You can say exactly what you want to say, exactly how you want to say it with a teleprompter built into your phone” - Tim Brown, CEO of Hook Agency.
Tim Brown, CEO of Hook Agency

Tim Brown
CEO of Hook Agency


Access Everywhere

Write on the web app, send in one click to your mobile

Use BIGVU from your phone or from your computer using the same login details! Edit your video - add automatic captions, logo, background music, business card and so much more. Access your videos everywhere and share on social media with one click!.

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Video Maker

Script or wing it.

Script with the BIGVU Teleprompter App or Wing it

Hit on record and wing it, or read your script off the teleprompter. Rotate your phone if you want your video displayed landscape or portrait. When you’ve finished reading off the teleprompter, the recording will stop automatically.

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Easy, Fast

Automatic captions

Add automatic subtitles with the caption editor

Everything You Need to Know About Effective, Professional Video Captioning.

Captions make it easy for your users to understand what's being said, and have a whole host of other benefits too!

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Boost Views

Edit videos to square

crop video to square

Square videos get 30% more video views and an 80% more engagement compared to 16 by 9 landscape videos. Crop your videos to square for Instagram or Facebook.

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Since switching from a fairly basic but professional level teleprompter to using the BIGVU teleprompter on my phone. I’ve been able to produce far more content and grow my business much faster than I ever thought possible
Sharif Jacobsen, video presenter, BIGVU user

Sharif Jacobsen
Video Presenter

With this app, I’m creating content for my Young Living essential oils business all the time. I simply write the script and shoot the video immediately afterwards. I love how natural the videos look and i’m no longer having to worry about fumbling over my content.
Kristina Ravenhill,Young Living Essential Oils, BIGVU user

Kristina Ravenhill
Young Living Essential Oils


Logo, Titling, Music

Add your logo, titling, music, captions

Brand your video with your Logo, Titling, Music and much more. Set the final aspect ratio to horizontal, square or vertical. Add an opener to be instantly recognized, and end all your videos with an animated business card with your contact info.

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Video Maker

Online Video Editor

Online video editor for Cpations

Edit captions & add visuals from the comfort of your computer. BIGVU segments your video as a storyboard. Style your captions by emphasizing keywords. Drag & Drop visuals to overlay on any scene. Add your branding: logo, business card, background music.

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One Click

Replace Green

Add automatic subtitles with the caption editor

Recorded with a green screen?

It’s one tap to change your background with images or videos uploaded from your phone & laptop.

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Team Video Creation

Get your team to make videos like pros

Collaborate on video presentations with BIGVU. Create, script, assign, edit and review videos with your team. Get your script written by a colleague automatically right in your mobile app.

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Once I came across BIGVU, all I had to do is type up my notes in their site, the app automatically syncs it to my phone and it scrolls across the screen. Super easy. It saved me a lot of time
Alex Yaroslavsly, Meta-Coach - Goleman EI, BIGVU user

Alex Yaroslavsly

BIGVU has genuinely been a great addition to the evolusion of my business. BIGVU is like a studio production and I recommend it to everybody!.
Kara Isreel, BIGVU user

Kara Isreal
Marketing Strategist

Create an

Effective Video CV

Add your logo, titling, music, captions

Looking to stand out from the crowd, but can’t think of an effective way to do so? BIGVU’s Pages feature is exactly what you’re looking for, and will automatically create you an effective, engaging (and shareable) video CV.

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BIGVU Web Desk

Top 10 Features

Script with the BIGVU Teleprompter App or Wing it

Here are 10 things you can do on BIGVU Web Desk. Work alone or create a team to share scripts, edit captions and a media library.

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Stand Out

on LinkedIn

Stand Out on LinkedIn with Video Pages

Not only is BIGVU’s Pages feature super easy to use, but it's almost guaranteed to get your professional-looking BIGVU videos (and Page) noticed (both on your public profile, and via private message too).

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Video Marketing

Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Square videos get 30% more video views and an 80% more engagement compared to 16 by 9 landscape videos. Crop your videos to square for Instagram or Facebook.

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Using BIGVU saves me more time, makes me look more confident and clean in my videos.
BIGVU changed my life!
Elona Lopari, Coach

Elona Lopari

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Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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