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Create a Stunning Video Resume That Grabs Attention and Gets You the Job

Are you a student or a professional waiting for that one opportunity to land your dream job? You already know that your resume needs to stand out to surpass others. However, traditional resumes don't always allow you to express your confidence and personality clearly to employers. That's where video CVs or resumes (visume) come in.

Creating a jaw-dropping video resume is quick and easy with BIGVU AI writing assistant. It will help you craft your resume script that gets attention. If you don't like any part, it can help you rewrite, change the tone, or simplify the language. Once ready, record your script with a teleprompter to avoid fumbling over words and have your video resume prepared in no time.


How to Create a Video Resume That Gets You Hired?

Create Your Script with AI Writing Assistant
Enter your script into the text box. Use the BIGVU AI writing assistant to change the tone, improve or shorten your script.
Record with Teleprompter
Shoot your video to the free online teleprompter. Read your script while it scrolls down the screen. Don’t worry- no one can tell you’re reading from a script!
Style the Video
Add automatic subtitles, split screens, music and layovers to spice up your video and ensure it makes a strong impression on employers.
Create a Video Landing Page
Turn your video into a video page with a dedicated thumbnail and a call to action button. Add your contact details to the footer of the video landing page.
Send your Visume over email or DM
Embed the thumbnail of your video page to an email or DM. People who use video in their direct messages see up to 80% more clicks and opens!

A Winning Video Resume Script That Leaves Impact

Looking to create a standout video resume? Remember, when crafting a video resume, it's crucial to capture your employer's attention and not sound boring. Your script should be engaging, showcase your personality, and convey your unique story to potential employers. Utilizing BIGVU's AI writing assistant can help you create a captivating resume script that leaves a lasting impact and makes a powerful impression on viewers.

A Winning Video Resume Script That Leaves Impact
Deliver Your Lines Confidently Without Memorizing

Deliver Your Lines Confidently Without Memorizing

To increase your chances of getting hired, appearing confident and delivering your lines smoothly in your video resume is important. Maintaining eye contact with the camera throughout the recocrucial as it shows ws that you're not nervous. With the BIGVU teleprompter, you can conveniently read your script on your mobile screen without awkward pauses. It helps you avoid fumbling and lets you record a professional video resume that will impress potential employers and land you a job.

Elevate Your Video with a Professional Background

The background in your video resume is crucial for setting the tone and feel of your CV. Having a well-suited background helps to create a positive first impression. If your home background could be better, there's no need to worry! With BIGVU's Replace Green Screen Background feature, you can transform any location into a professional virtual studio, making your video resume more impressive.

Elevate Your Video with a Professional Background
A Polished Resume Makes a Long-Lasting Impression

A Polished Resume Makes a Long-Lasting Impression

Your video resume reflects your personality. So, it's important to showcase both your professional capabilities and the quality of the content. While you focus on scriptwriting and recording, paying attention to lighting, framing, and editing is equally important. Post-production can be time-consuming, but with BIGVU, you can easily enhance your video resume by cropping videos, adding visuals and themes, and including captions with just a tap. Use BIGVU to make yourself and your visume shine.

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