The ultimate video marketing app for real estate

Prompter Real Estate

Connect Eye-to-eye

Grow confidence in your brand with an agent profile video.

Build trust, integrity and relationships by showing who you really are. Show that you are an expert. 

No need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. Read the script with ease using the BIGVU teleprompter app. Text scrolls on the smartphone screen. A HD video clip is simultaneously recorded.

Build an identity

Make a professional branded video in minutes. Use visual motivators to showcase interiors and exteriors in style. Help buyers bond with a home as if you’re speaking face-to-face. Use the storyboard composer to display your logo, corporate identity, add titling and more.

Pro Videos Real Estate
New Appartment

Personalize & attract buyers

No more guesswork. Create multiple versions to get the right message to the right people. Get more responses from social media with the preferred video formats. Use call to actions and get buyers to act now.

Inspire action

Improve the customer experience. Create highly relevant video messaging for each customer journey. Improve your bottom line with clear call to actions.