busy business owners get more clients. I take the burden of social media marketing off their shoulders. Besides running EWP Marketing, I teach personal branding skills. I believe a person can achieve their career goals while remaining authentic and networking. I am also a member of several nonprofit organizations to achieve their marketing goals. I hold a BBA in Marketing and Management from Strayer University and am about to start my master’s program.

Joyce Marter

Hello! My Name is Joyce Marter I am a Licensed psychotherapist, successful entrepreneur, author, and mental health thought leader

line sebban

Product Manager of BIGVU I can help you to style your Videos.

philippe bensadon

Hello, My name it's Philippe Bensadon and I am the Head of Content at BIGVU. My main skills are Video and Marketing. I will be happy to guide you on creating the best tips on how to create videos and most importantly on how to generate engagement!

Rich Wharton

Founder of The Motorsport Sponsorship Podcast I break life down into 4 areas; Networking, Marketing, Sales & Personal Development. My Expertise here are creating content, using video, public speaking/presentation skills, digital marketing techniques, sales and personal development / mindset.

Annie Davies

I am a professional Spokesperson and TV Presenter

laura j. liebman

Customer Service

Robyn Levin

Robyn Levin is founder of Robyn Levin Media, LLC, a strategic marketing & PR consulting firm. Levin specializes in Celebritizing™ entrepreneurs, experts and CEO’s in helping them attain name recognition and expert status in their industries. Her efforts land clients in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and on the Today show.

sharon delaney mccloud

Sharon Delaney McCloud is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, Certified Diversity Executive CDE®, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor and executive coach who helps leaders and teams drive business results through strategic communications and professional development programs. Prior to her role in Corporate Communications, Sharon led learning and development initiatives and video projects for clients like Cisco, Lenovo, Target and Samsung. She began her career as a television journalist covering everything from NASA to politics to the Super Bowl at stations across the country. She’s been featured in numerous publications, including Sheryl Sandburg’s Option B digital platform, Thrive Global, Enterprising Women and is co-author of the book, Keep Going, Memoirs of Strength, Courage & Perseverance. McCloud earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Florida State University and toured the world with the Department of Defense’s U.S.O. program before kicking off her career in TV news.

Nash Chaparro

Radio/TV Host and Producer Sharing tips

James R. Elliot

For over 20 years, James Elliot has been an accomplished and sough-out leader for influence, communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming. His trainings are the best in the world and help people double their income rapidly, while working less, and having more time for things they love. Combined with his passion to help others, overcoming his past challenges, personal growth and his experience and training, he is well-positioned to help you become a highly effective, unstoppable coach and leader. James teaches these amazing tools and strategies, because they've created massive results and transformations in him and the people he teaches. Become more effective in everything you do, communicate confidently and powerfully articulate why people should hire you - and pay you more than others! Be more effective, productive, end self-doubt and take bold action for massive success!

Bruno Lopes

He is clearly the best person to help you learn BIGVU. Even the founders turn to him...

Sharon Delaney McCloud

After winning an Emmy award and working 25 years as a news anchor, Sharon now shares her tips as public speaker and presenter...

Dan Gershenson

Chief Marketing Officer of Fractional, Dan takes away the BS to help you understand the things that matter to succeed with video...
Video Marketing