Video Marketing for everyone

No video editing skills required, BIGVU is the easiest and fastest way to create videos.

Be Clear with a Teleprompter

Write a script and film using the teleprompter. No need to memorize lines or data, just read the text scrolling up your screen.

Edit videos with Smartphone

Edit your videos with BIGVU in a snap. Add a lower third title and your business logo to all of your videos to brand your videos.

Drive up Business with Call to Action

Create personalised videos that show your customers that you care! Add the business card outro to your videos to make contact fast & easy.

Videos are key to any marketing strategy

Marketers who use video, grow revenue 49% faster! Create and share videos with BIGVU the fastest and easiest video creator. No need for fancy equipment just a smartphone and you are on your way.

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BIGVU Teleprompter Video Maker App

Confidence is key when it comes to marketing

Showcase who you are and get your audience’s trust and support. Be genuine and speak with confidence while reading the text scrolling up your screen. Reach your goals by using BIGVU. Create authentic and long-lasting connections with your audience so they keep coming back. Eye contact is key, and BIGVU makes it easy.

Share your expertise

Exhibit your expertise and show your viewers that you know what you are talking about. Add visuals that display graphs, infographics, images and video clips while you speak to get your message across. Just drag and drop the visuals into the storyboard. BIGVU creates a stunning crisp video slideshow in record time.

Teleprompter app for iOS and Android

Foster trust between you and your clients

While it is always important to self promote, clients tend to see other clients talk about how great you are. Client testimonials are key to foster this trust. Film short client testimonials and combine them with tweets and photos of your clients! Testimonials are a great way to reinforce your trust and credibility, they need to look, sound and feel genuine.

Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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