Are you already posting videos to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, your site and blog for your Social Content Strategy?

Do you know that Social Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined ? And that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%?

Still not convinced ? Read below, I’ll tell you why you should start creating videos now.

Interested in discovering the easiest and fastest way to great great videos ? Read below…and ping me!

Be Found

One of the most important elements to any business is being found whether on social networks or in search. The higher you rank in search results, the more eyes you will get on your site. Search engines algorithms take into account if your website is offering “interesting quality” content and video is considered high quality content.

Be Trusted

Video helps build and being trusted because is allows to develop the “Know, Like and Trust’ with your audience. Showing to your audience who you are in video not only gets them to like you, but it also builds trust in you.

A few examples of videos that help build your know, like and trust: “About Us”, Client Testimonials, Tutorials, and Behind the Scenes/Office tours. All these videos do a great job of letting people in and allowing them to start building a relationship with you and your brand.


Communicating with video shows people you are real. Proving yourself through video increases your conversion rate.

A few examples of videos that will increase conversion rates: product demonstration, service showcase. If people can see how your products or services work, you can expect a much higher conversion rate than just text.


Great videos become “ambassadors” for you and your brand as, thanks to the sharing capabilities available on Facebook and Twitter, they can become viral very quickly. People are watching more and more videos today especially on their mobile device.

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 The easiest way to do it

BIGVU makes video creation super-easy and super-fast for anyone; videos that sound authentic and are professional, broadcast quality.

Our patent pending algorithm segments your story into a serie of cards. You just drop visuals for each card. Visuals can be a photo, a video shot, or a tweet with a testimonial that is automatically transformed into a video sequence.

Finally, all videos are optimized for social and mobile, with stunning text overlays as seen today’s on the most popular videos on Facebook.

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